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This story is a sequel to Love Deeply

It's been six months since Wallflower found herself on the doorstep of her girlfriend during a torrential downpour, and stayed the night. The night when things changed in the slow and sudden manner of the inexorable.

Now, faced with a choice, Wallflower finds herself lost.

Written for, and with, Scampy.
Featured on 08/16/2020
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Well, you've made me cry. Thank you, because I've needed something to push me over the edge in a good way.

As always, 11/10. Thank you for existing.

My heart! Amazing work as always.

Oh, very nice. I'm not sure how to properly describe the feelings from this, but they were good. :)
Thanks for writing!


Wow. I’m glad this story got a sequel plus a happy ending. Great story once again.

oh my god

oh my god

This is the exact story I've always wished existed but I could never find. This is it. It's the gold at the end of the rainbow.

I'm honestly just completely blown away. Everything about this was perfect, and then the ending transcends that and had me in tears. Not just like straining, teary eyes--I actually started crying. Do you know how often I cry when reading? Effing never.

You're a gift. Thank you so much for this. I'm gonna wave it like a triumphant flag in the faces of literally everyone I come across.

The one critical note in my mind is that there's not much to address Sunset's terror from Wallflower's crying. This is clearly a huge deal for both of them (for different reasons) and it being swept under the rug is a disservice -- that you distracted us about it so effectively is to your credit as a writer in other ways, I will add.

Were it me, trying to keep the flow of the story you've crafted, I would insert a section after "Hey yourself"/"You okay?", as Wallflower is collecting herself. Follow that question with some gentle probing from Sunset, expressing that she was scared and wants to understand what happened -- but more important than knowing that, really, you're okay? Wally's segue to her own questions would be reworded and perhaps collect the initial appearance of a deflection, but would otherwise change little and not affect the rest of the story.

That out of the way, let me say that this was in turns wrenching and adorable. Superb work!

They have such a special bond connecting them and now, they'll be together forever.

This is a lovely series. I don’t know what else I can say, to tell the truth, other than describing it as sweet and emotional without being saccharine or over the top. :twilightsmile:

Hot dang you can really get into a character's mind. Wallflower's anxious spikes are brilliantly described as being quite... ugly (that's a compliment!). Intense panic followed by that odd, exhausted spell, detached from oneself. Sunset's insecurities are a great contrast, with almost a sarcastic "oh boy here we go again" tone in the way you write her without undermining the more primal fear lurking behind it.

It's really sweet how the little things show that the two are on the same wavelength: Sunset immediately suspecting the significance of Wallflower using the word "home", and of course her bringing back the shelf (which was a wonderful little Chekhov's gun there at the start).

A minor thing: Common flower names generally aren't capitalised, but screw it, if it's a creative decision then it's a nice touch: Wallflower's thoughts revolve around the flowers and they're clearly so significant to her, maybe she would "mentally capitalise" them.

And that reveal about Sunset understanding the meaning of the flowers she helped pick out was absolutely chuffing excellent. Putting research into your work, tying it back to the pair being on the same wavelength, and the little things making all the difference - they all come together to deliver a proper kick to the heart. Fantastic stuff (though hopefully Wallflower isn't interpreting them to mean "rebirth", "becoming lost", and "modesty", eh?).

It was a bit shocking to hear Sunset's fears come to a much more sombre light at the idea of Wallflower leaving. But again, you've managed to get in Sunset's head and it makes sense, really. A character like Sunset thrives on the happening, so when nothing is happening, I suppose those niggling fears can rear their head. Might've been nice to see this explored - there's a lot of potential here that's cut off when Wallflower starts to talk again.

And the ending is just... lovely. Sappy, romantic, feel-good stuff but never does it feel empty or trite. You've taken us through the journey, through the struggle - they've earned the cuddles and laughter.

Six months after a certain autumn evening, Wallflower waters plants, and Sunset goes shopping.

Every time I see that short description, “Obladi Oblada” runs through my head.

First, I love the title and chapter naming scheme of this story. Robert Frost is always a win.

Nice use of flower language. I always find it interesting that the two sources I use for this have a different symbolism for daffodils. I'm guessing you're going with the positive one.

“If it’s okay, I think I’ll stay h… here.” I almost said ‘home’.

D'awwwwwww. Talk about a Freudian slip. :ajsmug:


Such a seamless transition from heartwarming to heartbreaking. Wallflower's never known the safe feeling of what that word means; it's only been something associated with pain. :(

But I know that she throws herself into the fire. She dives deep, holds on tight. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. She’s brave, borderline fearless, and definitely crazy.

There's a reason Sunset's magical form resembles a phoenix.

I came to just in time to hear those words.

I knew it!!!

For a brief, terrifying, and beautiful moment, I have this snap vision of a home that’s filled with flowers.

I adore this line. There's something both beautiful and terrifying about love, especially the kind Wally doesn't believe she's capable of accepting. (Beauty/terror being linked to feelings of love is something I've written in my own stories... quite a bit, actually.)

This chapter feels really true to life. Not only in terms of characterization and emotions, but in how it feels to move in with someone. Sometimes, it's this big, drawn-out, planned thing involving leases and where to hang up which decorations and who's driving the U-Haul. Sometimes, it's just something that happens, either spur-of-the-moment, or gradually. In either case, it's not the physical presence of oneself, the other person, or even the dwelling that makes it home; it's the little things. Things like the tick of a clock you've come to love, or a collection of plants by the window, or knowing exactly when you're going to hear that key turn in the tumbler.

I feel like Wally and Sunset are there, even if they can't articulate it yet. (But there's another chapter!)

Written Word, Scribe of Creation, bestow upon my dumb ass the clarity to know what the hell I did wrong that resulted in this!

I shouldn't have laughed. :rainbowlaugh: Been there, Sunset, LOL. Sometimes you just gotta call yourself a dumbass.

But weird esoteric details are my stock and trade. Knowledge that has little to no use in day to day life has always appealed to me in various ways. Knowledge like the language of flowers.

Sunset, you sly dog. :ajsmug:

Maybe it’s overly optimistic of me, but I’ve let myself hope this means that she’s moved in.

One of the advantages of using multiple perspectives in a chapter/story is that you can see the parallel approaches characters take to the same thing. I love how Sunset's fears match Wallflower's in opposite ways. All of these bits about Sunset being afraid she'll leave, hoping this means as much to Wally as it does to her, not wanting to imagine life without her... It's such a dramatic irony, but an honest one.

“Every single word,” I say finally. “I meant every single word.”

I teared up. You did this build up so well.

Using the Bromeliad for the rings was a stroke of genius. Bravo.

I think one of the things I like most about the SunFlower ship is the dichotomy between what Wallflower thinks and what Sunset knows. About Wallflower herself, about Sunset's feelings, about how much it all means. The space in between is approached with such tenderness and care—both by the writing, and by Sunset herself—that it makes those moments where it's bridged all the more heartwarming.

I think this is my favorite of the standalones so far. Fantastic work. :heart:

Dam Wallie can’t catch a break.

What a magical chapter.

Moving in, cute little rings, and gay gay home-of-homosexual gay sappiness is pretty poggers. Also, side note, but since there wasn't anything in the book to indicate it, this entry and Something Vague were pretty much the only ones that come across as everyone-rated in hindsight, but that's just due to all the themes, callbacks, references, and saying of the Bad Words sprinkled throughout. Seeing that this was mostly e-rated on Fimfiction was a shocker lol. This is the fan service that I read for: wholesome, genuine romance and organic, non-GMO banter. Delicious.

“Stay forever?”

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