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More than anything, Wallflower wanted to say yes. But she knows she's not good enough for Sunset. Not then, and not now.

Cover art by Rachelle Dyer.

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Good stuff, Scamps


The queen is flaunting her display of power. Is there anyone who can stop her?

That is a painfully familiar conversation.

But the ending's just right.

Scampy, you've done it again! There were so many things that made my feelings do things to my heart. I can't catch all of them in here but here's a few.

“Well…” she said, “maybe I just think you’re really cute.”

My already crying heart melted.

“When I look at you, I don’t see someone scarred and broken,” Sunset said. “I see someone who’s survived through so much, all on her own.”


“You’re not being fair to yourself…” Wallflower whispered again.

Oh heck that was such a tender scene yes.

“Y-yeah,” she said. “I’d like that.”


Yes, I love it. Well done, Scamp! Another gem to the collection.

Bonny work. The conversation between Sunset and Wally's achingly well-done and full of wee emotion-jabbing touches, and the denouement's all the sweeter and more tender for it.

Wanderer D

Aww, this was really sweet!

You're good stuff.

You're a queen.

You're just right.

You're a gem.

You're bonny work.

You're really sweet.

BOOM. Y'all just got flattered to heck. Deal with it nerds qB^)

Am I ever glad this ended the way it did.

After your The Time We Have Left, I needed it.

It's kinda nice to know I have a reputation like that. "Oh geez is she gonna die at the end? This is a scampy fic so I honestly don't know <_<"

Well, in any case, I think pretty highly of you, your writing.

I just pointed The Time We Have Left out because of how good it was. Not gonna delve into it, say it had me thinking for hours; I'm sure you got that already, and on the actual story, too. But it really was moving, and that end... It (entire story, beginning to end) was good, it was so good.

I needed Wally to have some hope after that, otherwise I would have lost it. Thoroughly.

That said, I enjoy your stories, no matter the outcome. Will be reading more of yours. :twilightsmile:

Eh, it was good. But I think this fic moves too fast for me. To me it felt like it was “Oh you have scars? That’s horrible. Let’s make out.” I know you probably did not mean it that way, but that’s what it felt like. This is not the reaction you’d normally get, but I’ll admit that it was sweet. It was not bad, you did good, it was pretty sad though.

Incredibly good work. The emotions and prose are strong, and for once Wally is moving to a future that is hopeful and she's not friggin' dead. Scampy, I love you (no hetero) but maybe Wally can be a smidge less sad in s o m e of the stories? I appreciate authentic darkness in stories but I like to mix it up too. It helps to have some hope just as much as having Wallowing Blush and Sadset Shimwow surf major waves of depression can help for different things.

Very glad this was the 6,999th story I've upvoted and shelved.


maybe Wally can be a smidge less sad in s o m e of the stories?

I make zero promises.

Besides, most of the angst Wally/Sunny deal with in my stories is just straight-up projected from my life, lulz. Which is to say, don't hold your breath for a ton of happy fics :p

Well, it is some very creatively done projecting at least. It's still worrying to hear that, though.


also big thank

As aways very well written, the only problem I have is that Sunset xame out as taking advantage of a vunerable person.
I know that was not the intention but it is how a neutral analyze comes as....

Know you deserve your own happiness just as much as anyone else.
Hope things are swell for you now.


Yeah, I see how it can come across that way. When writing it, my intent was something like this:

Sunset and Wally had part of this talk before, when Sunset asked Wally out before the story. As Sunset says, that conversation ended "abruptly" (Wallflower made an excuse and left). Then, through the course of this story, Wallflower admits several times that she has feelings for Sunset too, but her only reason for not acting on them is that she thinks she's not good enough—and the scars are a huge part of that. She says so herself—"No one could ever love that..."

Her scars are an inescapable reminder that she's not okay, and if she can't even care about herself, how is she supposed to properly care about someone else? Even in canon, Wallflower's most defining trait is how much she hates herself, and that's really what's at the heart of this story. Wallflower hates herself, and she thinks she doesn't deserve to be happy. The kiss was supposed to be Sunset's way of proving to Wally that she is good enough, that her scars don't make her unlovable, that no matter how depressed or miserable she feels, Sunset cares about her all the same. And for what it's worth, it's specifically stated that Sunset gave Wally time to back away if she wanted to, but instead Wally reciprocated.

That said, yeah I can totally see how it comes across as moving too fast. Maybe I should've put more allusions to the first conversation than just what's in the intro, or maybe my idea of romance is just fucked x_x

Either way, thank you for your feedback, I really do appreciate it.

Of course! And yeah I kinda missed the part where they liked each other in that way. Like it was there but like it wasn’t exactly visible. It did seemed like Wall Flower did have feelings for Sunset in some way but it did not feel like she liked her in that way. It seemed more like “I want to get to know you more and spend more time with you, but you keep shutting me out unintentionally and it hurts and I wish you’d realize how much pain it causes me. To be forgotten or left out.”

On Sunset’s part it felt like she was pretty oblivious to everything and always getting occupied with other things. I think that maybe if you spent a little more time on the two and expanded on the time that they spent, their feelings, their thoughts, and stuff like that it may have helped a little more. I am not mad and I don’t hate it. I want to make that point clear because I don’t want you to accidentally wrongly interpret how I think. You have it there, and you did good, you just needed to expand a little bit more on the two. The more you have the better it is and the smoother the story. Even if it’s pain to write more on things like this........trust me, I know. I am currently writing a ship story with Sunset and Fluttershy (human) and it’s hard to expand on little things like that. It’s coming good for someone who only writes stories on here. This one is my second story that I started on here. I have a bunch of others that I have finished, but this one I just haven’t finished it yet. It’s called “It’s not love.......but Is It?” If you’d ever like to check it out and give me so feedback on it, that’d be nice. Course you don’t have to, but it would just be nice. And I could even help you on other stories too if you’d like me to look at any of them, read them, and give you my thoughts about it. I liked this story and I think these two characters are quite interesting. If you have anything more of either of them let me know or if you are planning on another, I’d look forward to it.:twilightsmile:


If you have anything more of either of them let me know

You're in luck, because every single one of my stories is either about Wally, Sunset or both lol

Oh heck yeah! Then you’ll be seeing more of me then, lol! I will check them out! :3

Wallflower rolled her eyes. “Tell that to the everyone who quit the gardening club after a few weeks.”

Lol I know how she feels. I was one of two or three people in my high school gardening club that went consistently. Who'd have thought people at a rich private school don't like turning compost and moving soil in the Alabama heat?

Nice story. :pinkiesmile:

“People like me don’t belong with people like you.”

Au contraire. The Wallys of the world need the Sunsets of it. Whether that's as friends, family, lovers, or professionals. Shame and self-loathing are millstones around one's neck; it takes more than just willpower to take them out of the sea. It's a team effort. It's something you cannot climb out of yourself. Trust me on that.

“Or maybe it’s because you’re a living monument to me being a good person.”

I love this line, because this is simultaneously a selfish and selfless thing to say. Selfish, because Sunset is basically saying, "The fact that you forgive and care about me affirms that I am a good person, which makes me attracted to you because I need that affirmation"... Selfless because Wally needs to know that she has left a positive impact on the world. She needs to feel that she is something other than a fuckup. Given how Sunset knows how much she means to Wally, choosing to say this is so emotionally honest in both ways. Probably my favorite line of dialogue here.

What I really love about this story is how Sunset doesn't fight Wally on her feelings of self-loathing and shame by shaming her further. She's firm in the fact that Wally is not a horrible person and is deserving of love and kindness. However, she conveys it in such a tender, gentle way that the pushback Wally feels is clearly from her own psyche, not some kind of weight Sunset has pressed on her. It's easy in this kind of situation for someone like Sunset to make someone like Wally feel like a burden, inadvertently, and she's clearly aware of this.

This song came on while I was reading this. Might not be your kind of music, but I felt it was pretty fitting.

I don't know how I forgot to fav this back then so, here's a late one - because damn do I wish I had this conversation. Wallflower's attitude really hits home, but Sunset being there, awww. Glad to see that the story affirms that it's okay to be supported, or to ask to be supported.

It's a little too short, but the warmth makes it all the better. Kudos for that!

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