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After a terrible storm sweeps through the Everfree, Fluttershy finds the weakened but still powerful King Sombra on her doorstep. Unable to resist his dark magic, she finds herself trapped by a spell that forces her to aid him, protect him, and heal him until he is strong once more, all while keeping his revival a secret from her friends. Unwilling to risk bringing her friends into the situation and endanger them, Fluttershy decides on a riskier tactic

If she could reform Discord, why not the Tyrant of the Crystal Empire. After all, with his spell keeping her from betraying his presence, it might be her only hope. Can she kill the Dark King with Kindness? Or will the ancient sorcerer once more stretch his shadow across Equestria?

Author: "I reserve the right to potentially bump up the rating depending on where this goes."

Edit: Wow, Featured Box twice? I guess people really like Sombrashy. 7/15/2016
Edit: Featured again! 9/3/2016

Coverart by the magnificent Evehly

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 558 )

Okay, I love this story so far. Really like the dynamic between Fluttershy and Sombra. I especially liked the details on how the gears works and Fluttershy's talk about her relatives. Fluttershy being flushed by Skmbra flirting was funny. Hope to see the next chapter soon.

I'm super excited about this story. It hits all the right notes. Keep it up!

Thanks for the quick update. Sombra's dream flashback was interesting and it seems Fluttershy tries to rationalize her attraction to Sombra due to the geas. Great chapter and story so far.

This story pleases me. I'll be keeping a lookout for updates.


Thanks, the Geasa is a fun magical effect that I've enjoyed toying with. Glad you enjoy the story.


Happy to hear it hits the spot for you :twilightsmile: thanks for reading and commenting!


I hope I can keep to my self-imposed schedule, I don't want to disappoint anyone. I do love this ship though and I've been wanting to tell this story for a while. Glad you like the new chapter.


Wow, thanks. You're one of my favorite mlp artists on deviantart honestly, so that's high praise.

Interesting premise to this pair...hmmm...think I'll upvote and track for now.

So far, the banter between the Mane 6 feels very natural. That can be difficult to achieve at times, along with keeping them relatively in-character.

Sombra certainly appears charismatic in this chapter. It seems to me though that if even one of the animals is brave enough, they can run off and try to warn a pony about this mysterious evil-looking dude at Fluttershy's cottage, even if they have to transcend the communication barrier to do so.


I did think about that, though canonically only Fluttershy has shown any ability to talk to animals so the most they would manage is to get someone to come investigate why the animal is agitated.

Upvoted and tracking! Pretty interested to see what's going to happen :rainbowkiss::yay::pinkiehappy:

It looks like the beginnings of Stockholm Syndrome are beginning to nip at Fluttershy's mind. An interesting version of Sombra's backstory too.

Awww...poor Fluttershy.

7226019 I don't think its Stockholm Syndrome if she thinking about what happens if she fails.


I don't think its Stockholm Syndrome if she thinking about what happens if she fails.

Agreed. She isn't being stupidly optimistic about reforming Sombra and ignoring the facts that she knows Sombra will end her when he is ready to move on.

It looks like the beginnings of Stockholm Syndrome are beginning to nip at Fluttershy's mind.

If anything I would have said that had started a chapter or two ago when she found herself thinking him handsome, but she's snapped herself out of letting that lead to anything - a good move for this story and kudos to the skill of the writer for doing so. I'm balancing the same plate in my own Sombra story, but my female character's being throw off-balance by an additional load of madness paralleling River Song's earlier development in Doctor Who. This stuff is so much fun to write with the proper inspirational material! :pinkiehappy:

7226516 She is actually proving herself remarkably resilient, mentally speaking. In fact, I think I ought to amend my judgment of the situation. Our dear Fluttershy is playing the long game. Perhaps she will be more of a challenge for Sombra after all. :derpyderp2:


Our dear Fluttershy is playing the long game. Perhaps she will be more of a challenge for Sombra after all.

Agreed, and without her even really meaning to. Just by using her super power of kindness - something Sombra is most likely not at all prepared for! :pinkiehappy:

So far so good. I'll read on to see what else this story has to offer.

Now you've officially caught my interest.

This story continues to impress me with each chapter.

Once again I am impressed. the story so far is really well written. And I'm thoroughly impressed with sombras back story. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter with great anticipation.


I'm glad you like it, I was always fascinated by how much of Sombra's story was left unexplored so this version of him has been rattling around in my mind for a while.


Stockholm Syndrome, forbidden mind magic, somewhere inbetween?

Guess we'll find out right? :twilightsmile:

Wow...what a chapter. Man, poor Fluttershy. Maybe she shouldn't take so many risks...AWESOME CHAPTER!!!

Just discovered this and really impressed! Love the background and character of Sombra you are setting up. Never understood why I like this pairing so much. It's like the sweet little Elf maiden decided to date the Sauron like Evil Overlord. Still great story.


It was bound to come back and bite her in the plot eventually.

7233113 Yeah...I have to say, this latest chapter is the best one yet! Wow...I can't wait to see what happens next!!!


Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

No problem. Take your time and never feel rushed to finish the story.

Once more another great chapter! Keep up the good work and I'll see you next chapter.

Really enjoying this story so far.
Can't wait for more chapters to come :-)

Great chapter. I really enjoyed RD and Fluttershy's reaction to Sombra's disguise. It was sweet to see Fluttershy make Sombra relax and feel comfortable, but the ending of Sombra punishing her was saddening. Regardless, this chapter was a great read.

Sombra is quite the lady killer. Metaphorically and literally I imagine.

Okay, I really loved this chapter. It was entertaining to watch Pinkie interact with Sombra and the flashback scene with the scone was heartwarming. I laughed when Sombra managed to instantly charm Rarity with his manners and his incredulous reaction when Rarity and Fluttershy talked about the Crusaders. It's nice to see that Rarity is willing to let Fluttershy keep Sombra despite Rarity herself becoming infatuated with him. The next chapter will be interesting as I want to see how Sombra will interact with AJ and Twilight. Thanks for the quick updates.


Mm, yes. I quite agree.

Oh boy...I think I like the previous chapter a little more but...this was really good. This is gonna be really hard for Fluttershy once they get to Applejack though...

Awesome chapter!!!

Well, considering all of Applejack's friends are on Sombra's side now... :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you liked the humor in it. I laughed myself silly when I wrote Fluttershy's line about the salad and I really liked writing Sombra's little flashback.

7244078 Hmm...I don't know. I can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy rolled her eyes as the she thought about her family. Father would be so proud that you ended up in the family business after all. He and mother had supported her choice of professions of course, but there was no hiding the slight disappointment in their faces.

Good to know Fluttershy still retains her natural sass even while under mind control.

I can't blame Sombra, though. Fluttershy is cute and (at least in this story) enough that lightly bullying her for her squeaks and blushes would be enough to warm the coldest heart.

Will Fluttershy be badass in this story?

Sounds like Sombra is more than a little bit bitter. And to think, if it weren't for their luck in having Sunburst on hand, the line of Cadenza would've ruined the Crystal Empire in The Crystalling!

Seems to me Sombra should in fact be giving her a little bit more leeway...at least long enough to pull a Discord over Fluttershy and get her to promise not to use her element against him.

Sombra operates very differently from Discord. Where Discord likes making deals and twisting them around, Sombra has no interest in treating with somepony he see's as beneath him. Making a deal with her implies that they're on equal standing, which they're not. And even if she did make the deal, Sombra isn't the type of pony to trust anyone to keep to the bargain if betraying it would suit them. Besides, he's not planning on staying. He's planning on disappearing once he's rested and back to full strength.

Once again another great chapter. But one line in particular caught my eye. The line after he apologizes to Fluttershy I noticed he compared her eye's to that of a mare by the name of Beryl, an old flame perhaps? I could be wrong though and I'm looking forward to seeing how PonyVilles resident BS detector on legs interacts with Sombra.

Damn it :applejackunsure:.... even though I like this story, I just wish Applejack could see through Sombra's disguise :twilightangry2:

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