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I am just a pony, for a pony is all I can be.


I deserve no forgiveness. If I could take it back, well... I would never have met her. Somepony who could forgive me. I think. Look, it confuses me so stop asking!

Sombra, Former Ruler

I hate him and what he did to the Crystal Ponies is something I will never forgive. So why is it that I care when ponies scorn him? When they hurt him, why does it make me cry? When I see him, why does my heart skip?

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship

Is it just me or has Twilight gone crazy? Dude's a jerk.

Spike, Number One Assistant

Can we please change the subject?

Princess Celestia, Co-Ruler of Equestria

Author's Note: Other is flagged due to the character flag limit. Expect Cadance, Shining Armor, Luna, and Discord at least!

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Inform me if tragic would be better than sad when we get there!

If I'm not mistaken, "Tragedy" 's for when someone dies, but when I tried to look it up and be sure about it, I noticed that the FimFic Writing Gude (the ONLY page I could find that has ANY details about genre tags) didn't have ANYTHING on the "Tragedy" tag... in fact, the the only time the letters "trag" are used were in a footnote about Mary Sue characters where it uses "tragic backstories" as one of the "conventional markings" for them

6464606 I promise some messed up stuff and at least one SAN check. If you don't get the later, it's a tabletop RPG thing.

6464644 I was just trying to bring some light to your description's author's note... but apparently it was a LOT cloudier than I expected, especially since the Fimfic's staff doesn't even know what the tag implies (or if they do, they're not telling anyone that wants to use it)

This is... Deeper than I imagined. I can't say more for reasons you already know but still, better than those stories where people stereotype him to just be someone who can hiss out one word and isn't that bright. Then again, that's too stereotypical of me to say...

On the subject of tags, Drama vs Tragedy. Starting off is minor of the former while also a slight bit of the latter but I don't think many people might share my opinion. Who in the mass of folks would think it be tragic if the one portrayed as a villain dies? Probably not many. You just have to ask yourself the question: What is the reason they became a villain?

The only lesson that I think maters to me anymore

1. Matters.

Funny how one is called a monster by how one acts. Some say it's wrong because they know it but in reality, they were taught it. Some choose to do wrong on purpose for their own reasons, more often than not for their own gain but some, some choose to do so for the betterment of others even if it costs them everything. Reasons vary but the intent is the one thing that normally never changes.

Famous Last Words.

and that is a victory all its own

1. And that is a victory all on its own.

No, it was correct the first time.

6490445 Yep, got told that. Not a common saying from where I live because I use the latter version more often than not. Like how I've never heard of the word tinny before coming to FimFiction as it was never used where I live. Oh well, the more you know and learn on the internet.

...I want to see more. This is a really good start. :ajsmug:

6506804 6507699 Guys, more is coming so hold your cutiemarks. I'm debating how I want to approach the next chapter or two. Two characters and the event that causes them to meet.

Thanks for the chapt like it

I laughed watching Aloe and Lotus get excited over working with Sombra.

6544672 I felt like putting an author's note that said "any implying is the readers fault" but chose not to for the very reason why I would've put the note.

Of course Pinkie is the first to find him. Loved the chapter and hope to see more in the future.

At least the culture shock isn't so bad in this case huh? A thousand years and technology wise, not much seems to faze Sombra. Though that could just be the fact we're three chapters in and not further yet. Who knows? Maybe something other than social interactions will surprise him. Maybe puns. Ooh, maybe have Twilight cast a spell to seal his magic by hiding his horn that only she can unlock? Then maybe we can say Twilight is the only one who can make Sombra... Horny.:trollestia:

I’m not some poly… um… poly… uh…

Want a cracker?

Yes. Do not get Twilight mad.:twilightangry2:
After the initial blow up she will give you a three hour lecture on why what you did was wrong and then give you a quiz over the lecture with all the questions in essay form. You must pass with a 95% or repeat the lecture and quiz. :twilightsmile:

“He means all the bed things you’ve done,” whispered Pinkie

Huh... Didn't think he would have a list for all the things he did in bed. Must be one busy stallion.

Is it wrong for me to think that both AJ and Rarity don't really recognise Sombra due to the fact that they only saw his actual physical body once from afar in comparison to him just being a black misty being much earlier? Which makes me think that Spike would almost instantly recognise him when up close again.

6721669 You know, there are reasons why I shouldn't post chapters without my morning caffeine. You know, I make these kinds of stupid mistakes in the middle of the night and decide to look it over after a nap. Without the caffeine in the equation I make a simple slip and get a silly comment.

6721669 Makes sense to me.

My favorite part of this chapter was the verbal duel between Sombra and Discord. It really is entertaining when you get two former villains together who are of each other's pasts. Keep up the good work.

6722145 Thanks. The original "fight" Discord and Sombra had was a lot longer. Thankfully I have a friend who told me that "two pages and a scuffle on the floor was too much" and I realized that I had to trim it down after rereading it. Unfortunately, after cutting it down a bit I had no real elevation to any real violence. For my alternative, wait for the next couple of chapters to see if Discord gets the last laugh in their little confrontation. No spoilers here since I don't see the reason to spoil the surprise!

Well... That was indeed quite fast in both aspects of chapter update and him being so easily discovered. Gossip. Never changes with eras.

Interesting story. The characterization is great and I actually want to see what the answer is for the stairs. My money is on it is a deterrent. What thief would: use dark crystal magic, climb down a large flight of stairs, bring backup to snap them out of a nightmare, climb up an exhausting large flight of stairs times 10, and still be ready for the alert trap circle on the heart.

6728820 I like the way you think but that one is stranger than you'd expect! Still working on that "wtf happened that was so bad 1000 years ago" part...

6728868 Could go with a classic idea on that. There was a threat that needed dark magic to defeat so he needed extra labor from the citizens to mine magically imbued crystals to boost his power but after the threat was taken care of the corruption prevented him from stopping so he forced citizens into true slavery and kept them mining for more. Heart in the right place but still responsible for his actions. If the idea suits you.

6729722 Oh I KNOW what I'm doing that drove him over the edge but I'm still working on if there was actually something that happened to cause that point in history to go to hell in a hand basket.

I wonder if the cutie map is trying to get Rarity away from sombra, because only when it went back to ponyville did it blacken, not when her mark went to the empire.
Perhaps it is saying, 'go to the crystal empire, and leave sombra in ponyville'?

6746294 Who can say? Oh wait. I can. Uh... :trollestia:

I wonder if the Cutie map only chose one of the mane six because it wants to deny the rulers the option of 'nuke it with rainbow power', and force Celestia to work out her differences with Sombra without the aid of a magical superweapon.

No real idea about this cutie map stuff but I guess Sombra is more or less afraid of the symbol than the pony like how he said he was afraid of what is she and not who she is.

Must be some really bad total tantrums. That or they're really royally pissed off.

But real surprised on Twilight here, acting like a near hypocrite. I understand the need for caution but to this extent? I'd almost think she genuinely hates him for what he's done at that moment in history and won't care for much else.

Then again, shallow first observation here.

That went better than expected. I do wonder about the map though.

Scootaloo told me to get in Rarity’s good graces I keep it fancy and perfect

Hmm... Why do I feel like something is missing here?

I like his interaction with Twilight and Rarity.

So just so we're clear this is a sombra x twilight fic and not a rarity x sombra fic right?

6759370 Oh this author intends to do just that. Don't forget that romance isn't always smooth sailing with no others trying to get the relationship as well... Mark my words, Sombra is going to be in for one hell or a ride here. But pardon me if I also for some reason have a phantom fear relating to a certain Sun goddess for some inexplicable reason...

6759370 Look, trust 6760179 on this, he knows what he's talking about. Usually. Sometimes. Trust me, he's right this time.

You made everything Italic!

6544672 Yeah. I figured they had some manner of favoritism about their work.

6656087 At least you'd get a few hours head start. Knowing her, she'd take some time to study up to provide a proper lecture, test, etc.

6761894 I fixed that now. Simple mistake.

6762441 Seeing as how I lack hooves and I was the one who said that, I think "hand basket" is the proper one.

Nice chapter. Really like how Fluttershy is helping Sombra.

It would be amazing if by the time celestia is informed of sombra's return, he and twilight are already a couple

6777428 I don't think they meant obvious per se but it's merely their fantasy. Any shipper can dream stuff like that but if it's for more comedic effect, Celestia would probably be at the spa when the twins or one of their other clients (provided the didn't close down the entire spa just for them) mention Sombra is with Twilight and then Celestia rushes in to catch both of them... Behind the folding screen. Probably. Assuming your Celestia here doesn't get tunnel vision when she sees him. Assuming. Which would mean so very not likely.

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