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Hey, hello, they call me Dissay/Dissy and I have no idea what am I going to do here! Who knows!?


Former King of the Crystal Empire Sombra wakes up in a cell with the given decision between reformation or a lifetime in prison. He accepts with some caution and after some details are sorted out, he is moved to the castle of Princess Twilight Sparkle under reformation.
With all the craziness about the arrival of an evil slave king going through the humble town of Ponyville, Sombra is left wondering what he got himself into.
Can two ponies who hate each other with all their guts become friends and prove that old habits can be changed? It depends on how you define 'hate'...

UPDATE: Under... construction perhaps? It has been years but... maybe I'll update this. After I rewrite every chapter, of course.

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Interesting very interesting. You are off to a good start, looking forward to seeing what else is in store.


Thank you so much! For the comment and the support, I really appreciate it! An for the stuff coming up in store... Haha, I hope it's likeable :twilightblush:

Wow, nice cliff hanger. I really like this story.:twilightsmile: Poor Sombra:fluttercry:

7279964 Thank you, and don't worry, Sombra's fine :twilightsmile: but it's too bad Twilight can't be sure for that.....

I like how you had both Sombra and Twilight have feelings It was nicely presented. :twilightsmile: Starlight is so funny,

Suddenly, Sombra remembered something important. He stood up, raising his hoof forwards in panic.

-"Wait, what do I do with her!?"

Starlight chuckled again, her eyelids lowered in a devilish expression.

-"Your bed. Your problem."- she closed the door on the confused and slightly worried stallion.

:rainbowlaugh: This chapter was nice.

Thank you so much! Yeah, if you like what you see from Starlight, you would like her, and everyone else in fact, later on :ajsmug:
But the real question is how will Sombra get Twilight off his bed?
The answer is simple: push her off his bed :twilightsmile:

7287681 Ho-ho-hoo~
But in all reality, he would rather push her off a cliff than, brr, touch her.... But he is confused right now....
You can bet on some physical contact happening, tho.... :ajsmug:

"W-who would've thought"- the other mare stopped to catch her breath up from the laughing- "T-that the King of Shadows... l-likes to cuddle!" she broke out completely.

:rainbowlaugh: Best line ever!

-"W-who would've thought"- the other mare stopped to catch her breath up from the laughing- "T-that the King of Shadows... l-likes to cuddle!"- she broke out completely.


BY THE GODS, PLEASE JUST UPDATE!!!!!!!! please take this moustache as a toke of my apreciation:moustache:

7395833 I accept your mustache and will update today or tomorrow, promise. If I break my promise, you are free to take back your moustache :moustache:

Now I totally want to see a picture of Sombra and Twi being forced to wear the 'get-along' shirt. LOL :rainbowlaugh:

7400003 I'm, like, 100% sure Starlight made the T-shirt for those two and had to force them in it. And it gets pretty, ahem, crowded in there...

7400018 I think that's the point of the whole thing. Force them to wear the shirt so that they HAVE to cooperate in order to properly move around. Otherwise, you end up with a giant tangled mess of pony limbs and awkwardness.

7400329 Is she riding on his back? LOL Congrats, you nearly caused me to choke on my coffee. :rainbowlaugh:

oh dear celestia Please just allow us to be graced by another chapter of unaware royal romantic bickering!

7603651 I am a bad person, who procrastinates writting, and hopes no one sees it, but now you pointed it out and the guilt is pulling me down to the keybord again. I'm doing this for the children! :trollestia:

7604703 THANK YOU!
*bows repeatedly*
It has been a while, hasn't it?


7606572 As a fellow reader I understand the dread that comes with waiting for a good fic to continue..... Thank you for your support :twilightblush:

Fast-paced, a few spelling errors.
But those are my only complaints.

The rest of the work is great! Clearly defined positions, emotions, characterisations.
Its nice, just fast.

But those are my only complaints. :twilightsheepish:

7609454 EDIT: I just realised you commented on chapter 2, and I kinda spoiled a bit of chater 8, and 6, so I spoiler tagged my whole previous comment, read after finishing, thank you, I'm so sorry...
Let's be honest, I have no idea how pacing works. It literally took me 8 chapters to establish something (meething the mane 6 5) that most would easily put in the third. And can you believe it, for this chapter I had planned MORE than that, but decided to do it in a seperate chapter?? Meeting the mane 5 wouldn't have even happened yet, I had another thing planned, and then there was gonna be Sombra's 'Welcome to Ponyville' party don't kill me for spoilers, it is an obvious thing to do when you have a new character in town and THEN we would have interactions between him and the girls, but NOO I just HAD to think of this scene, when I could perfectly just tried to find a way to start the argument and resolve that is now gonna be in chapter 9......... Umm....... Rant over.

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it :twilightsheepish: And I'm real sorry for the spelling mistakes, English not being my first language + not having any sort of editing help by anyone + being so tired, I couldn't even proofread my work = many, many misstakes (I can't even remember the names of the characters I introduced in chapter 6 and generally regret includding them to the already complicated story???)
Well, um......... Have a nice day! I am off to write the next chapter, probably gonna be my favourite so far...
Toodles! :twilightsmile:

7609520 What the actual fuck did I do, I clicked SAVE not PUBLISH!? Omgomgomg omg, I'm so sorry, I only made the plan, goddamit!

XD this will be funny when it's finished!

Starlight's plan might have worked a little too well.

She put them both in twilight's room....this is going to be hilarious.

Wine, the great social lubricant of... Well, the whiskey is talking now. One can only hope for some awkward wake up moment.:moustache:

7611267 Well... I had this idea that is now canon in this fic, that when one or both of the duo has their senses 'blurred', they become... offly clingy to the other... Example, this chapter and Sombra's sick cuddles a few chapters back :trollestia:
7611206 ;)
7611183 ;))

Lol, well Starlight's plan went better then she would've thought :rainbowlaugh:
I can't wait to see how they react once they wake up

7612860 Lol, I can't wait either to see what I planned

Animaniacs reference I get it. That was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: :heart:

Well, at least they aren't slicing each other's throats. That's not bad I guess. :rainbowlaugh:

7622668 Yeah, I figured this story would end faster if they actually murdered each other. Besides, even if it has been called 'friendship' inthe fic, it's more of a truce to keep their minds open for one another...

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