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This story is a sequel to The Return of the Shadows

Princess Celestia sends King Sombra to Ponyville to learn about friendship with Twilight and her friends.
But days passed, and between Sombra and Twilight something else grows.

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5788186 Well Sombra in MLP is dead, so the crossover tag mean he's alive and the story is different. Maybe the tag crossover is wrong to use?

5789057 yes the crossover tag is meant for when you take mlp another show or game or book etc and cross them over

Wait... Where is the chapter of meaniingless bonding and trials?:rainbowhuh:

5879980 I won't spoil the next chapter, but I have a nice idea to make Twilight and Sombra to bond closer.
Also, if you spent some time with someone, you will start to get some feelings. Trust me :twilightsmile:
But thanks for asking!

okay looking forward to more here.

Love it! I really like this Sombra. If he ever comes back in the show this is what he should be like.

Daaw! So cute! I think Pinkie and Sombra make great friends. Man reading this makes me wish even more that Sombra could come back.

Reading this makes me want to draw illustrations for it. I can just picture the whole story in my head and I wish the pictures were real.

Aww, I've run out of chapters to read. Oh well, it is pretty late, so it's probably for the best.

6235677 Thanks for the huge support, I really appreciate it. I started making the new chapter, it may take a while.


6542221 so have you started on the next chapter?

:fluttercry: awww! But the story is better by every chapter! :pinkiesmile: be proud of the story.

PROUDNESS! :rainbowlaugh:

6670875 I know, I feel sad for writing this part :ajsleepy:

6671324 Thank you very much, I'm really proud of this story :pinkiehappy:

yay :pinkiehappy: aj go accept Somby :derpytongue2:

Twumbra is such a cute ship.

For not being an English speaker, your should are extraordinary. That said, you have issues with tenses and at one point, a contraction where the full two words were needed. This is pretty common among non-native speakers (and native speakers) as tenses are what make it so hard.:pinkiesmile:

7097810 Thank you, yeah it's kinda hard to write without messing up tenses and verbs and that stuff, but I'm trying to improve my writing skills. Thanks for the positive comment :twilightsmile:

Ohhhhh maaaaaa gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ship!!!! Ship ship ship ship ship:twilightblush:

Meanwhile, Cadence was giggling like a little filly.

Sounds about right there :rainbowlaugh: aweasome chapter! :rainbowwild: always are.

7158971 Thank you so much :twilightsmile:, I wanted to end the chapter with something funny.

I love this story!!
Are you going to continue it?

7264323 Of course, I'm just working on other stories at the moment. Thanks :twilightsmile:

7458523 Thanks, it took me a while to get a nice (almost) perfect ending and thanks for the favourite :twilightsmile:

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