Pure Shadow

by Crystal Night

Chapter One: New Home

Beams of light entered Sombra's room. He quickly woke up, still not getting used to the light.
He looked around feeling a bit confused, but then he remembered he was at Canterlot Castle.
Lifting the bed sheets with his magic, he got out bed and walked towards the bathroom.
This night he got the chance to sleep like a little foal, since Luna was visiting his dreams and helping him facing his fears.
After washing his face, Sombra looked at the mirror letting out a small grin. The feeling of hunger soon appeared.

He left his room, but unfortunately he didn't knew the way for the dining room.
With the hunger starting to grown stronger he looked around, trying to spot any royal guard to give him directions.
Sadly, the hallways were empty.

Sombra lifted a hoof to his chin.
"Maybe I woke up to early again?"- he mumbled. Suddenly, he heard trotting noises coming from behind him.
He turned his head to see The Princess of the Night, Luna.

Luna notice Sombra standing in the middle of the hallway.
Approaching to him, she spoke with a soft voice.
"Good morning Sombra, isn't too early?"

Sombra was going to bow, but Luna interrupted with her hoof.
"No need for such formalites."

Quickly getting up, he remembered the reason why.
"Good morning Luna."- he greeted "Well, I'm feeling hungry, but I can't seem to find the dining room."

Luna giggled, then she continue walking down the hallway.
"Follow me."

Sombra nodded while following Luna. Truth to be told, that was the first time he visited Canterlot Castle.
After going thought a set of hallways, they finally arrived the dining room, Luna opened the door slowly letting Sombra go first.
Sombra was surprised when he saw Princess Celestia taking her breakfast, Celestia seem to be reading a letter before she took a quick glance at the door seeing Sombra and Luna.

"Good morning sister."- Celestia.

"Good morning to you too."- Luna greeted.

"Awake already Sombra?"- glancing at Sombra while he sat down on the chair.

"I suppose, I had plenty of time to sleep, also I'm hungry."- he said with a small grin.
Celestia turned around to see the butler and nodded towards him, the butler shook his head and return to the kitchen.

"How was your sleep?"- Celestia continued the conversation.

Before speaking, Sombra cleared his throat.
"Much better, since Luna is been helping me during my sleep."- shifted his eyes towards Luna.
Luna smiled. The butler had returned while levitating a plate, then he place down in front of Sombra. A smile grew in Sombra's face.
Pancakes covered with honey, just like he wanted, but he didn't said nopony about that, besides...Princess Cadence.
Sombra looked at Celestia, she was still reading while eating a slice of cake.

"How did..."- he was going to question before being interrupted by Celestia.

"Cadence, she told me in her letter, everything I needed to know."- still focusing on the letter.

"Oh, alright!"- Sombra calm down when a sudden thought came through to his mind. "Did you just said "everything"?"- he asked with a nervous smile.

"Yes, don't you worry, your secrets are safe with me."- she winked at Sombra. Sombra slightly blushed, which for some reason he remembered hearing that phrase before maybe, from his past.
He starting eating his breakfast, but he had a question on his mind.
"Sorry for asking, but if I remembered well, today I'm going to...what's the name?"

"Ponyville!"- Luna quickly answered.

"Ah, thank you Luna."- Luna simply nodded back at him.

Celestia finished reading the letter placing it on the table.
"Indeed, we will to go Ponyville in the beginning of afternoon."- Celestia stood up from her chair. "Now, if you don't mind I need to write a letter!"- looking at Sombra and Luna.

"Of course, my sister."- said Luna while levitating a cup of coffee in mid air. The Princess of the Sun left the room closing the door behind her. Sombra looked a the cup of coffee, he didn't know what was that. Luna saw Sombra's puzzled expression.

Using her magic, she grabbed a second cup and filled with coffee, then she gave him.
Sombra grabbed the cup with his left hoof.
"It's coffee, helps for waking up in the morning."

He took a glance at the brown liquid, yet the smell was quite delicious. Bringing the cup to his mouth, he started drinking, he felt the warm liquid going down. Licking his lips, the dark stallion spoke.
"This coffee, is very delicious!"
A lot of things changed during his sleep, somehow Sombra was sad, he probably missed a lot.

Sombra's expression now was a sad one which worried Luna.
"Is there something wrong Sombra?"- asking gently.

"It's just I feel that I missed a lot while I was sleeping." Luna knew exactly what he was saying. Rising from her chair, she reached him.
Sombra felt a soft wing on his back. He also knew what happen to her, they shared the same history.
"I can tell you what changed since I don't have nothing to do, also we have a lot of time left."- she said with a gentle smile.
The dark stallion smiled at the proposal, nodding his head.

Hours later, the royal carriage was ready to depart. The three ponies entered and with a simple nod from Celestia, the royal guards opened their wings, beginning the visit to see Twilight and her friends.
Again Sombra was starting to feel nervous, he was about to meet a new princess. Thinking some way to distract him from his thoughts, he looked outside, Sombra could see a small part of Equestria since he only knew the Crystal Empire. Green fields, forests and rivers, that was an amazing view. The sky was also very cleared.

Celestia and Luna glanced at Sombra, they could see he was enjoying the ride. Ponyville was only a few meters away. Celestia placed a hoof on Sombra's shoulder, he looked back at her.
"About the princess,"- she started. "You might know her."

Even before Sombra could say anything the royal carriage touched the ground and came to a sudden stop. One of the royal guards opened the door letting the princesses leaving the carriage, Sombra followed them. But before exiting he took a quick glance to the outside, but his vision soon was blocked by Celestia and Luna because of their manes. He could swear he saw something.


Stepping out from the carriage, his face met a certain purple alicorn. With their eyes wide open, they spoke.

"You!"- both ponies said at the same time. The rest of the ponies was watching them.