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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Eleven: Sweet Embrace

Twilight and Sombra stared at each for the longest of times, before glancing at Cadence.
"You knew?" - they asked.

The giggling princess nodded, tears falling from her muzzle.

"Well, you wanted a way to tell your feelings, I gave you one." Cadence rose from her seat. "Now if you don't mind, there's a party I must attend." With a flicker off her horn, she was gone.
Sombra scratched behind his head while looking away.
"That just happen, ah?"

Twilight nodded.
"It certainly did."
They shared a very awkward silence, before the stallion spoke.
"May I sit?"

Slowly, he approached the bench, Twilight gave him some space, still feeling very embarrassed about the situation.
They shared a few more seconds of silence.
"She sure does have a good sense of humor."

"That's Cadence."
Sombra glanced at the night sky, many stars seem to be blinking at them, Luna, as usual did a great job. He took a deep breath.
Twilight noticed this and looked at him.
"We need to talk right?"

"If is that what you wish."

"I assume you heard the whole thing?"
He tilted his head to the right.
"Not the whole thing, just the shouting part and some." Twilight's cheeks flushed. "and I like the way you feel about me. I'm going to be honest with you Twilight," He turned his attention to her. "I wasn't sure if you would actually like or even love me, after all I was a tryant without a heart, a monster. Yet, somehow I end up falling in love with you, something I haven't felt in centuries. You ignited my heart and burned the cold feeling of loneliness. I have to thank for that Twilight." Twilight sniffled, tears starting to fall. "What's wrong Twi-"

His question was cut short by a strong hug coming from the princess. At first he was suprised, but he smiled and hugged her back.
"Thank you Sombra." - she whispered into his ear. "That's the nicest thing anypony had told me." Her grip became strong, almost if she was afraid to lose him.

Sombra kept smiling while rubbing her back.
"I'm not going anywhere my princess. I'm all yours." Minutes passed, sharing a deep embrace, they stood under the many stars before breaking the hug. Their eyes glanced at each other, as their lips made contact for the first time.
Twilight slowly closed her eyes, the kiss was warm and welcoming. The stallion stared at the young princess. Moments later, they broke the kiss.
She was the first to react.
"That was...amazing."
Sombra chuckled, his cheeks also a little red.
"First time kissing a stallion, ah?"

He gave a small kiss on the snout.
"I think you kiss well." - he winked, which made Twilight blush even more. "You look so cute like that."

"Oh, shut up you." Sombra burst into laughter.

"So, what do you want to do? Go back to the party?" - asked Sombra.
Twilight shrugged, getting more closer to him.
"We can stay here, after all, there was a certain pony that was nervous about the party."

"That sounds a good idea, however I'm getting hungry."

"You eat too much, you know?" - Twilight poked his belly. "You're going to get fat one day."
He chuckled, getting off the bench, he kissed Twilight again.
"That's a problem for future Sombra."

"Spike told you that story?"

"Yes, he did. At least now I know time travel is possible." Sombra's stomach growled. "Can we please eat something my princess?" - he gave a low bow.
The colours of her cheeks never ceased to be red.
"I suppose yes my gentlecolt."

"About your friends Twilight, how are we going to tell them?" The two of them kept trotting towards the set of double doors.

"Maybe tomorrow!?" Twilight gasped. "How about Celestia and Luna? What do you think they are going to say? Maybe they won't approve or..." Twilight's short outburst was stopped by a soft kiss from Sombra.

"Don't worry," - he smiled. "I won't leave you, I'll always be by your side." They shared another hug. "You think Cadence told them?"
Twilight wasn't sure, sometimes Cadence was like a little filly and others occasions a full grown pony. Probably she wouldn't dare to say it.
Would she?
"Let's hope not." After a brief second. "You think she did?"
As they come near the doors, Sombra answered.
"She wouldn't, I'm not yet prepare to tell them, are you?" Twilight shook her head. "Then it's fine." If only they knew what was about to happen. As soon they opened the doors, they received a huge group of ponies, must of them being Twilight's friends and the Princesses.

"Oh no..." - Sombra muttered. "She didn't..."

"Congratulations!" - they shouted, before pulling Twilight and Sombra into a huge hug.
After many 'congratulations' and even more hugs, Twilight was free and she had one thing in mind.
"Cadence!" - she shouted.

The pony in question shrunken.
"Be right back." - with that said, the princess fled, quickly being chased by the young purple princess.
Shining approached Sombra with a grin.
"This maaay take a while."
The dark stallion chuckled while he watched his new found love chasing her sister-in-law.
"The night is still young, now let's eat something, I'm starving, shall we?" Twilight's brother nodded and they made their towards the table.
Meanwhile, Luna kept a close watch on Sombra.
"Is there something wrong dear sister?" - inquired Celestia. Years and years with her sister told her many things, incluind her expressions. Right now she was glancing at Sombra with the most worried expression.
"Do you think it's wise?"
Celestia smiled.
"I have complete trust on Sombra and Twilight, she will be able to change him. Give her time."
It was the perfect night, even if Twilight was still trying to catch Cadence, but for Sombra was different.
He was more then happy, now he was truly about to start a new life, alongside the mare of his dreams.
Sombra couldn't wait for what the future had to reveal.
"Sombra," - he turned around. "What are you thinking?" - Twilight asked him, some tears of sweat running down her muzzle.

"Nothing, just that I'm one lucky stallion."
She raised an eyebrow.
"Why is that?"

"Because I have the most beautiful mare by my side." - with that he kissed her in the lips.

"Oooh that was so cute!" - said a certain pink princess.

Sombra laughed.
"Hahaha, not again, these two."

Finally the party was starting to show signs of ending with some of the guests leaving. Princess Celestia offered Twilight and her friends the guest rooms to spend the night.
As for Sombra, he decided to leave the party a little sooner. He was sitting in front of a window, the very same room he was going to share with Twilight, for some reason that made him nervous. This time they would sleep like a couple. However with all this, he forgot to give Twilight her gift. A few soft knock on the door was heard.
"Yes?" - he asked.
The door slowly opened, revealing the lavender pony.
"Mind if I come in?"

"Of course not my princess." Twilight blushed. Sombra found amusing how every time he called her princess she would blushed like that.

"You ain't letting that go, ah?"
The stallion giggled.
Twilight sat down by his side and followed his gaze, then she remembered something.
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it," - her horn glowed with magic and a few seconds later a small wrapped box appeared. "This is for you." - she told him.
Sombra took hold of the box with his hooves and powered his horn, which also made a tiny purple box to show up.
"And this is for you," - he offered. "You open first."

Twilight grabbed the tiny box with her magic and carefully, she opened it. The sight of the gift brought tears. It was a crystal necklace, but above all that, it had her cutie mark.
"How? When?"

"Remember when I told about that visit to Canterlot?" - she nodded. "Well, I lied. I went to the Crystal Empire to speak with Cadence and while I was there I got some gifts for you and your friends. I did a few arrangements to the necklace however."
Twilight kept glancing down at the necklace, pouring out more tears of joy.
"I can only assume you like it, right?" To answer his question, Twilight rose her seat and gave him the most passionate kiss of the night. They stood like that for some time. After breaking the kiss, the princess finally answered.
"I love it. Now it's your turn!" - she sounded excited, which made Sombra even more curious.

After removing the wrapped paper and the ribbons, he opened the box.
"I noticed you really like your red cape, but it's very old, so I decided to get a new one, thank Rarity later."
He glanced at his new cape, instead of red, this one was blue, it still had white borders and it felt more cozy. He placed on his back and let out a sigh.
"Thank you Twilight, I really appreciate it." They shared a long hug until a certain princess yawned. "It's getting late, we should get some sleep." She nodded.
Much like every night they spend together, they assume their favourite positions, being Twilight curled and Sombra around her. He quickly learned that was called 'Spooning' and he could tell why many ponies enjoyed doing that.
They wrapped their tails together while his hooves went around Twilight, almost trying to protect her.
She sighed.
"This feels very nice."

"It sure does." This time it was Sombra's turn to yawn. "Goodnight my princess," - he nuzzled her neck. "I love you."
Twilight held to his hooves.
"Goodnight Sombra, I love you too." With that they both felt asleep.

What the future had in store for them was a mystery, but they would find out. Together.

Author's Note:

And it's over, for now :twilightsmile:
I'm sorry I took thiiiiiiiiiis much time, but I had a lot of stuff to place some order.
I thank every one for supporting and loving this fic.
Don't worry, I intend to make two more very brief sequels.
But from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much :heart:

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