• Published 27th Mar 2015
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Pure Shadow - Crystal Night

After being accept to live in Equestria, Sombra goes to Ponyville to receive lessons about friendship. Instead, he learns something else.

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Chapter Three: Feelings

It's been almost three weeks since Sombra arrived to Ponyville, fortunately the town ponies didn't know who was Sombra.
It took a while for him to make some friends since he was still getting used to idea of friendship. He even met three little fillies.
The most important thing he enjoyed was the feeling of freedom. Trotting around without any kind of concern or look over his shoulder.
Definitely, he did the right choice.

Ponyville's streets was covered in white, the ponies were using scarfs and jackets to fight against the cold.
Hearth's Warming Eve was coming, but the cold was already there.
For normal ponies, it was hard to go outside, for Sombra was different. He liked going to Ponyville's park for a walk and enjoy the snow.
Also, that was a place he could think alone without anypony to disturb him.
Overall, this was his special time of the year.

Wandering through the streets, he had a saddlebag on his back along with a check list that Twilight gave him, also with his red cape.
One simple task, go to Sugarcube Corner and get some cupcakes. Like he thought, a simple task.
Reaching the shop, he could smell the sweet flavour of cakes. Using his magic, he opened the door, his face was hit by warm air.
Entering he noticed a lot of ponies talking to each other while drinking some hot chocolate.

"Gooood morning Sombra!"- a pink mare greeted him with a big smile.

"Good morning to you too, Pinkie. I see today you're really busy."- he said still looking at the ponies.
Pinkie wiped the few sweat drops for her forehead.
"Tell me about, this is been crazy, and it's still morning."- then she took a quick glance behind Sombra. "Are you shopping?"- she giggled.
Sombra could only blush at the comment before answering.
"N-No, Twilight gave me this list. I think she ordered some cupcakes yesterday."
The pink mare thought for a while.
"Oh, oh, now I remember, she did order some cupcakes, so I guess you're here to..." Sombra nodded. "Okie dokie, wait a second!"- with that said, she jumped towards the kitchen. The dark stalion sat down on the wooden floor waiting, before he saw a blue rainbow mane pegasus.

The blue pegasus reached at the counter. She tried to avoid Sombra.
"Good morning Rainbow Dash."- he greeted her with a smile.
Rainbow Dash sighed.
"Good morning Sombra..."- she said with a slightly annoyed tone in her voice. Sombra knew she still didn't approve him as a friend. But that didn't meant nothing, he at least tried talking to her.
"How are you?"- he asked.
She sighted again.
"Fine...until now."- the last part she murmured. Sombra heard the last part, raising an eyebrow.

"It may take some time to get her trust, but I'm willing to try."- he thought.
But before he could ask anything else Pinkie was back, with a purple box full of cupcakes.
"Oh, hey Dashie!"

"Hey Pinkie, do you have my rainbow muffin ready?"- she asked a sigh of relief seeing Pinkie.
Using her left hoof, she picked a small blue box.
"Here we go!"- Dash reached for her saddlebag with her wing, grabbing her wallet.

"Don't worry! It's on the house."- she winked at Dash. "Same goes for you Sombra."- giving him the purple box.

"You sure about that?"- he asked feeling insecure.
The pink mare giggled.
"Of course, you silly."

"Thanks Pinkie, you're the best! Now I have to go, cya later."- just like that she was gone, she didn't even said goodbye to Sombra.
He felt a bit of sadness, maybe from being rejected. He was trying his best to improve. Pinkie noticed Sombra's expression.
"Don't worry, she only needs some time to adjust, that's all."- she said, trying to comfort him.

He sighed. "I suppose, well I also need to go." He grabbed the box, putting inside the saddlebag with his magic. "See ya later Pinkie." He waved at her.
Smiling back at Sombra, she waved. "Bye!"

Minutes later, he could see the library and a certain purple alicorn flying around the tree.
"Decorations?"- he murmured.
Twilight was flying around the tree, placing some nice decorations. Unfortunately, Spike was at Sweet Apple Acres playing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She didn't even noticed she forgot to pick her scarf.
Descending to the ground, she finally rested on the snow. She was feeling a bit tired, setting up everything by her own wasn't easy.
The sudden stop gave her some shivers down her coat. Twilight was now rubbing her arms.
Sombra was behind her, levitating his red cape.
"It's cold, don't you agree?"- he asked, placing the red cape on her shoulders.

Twilight turned her around to meet Sombra's gaze.
"Oh, it's you Sombra,"- said Twilight, surprised. "Y-Your right, it's getting really cold."
She felt a slight blush coming on her cheeks. Twilight tried to hide her blush, but Sombra noticed.
The snow seemed to get worse.
"We should go back inside!"- he suggested, opening the door, he bowed. Twilight nodded. "Mares first."- he smiled.
Twilight's blush was more red than before. After entering, Sombra closed the door, while Twilight placed his cape on the table.
The library was a bit cold, the dark stallion had an idea. For some reason the library had a fireplace.
"If you don't mind, I will light the fireplace."- he placed some wood and then he used his magic to ignite it.

"Sure thing, I have a surprise!"- she yelled from the kitchen.

Minutes later, the two ponies were in front of the fireplace while drinking some hot chocolate.
Sombra was reading a certain book about adventures. Twilight was next to him, also reading a few letters from Princess Celestia.
There was an awkward silence between them. It was getting really late.
Twilight yamned.

"I'm going to bed, if you don't mind."- Twilight looked at Sombra. He placed the book down, staring back at her.
Their eyes met each other. Sombra and Twilight we're blushing, also the heat from the fireplace was helping.

"S-Sure...I better go to bed too."- he said, sounding more embarrassed from the current situation.
He went towards the couch, lying on it. He let out a soft yawn.
"Good night."- said Twilight still blushing.
Sombra smiled with a slight blush.
"Good night to you too."

Twilight trotted upstairs, with her magic she pull the door open.
The bedroom was dark, the only light was from the moon. Twilight got in bed, pulling her sheets over her.
Unfortunately, the heat was disappearing. She tried to curled into a ball, which obviously, wasn't working for her.

Downstairs, Sombra was also cold, the fire was dying.
He tried to close his eyes and fall asleep, but the cold wasn't helping.

"Why was I reacting like that?"- he asked himself.
This thoughts were suddenly interrupt by the sound of hoofsteps.
Lifting his head, he saw Twilight coming downstairs towards him.
"Is there something wrong?"- he asked.

"W-Well, you know it's cold and..."- she paused. "C-Could you possibly sleep...with me?"
Twilight looked away, avoiding Sombra's gaze.
Lifting from the couch, he approached Twilight with a smile.
"As you wish."
In their way up, Twilight's heart skipped a few beats.
"Calm down Twilight, just calm down."- she thought.
After getting in her bedroom, she got in her bed, quickly followed by Sombra.
Their backs were touching each other. Still, Twilight was shivering from the cold.
Sombra turned around. All of the sudden, she felt Sombra's belly touching her back, with his front hooves around her.

"Are you more comfortable?"- he asked softly.

"Yes, thank you Sombra."
He raised an eyebrow.
"For what exactly?"
Even if Sombra didn't noticed, Twilight was smiling.
"For just being here with me."

Sombra remained in silence.
"You never slept with a another stallion before?"

"N-No, I really never thought about that before, because..." she was inturrept when she felt his muzzle on her neck.

"You don't need to explain."
The feeling of sleepiness was starting to grow between the two of them, mostly because of their body heat.
She felt her eyes getting more heavy. She got deeper in his embrace.
"Good night Sombra."- she said while smiling.

"Good night Twilight."- pulling her closer.
With that, they fell asleep.

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