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Sombra has won, and the Element of Magic is presumed dead or missing. Equestria has assumed the former. As the country prepares to defend itself, there is a rumor of a weapon that Sombra has that forces Celestia and Luna to rethink their defence. When they think they cannot have worse news, they find out that not everyone in Sombra's army is brainwashed.

Twilight was Sombra's prisoner. And yet, he hadn't killed her. Instead, he presents to her an offer that will change everything.... but she still has a plan in mind.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "The ends justify the means"?

Written by iAmSiNnEr
Cover Art by Zig-WORD

I am unsure if this will work. Hmm....
Updates are completely irregular, my writing schedule is :twilightoops:

If you have any comments, advice or notice any grammar mistakes, do leave them in the comment section below, I'd appreciate them :)

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Amazing start! I can hardly wait to read more!

Not sure what to think of it yet but it's intriguing

Ooooo I’ve been waiting for this for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

Gaaaasp! Twily’s gone to the dark side! But then again... Which side is actually the darkest? :rainbowhuh:

Can’t wait for more,
~Meowofy (and Becca)

I got a question? Since, Twilight has a personal agenda/plan, and after reading that first sentence that might have take place in the far future.

What is Twilight's true loyalty too? Is she is still with her Friends, Celestia, and Equestria? Or with Sombra?

I'm afraid I can't reveal too much now, but at this moment she still is loyal to her friends, as shaky as that loyalty is.

Interesting start. Looking forward to more!

Tis' a question to be answered later. Not to worry, I haven't forgotten him.

Great beginning. I can see a great story forming here. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I toyed with the idea of a prologue but ultimately decided against it so that my readers wouldn't need to click on two different chapters to get up to speed with the world. Perhaps I might change this, but for now I don't think it requires it. Glad you like the story, though! :)

Ok, if I was twilight I would listen to what sombra said for now.

Interesting, interesting. This should be fun to see develop.

Now, of course Sombra's probably lying like a snake to suit himself, but the question is how many truths and half-truths are mixed in with all the falsehoods.

We'll just have to see, won't we?


Pretty sure the only things he's lied about so far are Twilight's horn being broken (ten to one it's covered in the same crystals Shining Armor's was) and his intention to free his slaves at some point.

There's also the part about Celestia being a shady manipulator who brainwashed Luna into thinking she was a villain in order to get Twilight and the gang to publicly defeat her for her, and Nightmare Moon never having existed and being a fiction Celestia cooked up to make herself look better after a power struggle -- which could be true, but I'm not taking it as a given.

Celestia's a shady manipulator in canon.

Honestly this feels underwhelming sombra really needs better monologue it worse then one from scootertrix, he not really given any real arguments that would even give twilight doubts so far

This is pretty sweet so fair, can’t wait to see how all this plays out

I'm waiting for Celestia to be blamed, Luna wanted to do things differently but Celestia couldn't be denied her manipulations or plans.

“I’m sorry,” Luna whispered. “But our friend...I cannot feel her mind anywhere in the dream realm. She is neither dreaming nor having a nightmare. And even if she wasn’t asleep, I should have been able to find her mind in my realm. She has...passed on to eternal sleep.”

Could her horn have something to do with it?

“I do not think so,” Luna shook her head. “I have swept around my realm six times. Normally, it would only take one sweep, maybe two, to find somepony. I’m afraid she has passed on. The only way I could have missed it is if someone was intentionally blocking her dreams from me, but that is impossible.”

You live in a world full of magic, nothing is impossible.

“I have not yet taught anyone in a thousand years how to access the dream realm or use it,” Luna explained. “None should be able to manipulate it. Only I have the means and knowledge to.”

That doesn’t mean they couldn’t have learned on their own.

“I still cannot believe it,” Luna murmured. “That King Sombra could have bested three powerful mages.”


Raven Inkwell entered, her magic carrying a polished mahogany box. “This arrived from the Crystal Empire,” she said, adjusting her spectacles. “The generals have already tested it, and it carries no traps.”

I already no what it is.

“I recognize their shape,” Celestia whispered. “Their colors, where they curve. How could I not? I saw those horns almost daily for years.”

Curve? But, they don’t curve.

But among them all, there was one sound Celestia could hear the clearest.

A mother’s wail of grief.

Is it her own?

No, it's not her own.

Cadance has no canon mother, and Shining Armor and Twilight share the same mother.

As for the three mages, all three; Twilight Shining Armor and Cadance are powerful unicorns in the show.

Wait, which questions were you answering? Because, I don’t think these are in order.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure that it was in order.

Oh and I forgot to mention. In some designs, horns do curve, ergo in the grooves around the horns.

You mean something like a changeling horn or something completely different?

No, unicorn/alicorn horns. If you look closely at the design, there are grooves.

Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Apr 26th, 2021
Comment posted by Pete100 deleted Apr 26th, 2021

No, I mean is it curved like a changeling horn or maybe mistmane’s horn?

you know the lines you see in Unicorn and Alicorn horns? those might be what the author is reffering to.

I know that. I was just asking if it was curved like a changeling horn. Or maybe curved like mistmane’s horn.

Oh my god I can’t believe I missed this update! (That ending tho :raritycry:)

Can’t wait for more!


I am so bad at this writing thing -_-

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