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You can't be accused of a crime if you're never caught / I am reborn. Reborn in the darkness. (he/him)


My name is Celestia.
This book is my memories of my time with Twilight as her teacher.

I do not know how you have found this journal. But what matters now is that you have. Perhaps you are Twilight, looking through my belongings. Perhaps you are a complete stranger. But all I wish, is that after you read this, put the book back where it was.

I hope you did, because I'll need it in a week.

Written by iAmSiNnEr

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I like this -- I've been here before myself, and it's one of my favorite areas of head-canon: what it was like for Twilight and Celestia, starting out. Your characterization of Twilight and Celestia is spot on. Looking forward to seeing where you take them!

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Hello Let's Do This! I love your stories :)

A cute and sweet story so far.

Interesting. I look forward to future chapters.

Please tell me there will be plenty of cute Spike moments also!

Is there going to be any cute Spike moments?

Cuteness and cake? Cuteness and cake. We will watch your career with great interest!

This is adorable, thank you.


That is a given, of course.

You have come so far. Glad to see you writing again!

What do you mean? I've always been writing and updating my main story 😜

But hey, thanks! :)

I kind of lost track of you after you disappeared from Q&S. I wasn't sure you were still writing. Still nice to see you around once more.

...I did not mean to publish this chapter I was publishing my others and clicked on this one by accident -__-

sorry, guys.

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