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In darkness we swim, hunting for survival. Mankind is that hunter, ruthless in it's pursuits of perfection. The ultimate weapon of destruction is what humans are, forever.


(Alternate universe for a reason! Please like if you favorited this story thank you.)

With the defeat of King Sombra and three years after, the mane six have settled down with their colt friends and are enjoying a calm life. Until the new stallion came to town with no revelation of his true nature and personality. Sombra. The very definition of evil. He must now redeem himself to one who once gave up hope with him.

(Holy F@&king s€/t featured?! On 11/30/2014.
I love you guys!)

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WAT is the only word i find describes me feelings right now....:ajbemused:

3185788 I am filling in the plot don't worry it will all make sense.

3189388 :rainbowderp: :moustache: i would give you a smile face but their is no good one...

awesome story so far oh and two things thanks for putting my oc it here and two Lemon Pledge really that is hilarious

3198912yay I created a monster.

3198945 I'm just proud is all mister. Nah I'm just happy you're enjoying the story.

thats a way to go out.... ouch...

Thats going to hurt in the morning

i hate twilight i some times thing twilight is a stick up and banded drepy because she has the doctor and a kid so i hate twilight pinky pie next kill twilight sparkler :pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

Over kill much

I loved the OC Lemon Pledge. I was laughing so hard. HILARIOUS STUFF!!!! Good story so far.

3206062 over kill it is then

3206161>>3205897>>3206062 yes it was I meant it to be.

3206301 we know we where just being amazing

3206312we amazing people gotta stick together.

3206345 im down with that sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I cant put more n's sad face ;^;

No it wasn't Shining :ajbemused:...It was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder is lemon pledge good at cleaning and if not what is his special talent?:moustache:

yep luna caused it, that bitch. :eeyup:

3221420 Hey don't talk shit to Luna damn't she had problems back then like Nightmare Moon!

wow you took that comment way to seriously
and i got a down vote?
wow people really don't like opinions.

3221605 You called luna a bitch how should i feel?

that you took a fictional character called being a bitch way to serous?

3221631 That can go both ways you calling a fictional character a bitch. Doesn't that makes you look to serious as well?

The moral of the story is Luna made King Sombra in this story, ergo Luna can be seen as a bitch or a sister too loyal to see the good that was in Sombra.

3221691 Yea I understand that there are some pretty shitty things Luna has done if you look what she did when she was Nightmare Moon. But that doesn't mean that she totally not at fault for what she did you could say the same for Sombra.

They both had choices and they both made the wrong choice.

So sombra finally arrives

Isn't the cover art originally by Mn27

Eeyup welcome to the future Sombra.

Buck. Been nice knowing you Twilight.

I can sense some fallout in the next chapter

Well.... that is a new recored for horbaly wrong

man this luna..... really hates sombra.
i love it! :pinkiecrazy:

3235716 maybe she is envies' of her sister NMM anyone

Damn, that's some Vlad the Impaler shit there!

More please!

But No three way!

3239893 lol I wouldn't let him have fun.

"No we aren't reinforcements for whatever happened we just stumbled upon you so to speak." Rarity spoke up with a little confusion about what Sombra spoke of."No we aren't reinforcements for whatever happened we just stumbled upon you so to speak." Rarity spoke up with a little confusion about what Sombra spoke of.

You might want to get rid of the repeated sentence.

Yes Luna, become hateful towards Sombra and say he has to be hung for his crimes, even though it's obvious that he can't remember anything that happened after the shade took control of him. And besides, it's not like you ever tried to take over the world or anything. Oh wait, you did. Stop being such a fucking hypocrite. :flutterrage:

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