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This story is a sequel to Twilight Causes the Demise of King Sombra

Discord has finally escaped his stone prison a year after Celestia and Luna thought he would. Explaining why, he gives an ultimatum to Celestia, Twilight and her friends.

But he offers a proposition. One that will either see him reformed or as the ruler of a Equestria dissolved into chaos. A very....explosive proposition.

This story is meant as a joke. Not to be taken seriously.

Context from prequels is not needed, although it would be more enjoyable if you read the previous three.

If you want to chat to me, we have a discord server here!

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Oh, good ol' Sinner, ya did it again. You managed to make me crack a huge smile and beat me in the "Try Not To Laugh" Challenge.

Good work, Sin, and I'll eagerly await your next installation of the series.

Okay, that was hilarious! Well done!

This. Was. BRILLIANT! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay::ajsmug::raritystarry:

Hahaha hehehhe twilight needs the book

Are you trying to speed run to get every story on the featured list?

OK yeah, I get why you waited for this to be posted after Sombra, but damn, now I want a sequel where Chrisalis join forces with Tia, cadence, shining and the rest of the mane 6 against Twilight, Discord and Luna wanting to blow up Tirek

I'm interested in reforming Starlight by blowing her up.

well that went bananas:pinkiecrazy:

I can already imagine a future story called "Twilight Burns Down the Everfree Forest" where Fluttershy will have to build her animal sanctuary much earlier and on a much larger scale...if any of the creatures of the forest survive. :pinkiecrazy:

It was hilarious watching Twilight beating Discord with his own words. That explosive ending was just insult to injury to the poor draconequus's bruised pride.

I got a title for you. Twilight atomizes Tyreek

I'm loving these stories!


Oh man that was wonderful :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: now we wait for the next story which I don't mind.

The answer is always either explosions or books. There are no other alternatives.

…told you you’d have another one out by today!

And it wasn’t pressuring, it was…friendly nudging!


Because Tia it's Twilights way of doing things and freaking hilarious. MOREMOREMORE!!!!!

You know, this is gonna take a turn when she needs to blow up Cozy Glow.

Can't wait to see her blow up Starlight, though!

Well played, Purple Smart. Very well played.

Her ascension is going to be 'Twilight explodes : Princess of explosions'

“You six showed the full potential of the Elements by harnessing the magic of your friendship to beat a mighty foe.

Who did they use the elements on? Twilight has blown up everyone she's faced.

You see, plot holes are meant to be there(totally) as a joke


I'm sure he's fine. Probably.

I want to make people laugh after long days, so I decided to try and send out as much as I can so that people could enjoy the stories - Likes are optional, I just want people to be able to rewind after a long day.

Ah yes, the Elements of Harmony, Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter and EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

“No, it really wasn’t.” Discord’s voice replied back. “And no, Twilight, you cannot blow me up. I am the lord of chaos.”

“Damn it.” Twilight sighed.

Apparently "damn it," is Twilight for "Challenge Accepted!"

Seriously, the only pony that's not against this is Luna. Which is great!

She will explode... twice!

True art really is an explosion. :twilightsmile:

At this point, Twilight’s just committed assault.
Discord should press charges.

Holy heck, these three latest stories to your Explosive Twilight series are all Featured at the same time right now! Congrats dude!! :pinkiegasp:

Have you considered explosive books?

"Celestia beamed from her viewpoint on the balcony of the castle. "Finally, she doesn't blow anyone up! Twilight has finally saved Equestria the right way!”

Oh Celly. You don't know your student very well do you?:rainbowlaugh: Maybe she's finally learn before Twilight finally blows up every villain.

Using exact words against Discord. Clever girl! And she still got to blow him up good! But knowing Discord, he probably enjoyed it.

Though now I kinda want this version of Twilight to cross paths with Adam Savage and/or Jamie Hyneman. Twilight make big boom, Adam and Jamie love big boom.

Twilight keeps using Megaburando instead of Duragonsulave.

One day... One day someone will destroy her precious books, then they'll see.

Penguin says kaboom

Explosive!Twilight is truly the most OP Twilight of all. She's In the feature box twice at the same time!

Edit: Make that thrice at the same time.

That might be a record. Can anyone tell me if there has ever been an author that had three stories in the feature box at one time before?

Olay, Okay;
but, where is the next instalment, in this series?

I’m honestly surprised the text wasn’t “I prepared explosive runes this morning.”

I would really love to see how she'd react to Tirek destroying Golden Oaks. Maybe rip open a hole to another dimension due to all of the power she has at the time? Bring her into the EQG side of things to blow up Sunset?

I have never seen an author have three stories in the featured list at once.

Discord: Celestia, do you like MMMBANAnAS?


He did not specify how long was he going to be reformed, also, there are many ways to interpret 'reform'

That reversal at the end. A surprise to be sure. But a welcome one !

I think Skirts pulled it off a year or so ago.

You fool! You forgot the OTHER only thing Twilight is good at... BOOKS!!! Specifically writing them, in this case.


I choose to believe Celestia was so desperate to get them to use the elements just once, she had them used for a relatively trivial threat.

So they used them on the dragon from Dragonshy. Funnily enough though, they still just caused to explode.



Sounds like the plot hole has been fixed? GG no re

This is a great story you are an amazing writer good luck on the comp by the way

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