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After finding Discord hiding out in his closet, Twilight Sparkle soon learns the most horrible of truths about herself and the world surrounding her.

And then she learns another truth.

And another. And another. And...

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What the...this is just...it MAKES NO SENSE! But it is hilarious and gets a like, because what fun is making sense? :twilightsheepish:

I approve so, so much.
The truth is...
the truth is meaningless, it's far easier to live a lie.

Celestia isn’t real

It's true, can confirm

Makes sense to me.

Good story. Good for a laugh or a dozen.

This was hilarious, just what I needed for a laugh. Loved the twist ending, I certainly would enjoy a followup involving D stuck in T's body. but it's perfect on it's own, great job.

what...bananas...huh...discord...how...secrets...I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL but it was funny and i love that

If Reality is based on perception...

And Life is what we make of it...

then everything is only as true or false as we WANT it to be... :raritywink:

7224828 The problem is that it only becomes a fact if "we" agree that it is true.

From the comments, I never would have expected this. I found this easy to understand and everything made absolute sense. It was also very enjoyable.

You always make Discord Hilarious, instead of just a dick like he is on the show...

This... is awful. And I love it. Please write more.

:facehoof: This is so odd...
I feel that, after a few days, discord will begin to enjoy being the princess of chaos. Wonder how the princesses (Just to clarify, they're existential beings, correct?) will react.

Have a upwards-facing-human-limb-joint!
(That's trying-to-understand-Lyra speak)

I wouldn’t wonder around in here


Sounds like you might be more draconequi than you know.

In the context of that sentence, you want the singular form of the word, ergo draconequus. Is that just your bad luck word?

“Then it seems you have passed the final test, Princess”

sentence lacks ending punctuation

Haven’t you ever wonder why you rarely get sick?


the dinning room window

We don't usually eat in the dinning room, dearie.

Also, Fluttershy is still weeping about having to lay off two apple farms.

Also also, the MLP Monopoly board is pure evil. My sister chose the Rainbow Dash piece, and I ended up buying basically everything that RD knows and loves. I was charging her rent on her own house.

Ponies make monsters of us all.

...huh... Is it bad that I actually could follow this and understand it?

Wouldn't you know it, Fluttershy is still trying to decide if it's polite to roll for the others.


We have a lot to catch up on, little miss Sparkle. I still need to teach you how to tie a tie and bow a bow. Unhook a bra if we have time.

This example of true family bonding warms the cockles of my heart. It's makes me feel all kinds of warm and squishy. :pinkiesad2:

Well this was one pointless mind f*** of a story... Still going to like it.

This was very amusing. Thanks for writing this!

Well, that was a big, steaming bowl of delicious WTF. Hot and yummy from the oven.

It was intriguing till the end. Well played.

So little happened that was actually confusing. Discord said many things that were non-sense and which twilight failed to have any appreciation for, even though it would have been tons of fun to make up stories with discord. Then she took his body and ran when he slipped up and gave her the chance.
(Score) out of (Highest possible score), it fits my head-cannon about their dynamic and I am not filled with regret at time wasted reading it.

The fact that Discord manages to slip an actual 'whoa' secret into there is freaking mind-blow-y.

My jimmies.

They are rustled.

Discord—currently as Twilight Sparkle—gulped dryly. “You… believe this? Really? Don’t have any more questions to ask, perhaps?”

Notice Discord's reaction? His words are always false, but he keeps his nonverbal tics true to reality, for the added disparity.
Discord had designed this "test of truths" to alter reality so the last lie Twilight accepted would be made a real truth.

This was so stupid it transcended into the glorious category :rainbowlaugh:
Good job!

This was horrible.

And hilarious.

And a little hilariously horrible.

But mostly horribly hilarious.

I wish you good luck on your journey to become horse famous!

this isn't how it is supposed to work XD

I want trade backs

When Discord said he was Twilight, I half expected Twilight to throw up an illusion spell of her own to make her look like Discord, but this ending is even sillier. 5/7.

7224970 Very ironic for a Discord story, wouldn't you agree?:facehoof:

True to the matter, this seemed to start somewhat terrible; but got better and better the longer it went on.:rainbowlaugh:

How many ponies like bananas and also happen to like you? No pony hates bananas! They’re yummy and good for you!

Actually, as of yet there isn't a single pony with a banana cutiemark as far as I know.

I take that's for a reason.

bananas don’t actually have all that much potassium to begin with. Potatoes, carrots, and milk all have more. ”



This is the most mind blowing revelation in the entire story!

Now I have to question everything I thought I knew about nutrition.:raritydespair:


7224327 There was this game where one of the gods was called Brassica Prime and they're a cabbage god.

That makes absolutely no sense. :facehoof: I love it. :pinkiehappy:

You can guess why the doctor recommend eating the banana for potassium. :trollestia:

7226465 Where? :derpyderp2:

7226419 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

7226379 You don't think I did my banana facts research? :rainbowdetermined2: I'll have you know I am one step above a hack, good sir/madam!

7226372 And now the question becomes whether you have enough coverage for treatment or need to start cooking meth. :applejackconfused:

7226230 The original ending was simply Twilight accepting her banana heritage. I like this one better. Twilight is best Discord. :facehoof:

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