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A random dude writing. Is it any good? Fuck if I know.

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Late Happy New Year · 10:16am January 3rd

This is my late happy new year to you all. I've spent a lot of time playing some new video games I got over the holidays.

I also spent about a week visiting my dad. Who's recovering from a car wreck in November where he broke his neck, and contracted MRSA. We celebrated new years together by baking some homemade pizzas, and drinking... a lot. After which I spent the night passed out on the bathroom floor curled up around a heater.

So how was your guys new years?

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I understand. Anyways, long live the Death Korps of Krieg!

It was just a back and forth between me and another author on why I liked his fic, which he sadly never finished or continued. They weren't very good explanations and I was actually a tad embarrassed for them to be seen so I deleted the comments.

I love your profile picture... But what happened to the comments here?

Comment posted by kottadragon deleted Jun 12th, 2018
Comment posted by IMN deleted Jun 12th, 2018
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