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this group is for anything and everything transformers. may it be from the movies, tv shows, comics, or video games.
maybe you want something interesting like ponies as transformers.

also see the transformers crossovers group.

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Hello! I'm RedFire and I'm new here. The site didn't approve my new crossover and say that need to be "fixed". Help! :fluttercry:

2007 movie optimus prime gets sent to Equestria he steals the hearts of the mane six without knowing it and is confuse on their behavior :rainbowlaugh:

Lucky you to have something as bad-ass as that:pikiehappy:

372415 oh i think i have that pic on ether my iPad or my computer.:pinkiehappy:

372392 the picture Dragon has on his comment of transformer rainbow dash

371313 the periodic table of transformers?

who made that picture so i can thank him for being so bad-ass?

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