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Discord discovers April 1st is Prank Day, and is determined to partake in the annual pony custom. Can Twilight survive the day?
Not related to any other stories I've written, though be sure to check out Fluttershy's Prank Day.
Thanks to ItIsASillyLittleGame for helping improve this story.
The cover art comes from the What About Discord? episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

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Discord has to go full out. No, set backs!

Sad that they treat him like that... His powers are awesome and funny, if they are his friends they should let them be him at least for a day.

niceone mooning twilight but meh woulda been funnier on luna becaose then he would have monned the moon

This piques my curiosity. I'm hoping that Discord does take one of the pranks too far to learn a lesson, and it happens to one of his friends (Fluttershy for example).

I can imagine the rest of Discord's pranks going something like this--

It's a shame that it was short.

Prank Day isn't until April 1st/Saturday. For Discord it's a big deal, and right now he is conducting background research for maximum effect. :pinkiehappy:


I can hardly wait to see what pops up tomorrow!

Twilight... You got to see that he is into you! :raritystarry:

I almost expect he is going to do absolutely nothing to Twilight on Prank day. Get her worked up like this, then on tenterhooks the whole day for nothing.

I wonder what happens next.

As I said last chapter... pranking by leaving her alone to be on edge all day.

Interesting what Discord did... But it does feel cheap to do that to Twilight since she just wanted him to do a prank on her all day. It would be interesting she felt upset for not getting a prank from Discord.

I call he's prank was not pranking her

Ha! I had a feeling that'd be Discord's prank! With Twilight on edge, there's nothing better than a mind game to mess with her. Good work.

The best prank, is the prank that never came.:trollestia:

That was a very smart prank Discord :trollestia:

Now I just want to read a story about that war :rainbowlaugh:

"that war"? Not sure I follow you.


I'm... Actually not surprised. This joke, or variants thereof, have been (unofficially) documented in at least one (joke) book.

It's official: Discord is best troll! Even more than Trollestia!

:rainbowlaugh: All hail Trollcord!! Master of Prank Day!

The best type of prank is the type to keep you on edge. Discord really likes mind games

So did no one catch the Naruto reference?

Perhaps you should enlighten everyone?

Discord is best at pranking without pranks.

And then he flashed away

I love this running gag, it's awesome :moustache:

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