• Published 28th Mar 2017
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Discord's First Prank Day - Dreadnought

April 1st is coming, and Discord wants to make the most of it!

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12:12 PM

Twilight walked down the street towards her destination though her progress was, quite naturally, slow. As the Princess of Friendship, she greeted or was greeted by all the ponies she came across. But finally, she rounded the corner and saw her destination. Standing in front of her was a giant gingerbread house, the town’s favorite sweet shop and home to Pinkie Pie – Sugarcube Corner. Twilight walked up and used her magic to open the door, being instantly greeted with a rush of wonderful smells, from cookies to cake to ice cream and countless other treats. Taking a seat at a table, Twilight didn't have to wait long for a bouncing pink pony to come over and greet her.

“Hiya Twilight!”

“Hello Pinkie Pie.”

“What can I get you?”

“Oh, I don’t know. It all looks so good.”

“We have several specials today. We have white chocolate macadamian nut brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake, and shoofly pie.” Pinkie giggled. “Shoofly pie. That’s a funny name for a pie!”

“Hmm, so many choices.”

A voice behind her said, “The white chocolate macadamian nut brownies are good, but the chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake is to die for.”

Twilight spun around. “Discord!”


“Pinkie!” chimed in the pink pony.

“What are you doing here Discord!?” demanded Twilight.

“Enjoying the wonderful food, of course.”

“You’re spying on me!”

“Now, now. I was here first, wasn’t I Pinkie?”

“Yes in deedy-doodle.”

Twilight huffed. “Fine. I’ll take a slice of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake – to go!”

“But Twilight –” protested Pinkie.

“To Go!” responded Twilight flatly.


Twilight sat happily reading a book in the library. The thick tome was one of several sent by Princess Celestia. In a letter a few days earlier, Twilight had mentioned to Celestia that she had read all the books in her own library. Though she meant it as just an off the cuff remark, Celestia had repsonded by sending a dozen thick books from the Royal Canterlot Library. Apparently she mentioned it to Princess Cadence, who also loaned two dozen books from the library in the Crystal Empire. It had only been three days, and Twilight was polishing off the last of the books Celestia had sent. She couldn’t wait to dive into the other dusty volumes.

The door opened, and a small blue unicorn entered. “Hello?”

Twilight stood up. “Yes, welcome to the Ponyville Library. I haven’t seen you here before. You must be new to town. What’s your name?”

The pony looked up, “You’re a princess?”

“Well, yes, I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle but I also run the town’s library.” The little filly just stared up in awe at Twilight. After an uncomfortable silence, Twilight prompted, “What can I help you with?”

The little filly swallowed, “The teacher assigned us a history report.”

“You mean Miss Cheerilee? Yes, she’s doing History Week in class. I will be speaking at your school tomorrow.”


“So what is your topic?”

“The founding of Ponyville.”

“Ooo. I know just the book!” She led the little filly among the rows of bookshelves until they came to the history section. Levitating a particular book, she said, “I think you will find all – WHAAA!” She dropped the book onto the floor and the little filly cowered behind her. “Discord! What are you doing here?”

Dicord’s face occupied the space where the book had been sitting on the shelf. “Why patronizing the library of course!” he replied as he stepped out from the shelving.

“You’re spying on me!”

“This is a public library, is it not?”

“Well, yes –”

“And I’ve been reading the most interesting book.” He held up a copy of Pranks for Dummies. “Well, I must be off. So much to do before Saturday,” he said with a devious smile.

“Dis–.” But before she could finish, the draconequus had already flashed away.

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