• Published 28th Mar 2017
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Discord's First Prank Day - Dreadnought

April 1st is coming, and Discord wants to make the most of it!

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Sunday, 7:55 AM

Twilight opened her eyes to see the rays of Celestia’s sun filling the room with light, indicating is was a beautiful spring day. Twilight felt something heavy on her chest. Looking down, she saw the thick book she had been reading the night before spread before her. Setting the book aside, she slowly climbed out of bed. Twilight walked over the dresser and, with some hesitation, looked in the mirror. She saw her normal image. Well, her mane was a mess and needed to be combed, but it was her normal image. Her fur and feathers were purple, her mane was dark purple with a pink streak, and her horn was straight and stiff. Nothing was amiss.

After combing her mane, Twilight cautiously walked down the hallway, looking for any sign of mayhem. She opened the library door and peered in. All the books, save her personal stack at her desk, sat neatly arranged in the bookcases. She walked to the top of the staircase. Nothing out of place in the entrance hall.


“Yes Spike?” she said with some concern.

“I’m glad you’re up. I have breakfast ready.”

“Oh, okay.”

Twilight followed Spike to the dining room. He headed off to the kitchen to fetch breakfast, while she took her seat at the table. Twilight could smell Prench toast and she could hear sizzling barley strips. She sighed in happiness at the peace and quiet. Looking down, she found a note on her plate written in syrup:

Prank Day!
– Discord



Fluttershy carefully placed a flower bulb in the hole she had dug. She pushed extra dirt to fill the hole completely and packed the earth down. She reached over and picked up a watering can, then sprinkled water over the now-buried flower bulb.

Discord was on his knees a few feet away, planting some flowers. “Really Fluttershy, I wish you’d reconsider my offer.”

“Discord, I told you I want to plant flowers around my house.”

“But the Venus flytrap is a flowering plant. Ooo, I could make a special one for you that talks. It could be a new friend.”

“But it might eat some of the lovely bugs that fly around my home.”

“I’m sure you could teach little Audrey to behave.”


“Well, shouldn’t a plant have a name? You name all your animal friends.”

“Well, I suppose you’re right.”

“About the flytrap?”

“About naming plants. I can imagine –”

“DISCORD!” came a voice from behind the two of them.

Discord and Fluttershy turned to see a visibly angry Twilight running down the path towards them.

“Oh my. Twilight is everything alright?” asked Fluttershy.

“Discord! What did you do!?”

“What do you mean Twilight?” asked Discord innocently.

“Is the crystal of my castle rock candy? Did you hide something valuable of mine? Did you sneak a monster into my home? Did you switch the sugar and the salt? Discord! What! Did! You! Do!?”

“Twilight, what’s going on?” asked Fluttershy.

“At breakfast this morning I found his note. It read: Prank Day!”

Fluttershy turned to Discord. “Discord, what did you do?” she asked in a concerned, though calm, voice.

Discord said with a smile, “Nothing!”

“What?” asked Twilight.

“I did nothing.”

“What do you mean you ‘did nothing’?” demanded Twilight.

“That’s just it. I did nothing.”

“Discord, could you explain?” prodded Fluttershy.

“After hearing about how Twilight thought I shouldn’t learn about Prank Day, I decided to get revenge by pulling a prank on her. I observed her for three days to determine the best prank. She knew a prank was coming from me and she was all on edge. So, I decided the best prank I could do would be – nothing.”

“You mean you didn’t prank Twilight?” asked Fluttershy.

“Oh, I did. It was nothing.”

“Dis–!” But before Twilight could finish, she was interrupted by the giggling of Fluttershy.

The End

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed the story! Please provide feedback so I can improve as a writer.

Also, I plan on publishing a new story on April 15th. Swing by and check it out.

Keep Writing,


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Comments ( 9 )

Ha! I had a feeling that'd be Discord's prank! With Twilight on edge, there's nothing better than a mind game to mess with her. Good work.

The best prank, is the prank that never came.:trollestia:

That was a very smart prank Discord :trollestia:

"that war"? Not sure I follow you.


I'm... Actually not surprised. This joke, or variants thereof, have been (unofficially) documented in at least one (joke) book.

It's official: Discord is best troll! Even more than Trollestia!

:rainbowlaugh: All hail Trollcord!! Master of Prank Day!

The best type of prank is the type to keep you on edge. Discord really likes mind games

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