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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, professional voice actor, brony, autistic celebrity, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.


Ever wondered how Spike knew of the various tea parties Discord and Fluttershy had (as well as knowing that, contrary to what Discord says, he likes them for more than just for the tea)? Sure, it could be that he visits Fluttershy during those times but what if there was another, more likely, way he acquired such knowledge? Guess Twilight's been teaching him bad habits.

Written for Fluttercord Week 2020


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I remember Discord saying it was supposed to be every Tuesday afternoon or something...

True but, in The Break Up Break Down, Spike says "every weekend".

Continuity errors, amiright? :derpytongue2:

In all fairness, he probably visits quite often to take breaks from his schemes to micromanage Twilight's ultimate destiny by directing every threat she has and will ever face. :heart:

HAHAHA LOL OH MY CELESTIA!!!!XD This! Was! Hilarious! <3 <3 <3 Just when I thought I knew where this story was going to go, you surprised me with one thing after anotherXD What a perfect way to start Fluttercord week^^, lol! Is it Sunday Jan 19th where you're at? You are only allowed to submit this story on Sunday Jan 19th aka tomorrow

Oh my god . Too funny

Oopsie. I suppose that's what happens when one publishes a story at 12AM while ignoring the fact that Britain has a different timezone to everywhere else in the world. :twilightblush:

Anyway, glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Lollipop Chainsaw reference, is a Lollipop Chainsaw reference.

This was just adorable.

I was wondering if anyone noticed the reference. And it was just one of many (references in general, not references to just Lollipop Chainsaw).

What can I say? I love my references. :twilightsmile:

I thought it added much charm to the experience.

So to that I say lovely. :heart:

Oh no worries, as long as its midnight/Saturday Jan 19th in your time zone then that's what counts:)

In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of FlutterCord. It’s largely because I find the pairing to be rather bland and the chemistry not seeming great enough to stretch to anything beyond friendship.

However, I really must say that this was an entertaining read. What makes the story so funny is how much Spike’s fanaticism towards FlutterCord represents exactly what fans of the pairing are like and how they think. The ending has also gotten me interested in seeing if a sequel will be coming or not.

Are you fan of the pairing yourself, by any chance?

Indeed I am, though I'm not as obsessed as Spike was in this fic. Come to think of it, I'm not that obsessed with ships anyway (still doesn't stop me shipping though, even though at least one partner winds up dead in at least two of my ships). :derpytongue2:

Also, the ending was a reference to this scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming:

I also figured out who the strange pony was, really. From the description alone, I knew that it was the avatar on your profile picture. It was a nice touch.

Indeed it was since I consider Twilight to be best pony and I find her human form (both her and Sci-Twi) to be attractive (not that you needed, let alone wanted, to know that last part). :twilightblush:

Oh, no worries.

Twilight’s one of my favorite characters too, and I’ve had a crush on her ever since I first saw her.

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