Discord's First Prank Day

by Dreadnought


8:25 AM

Twilight walked towards the Ponyville schoolhouse, with a certain skip to her step this beautiful spring morning. She loved school as a filly, and now she was going to teach. Well, really to give a presentation on the Royal Sisters and her role along with the other Elements of Harmony in reforming Nightmare Moon and reuniting the two siblings. But still, inspring young and impressionable ponies. She had all her notes organized, slides prepared, and even a pop quiz drafted to gauge how well the foals listened. She was so excited!

She approached the little red schoolhouse. Foals were playing outside, enjoying the last bit before school started.


The foals stopped their play and hurried into the school. Twilight looked up to see a pink pony standing in the bell and happily ringing it by banging her head against it. Pinkie Pie sure loved to ring that bell!

“Hello Cheerilee!” greeted Twilight.

“Hello Princess Twilight!”

“I can’t wait to give my lecture on the Royal Sisters!” said Twilight as the two walked up the steps.

“Yes, I hope it isn’t too long, we had a last minute volunteer for a history talk.”

“Really? Who?”

“He –”

“Discord!” yelled Twilight.

“Hello Twilight!” he replied, a devious smile plastered across his face.

“Discord volunteered to talk about ancient Equestrian history,” explained Cheerilee.

“Yes, once I heard that this was History Week at Ponyville Elementary, I just had to discuss my experiences in the ancient past.”

“Discord you’re following me!” said a furious Twilight.

“Dear Twilight, would you deny these young eager minds the chance to hear about ancient history from someone with firsthand experience?”

Twilight looked out upon all the youngs foals sitting at their desks. “Fine!”


Twilight sat motionless, just enjoying the peace and quiet. And steam. After having to put up with Discord’s presentation, which she hated to admit was actually pretty good, she decided to get away from everything. She surreptitiously made her way to the Ponyville Day Spa, and, after a hushed conversation with a staff member, slipped into the steam room unseen. All she wanted was to be alone and relax, the warm steam melting her cares away. She let out a contented sigh.

“I agree, the steam really relaxes the muscles and cleanses the pores.”

“Dis–.” But before she could finish, the draconequus had already flashed away.