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Rainbow Dash tries to keep her relationship secret.
Featured 27 June - 29 June 2017!
The cover art comes from the The Mysterious Mare Do Well episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related content is owned by Hasbro. CYA.

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Simple, cute, and in character all around. Loved it.

Though now that I think of it, maybe it deserves a sequel... with Rainbow Dash's parents!

You have my undivided attention...

Nice 'coming out of the closet' story. :rainbowlaugh:

Who dares downvote this without leaving a comment? Well I upvoted, ha that'll show em'! :rainbowwild: And I'd like a sequel, sir/ma'am.

Well... that was interesting...

One sharp kick to AJ's flank later....

RD: "Full of myself huh?"

You know AJ was just messing with them, right?


Interesting in a good way, or bad way?


Interesting as in "Okay... that was interesting...?"

Not good or bad, just... weird... I'm sorry, I'm really trying to think of a way to explain it...

Just not what you were expecting?


I expected something ridiculous, I'm used to seeing this type of stuff on FiM... what I didn't expect was... let's say 75% of what I just read...

That was so stupid, I loved it! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, it just seems like something RD would do if she hadn't found out.

Ah, the infamous stool pigeon. Breaker of confidences and sinker of ships with its loose lips.

This was a fun little one-shot. You're pretty good at writing dialogue, and I never lost track of who said what. You'd be surprised how many writers can't keep their characters' dialogue straight.

Now I'm imagining Fluttershy with a secret spy network of birds all over Equestria, bringing her tidbits of information to squirrel away until the time is right...

“No! I mean, we’ve talked about this. Things would get weird with AJ. And you definitely aren’t ready to meet my parents yet.”

DEFINITELY NOT!!:twilightoops::rainbowderp:

We are so not friends anymore!

Me when my friends tease men the 5 mins later..
"Hey have you heard.....":rainbowlaugh:

“Ah’ll set an extra place at the dinner table.” Big Mac gave her a confused look. Applejack smiled, “Rainbow Dash is joining us fer supper. Or will she still be hidin’ out in yer closet?”

The actual hell?!:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh: "CELESTIA DAMNIT MAC!! I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE THE PERFECT SPOT!! F@$# YOU AJ!!:twilightangry2::rainbowlaugh:"

“Ah can’t lie. The little birdie told Fluttershy, who told me. Now, do you two want to come down and join the rest of the family, or do you want to be alone for a while?”

"We would rather be alone first AJ. Cuz Imma F#$@ your brother silly :ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:"

So.... Did you enjoy the story?


I enjoyed it sooo much J added it to my "Awesome stories aproved my Rainbow Dash"... or something :rainbowlaugh: Simply say I put it on my faves list :twilightsmile: and the fact that this is a MacDash story... and I'm a SoarinDash shipper... great job

This was amusing and good chapter. Thumbs up. :pinkiehappy:

I love the idea of AJ teasing Dash like this XD

Well, that got a very brief chuckle/smile out of me, like not even one seconds worth, but still got me to do it, for some reason. I think it's b/c the set up was just very well written and so was the delivery as well. I don't know what could be added to this to make it better, as it seems pretty solid, though I'm not so sure Random should be tag you should use b/c of how solid it is.

Just a note to people who inevitable down vote this comment. Let it be known it's not against any rules to promote other stories in the comments of other stories, at least not any that I'm aware of. If I somehow missed it, please let me know. That aside the author of this story is free to take out my comment if he/she so chooses. Also I don't see how promoting a short comedy story in the comments of another short comedy story is such a bad thing. I mean Short comedy stories specifically are made to get people to laugh, I would assume so at least. Their short and one-off nature make them the perfect kind of stories to promote in the comments of other stories to people who're looking for a laugh.

Feel free to check out my own short Comedy story. I've been told it's funny, but it also got at least one dislike for promoting it like I am right now :) Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo Make an Abomination HUR-RAY for shameless self-promotion. P.S. I only made it for laughs, and after self-promoting it once I got so many suspicious dislikes(down votes) that I figured I might as well get it riddled with more holes as that's what people who dislike(down vote) stories do. I don't dislike(down vote) any story as I believe they can always be improved upon and I also don't like spitting on other peoples work.


That aside the author of this story is free to take out my comment if he/she so chooses.

I don't believe in deleting user comments - unless they're super offensive. Otherwise, it's up to the poster to delete their comment.

That being said, I'm glad you enjoyed the story - if only for moment. You might also enjoy some of my other comedy stories, especially The Secret Life of... one-shots.


I actually don't have a problem. After seeing your comment about downvotes I just had to downvote, :derpytongue2:

Oh, another pony is gay story.

Okay then.

I downvoted because everyone was doing it and I wanted to be popular too.

Very cute story. Very much in character all around. Celestia Trump in there I see

This was unexpected and cute. Bravo :twilightsmile:

I thought Big Mac was with Sugar Belle.

Well, this was just a funny one-shot that occurred to me the other day. I didn't expect so many reads nor did I expect it to make it as a Featured (my second after Pinkie Pie Has THE BOMB). Thank you everyone for making this such a popular story!


Wow, I really liked this! It's a good story and I love the end, though to be perfectly honest, I was a bit worried there for a moment. Well hopefully without given anything away, I was a bit concealed about Applejack's opinions and the choices she mentioned. I was afraid somepony's feeling might have gotten hurt, but then with that ending it made everything perfect. I felt that everypony was in character and I can totally see that kind of interaction happening in the actually show. I also liked how you mention politics without getting political. Well great work!

Woah, I didn't expect this to suddenly become so popular, considering I read it when it only had 2 views! Congrats for the feature, anyways.

8260240 Fake story. Very sad. Must be working for CNN.


Story is the suxx0rz cuz everyone knows Dash has the hots for interspecies sexx0rz with griffons.

And she's into vore.

She's weird. :rainbowwild:


Comment posted by Dreadnought deleted Jun 28th, 2017


I also liked how you mention politics without getting political.

Actually, I feel Applejack's pain. With half my family Democrats, and half Republican, I often have to play peacemaker at Thanksgiving, Christmas, family reunions, etc. Honestly, I feel I should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. :pinkiehappy:



Also this was a lot of fun, ESPECIALLY with AJ teasing Rd there at the end <3

I never took AJ for such a troll. That was brilliant! :rainbowlaugh:

Whoa, wait a second...

You're not the person who wrote a story some years ago about Roseluck going back in time to save a dying sister, but gets caught up n a web of morality questioning when faced with the consequences that arise should she change events and let her sister live, are you?

If you are, that was a beautiful story you wrote, man. Why did you delete it?

If you're not...well, I like your avatar, dude.

Either way you get a Follow and a Like.


If you are, that was a beautiful story you wrote, man.

Thank you for the complement. However, I did not write the story you reference. All of my stories are still up on the site.


Er, what the hell are you doing? Did you not see I was asking DOKTOR WUNDERBAR if he wrote the story I was asking about? I'm sorry but I've never heard of you. DOKTOR WUNDERBAR's name is one I believe I have seen before, and thus why I asked him if he wrote the story in question. You're just another person in the Featured Box. I apologize immensely and a thousand times over if you take this comment as an insult or as rude, but that's just how it is.

I don't suppose you know the person who wrote the story I'm looking for though, would you? It was a very good story and I always wanted to find the person who wrote it. I wanted to know why it was taken down.

Ah, I didn't realize the whole comment was for Doktor Wunderbar. But in regards to the story, I did a search but couldn't find it. It sounds really interesting though.


Nice job on the feature! :pinkiehappy:

It got taken down a couple of years ago. I'm hoping I would find the author of the story. I remember his avatar looks a bit like Wunderbar's profile image.

I'd love to read the story again. It was so good. It's probably the only story on this site that genuinely made me cry. It was how the author wrote the part where Roseluck had to decide whether to save her sister from dying and risk a doomed future, or leave her sister to her fate and allow a good outcome in the future.

It's really upsetting when she makes her choice. I tell you; that scene in the story was one of the best moments in ANY fanfic ever written on this site. You must understand why I want to find the author; it's such a good moment, so why was she forced to take it down?

People still write these kinds of fics?

That is kind of you, but I've not submitted any story here. What made you think so? The name or the avatar?

Now this was highly amusing to read. AJ teasing RD like that and Rainbow's thoughts were a riot. :moustache:


Applebloom and Scootaloo suddenly burst into Big Mac's room, both of them squeeling: "BIG MAC AND RAINBOW DASH GETTING MARRIED! *squee*:unsuresweetie::scootangel:"
Rainbow and Big Mac: "WHAT!?:twilightoops:"
Applejack: "Oh, yeah. That reminds me.:ajsmug:"
Rainbow: "Who told you about us, Squirt!?:twilightoops:"
Scootaloo: "Sweetie Belle. After her sister, Rarity, told her.:scootangel:"
Applejack: "Yeah. Rarity was with me when Fluttershy told me.:ajsmug:"
Rainbow: "Oh, that's just GREAT! The whole town probably knows by now!:twilightangry2:"
Big Mac; "This cain't get any worse!:facehoof:"
Applejack: "Oh, yes it can. Twilight was with us when Fluttershy told us.:ajsmug: By th' way, thanks to you two, Canterlot's been destroyed.:ajsleepy:"
Rainbow and Big Mac; "WHAT!?:twilightoops:"
Applejack: "Yeah. Naturally, Twilight told Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, 'n Princess Cadance. 'N they're all still fighting over who's gona officiate over yer wedding.:ajbemused:"
Granny Smith from the dining room: "Ooooh! There goes th' north tower!:trollestia:"
Rainbow Dash and Big Mac: ":twilightoops:"

Rod Serling: "Wow. That escalated quickly."

Could be worse.
The comics suggest Luna might have a thing for Big Mac. It could have been Luna charging down to fight Rainbow over him.

The avatar. It looked familiar and in my mind something clicked and I assumed you might have been the person who wrote the story I'm looking for. I apologize for the case of mistaken identity. Friends?

Hey, isn't Sugar Belle another addition to the roster of Big Mac lovers?

Hmm...I don't recall Sugar Belle. I do remember Sweaty Belle, who along with Smutaloo and Appleblood make up the Other CMC when they unexpectly popped into my Weirder Than Normal story once. ♪♫:rainbowkiss:

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