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Shadow rift

Jack of all trades who (tries) writing fan fiction for a little girls show. (Now a part time amateur artist and critic.)

Some of the things I've loved for a long time.

>> DC Comics

>> Marvel Comics

>> Batman
>> Spider-Man (And the Raimi films)

>> Star Wars!

>> The Lord of the Rings Trilogy!

>> The Halo Franchise

>> Man, I fucking love this movie...


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

All Things Shadow Rift

A collection of pieces given to me by some great artists of my OC, Shadow Rift. Some including his marefriend, the ever well known Nazi, Aryanne.

Done By Thresha8

Done by Miss Rainbow Spectrum

Done By the amazing Rainbow Spectrum

Shadow's Cutie Mark. Select this Text to a Link to my Deviant Art

Songs I listen to that help me write

And a number of others. Yes, even Nickelback helps. I don't care...

Reviews · Requests · Art · and Stories!
If you need it, I got it!

Welcome, all you Bronies and Pegasisters, to the page of yours truly, Shadow rift. I'm a fairly newcomer to the whole Brony fandom, accepting my love of the multicolored equines a year ago and now deciding to show my love of them through a written format.

Basically, for those of us that don't speak jibberish,
He's a brony and writes stories, either second person, horror, sex,
anything that pops into his head, he plans and writes about.
Anyways, now it's my turn. Hello to whoever "Crashes" into this page.
I'm the REAL Shadow Rift, a black and red Pegasus that dumb ass here
made after going nuts and accepting his creation as a part of his personality.
Or the passive aggressive part of him...

Regardless as to what my obnoxious shit head passive aggressive bastard OC Shadow may say, I am here to write, and I hope that by you coming here and looking at some of my works that you too will be able to enjoy them and tell me how to Improve my craft. For ow, my main goal is to get a story of mine featured for all to see and enjoy. Hopefully, some day soon, that will happen. But for now, welcome aboard!


Comic Con 2017 · 1:17pm Yesterday

(By the time you see this, I'll be preparing for Comic Con...)

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Shadow Rift: My OC, My Friend, My Annoyance... My Cooping Mechanism

Shadow is featured in at least two of my various stories available, one of which is a second person fic and the other, a clopfic starring him, his marefriend Aryanne, and a few others I plan on bringing in soon enough. If you wish to understand more about him, I recommend you look into those along with the dynamic between him and Aryanne.

If you want the bare basics, however, this is it:

1) He is a Black (Now gunmetal due to the artist who've drawn him changing the colors.) and red Pegasus. True he is tortured, but not because of the "EEEEEVVVVIIIILLL" within him, but because of the pressures placed on him.
2) He is aspiring to become a professional stunt colt, becoming famous all around Equestria as one of the best and making his parents proud.
3) As you witnessed in my introduction, Shadow is a portion of myself that was once present that now manifests itself in him. Whenever I speak to others, generally Shadow will cut in and talk along with me. It's more or less a cooping mechanism that's helped me thus far.
4) And there is just one portion of him I'd rather not give away yet that ties into my overarching story. Ah, free advertisement...

Idiot... And a sellout... Trying to make all these poor innocent people read your stuff... You should be ashamed!

(FYI, I'm aware of the fact that most people here tend to ask other's for their OC's when writing. If you wish to use Shadow here, I'm fine with it, just PM me and let me know ahead of time.)

The stories I have published here

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Eh, you peaked my interest. So much so that it was enough for me to follow you.

Positivity you say? Hmm, good. Nothing wrong with keeping things nice and fun for others. I look forward to what you may provide in the future. I also look forward to that story you were talking about...

Heyyyyyyyy. Thanks for the follow. May I ask what I did to be worthy of it?

Anyways, in my little corner of Fimfiction, there's blogging, kittens, cuteness, and an occasional story. There's actually a story coming out soon, so you can look forward to that. I always try my best to keep things positive around there too. :twilightsmile:

Here's a cute pony picture, as a little gift, from me, to you.

Thanks! I appreciate that!

I see. Best of luck...

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Today is the day that shall

Just kidding guys

forever be remembered as

This is a test to see

the day that Shadow Rift

Whether or not I can get

forever left his parents

this shit down like so many

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other authors have managed to do.