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A partially insane Knoxville Brony who likes to write. I also edit. And Vector too. Who knew? Not I. If only I could focus on just one...

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Rescue Rangers Movie · 7:48pm Feb 15th, 2022

So, did anyone else see that there was a Rescue Rangers movie coming out… with Chip riding Fluttershy?

It has Seth Rogan and JK Simmons, so… umm. Is it bad that I want to watch it just for the ponies?

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I honestly should have done it sooner. :twilightblush:

Lol and thank you for the follow.

Well, I mean, I’m not sure why I wasn’t following before. We’ve even met at one point, or chatted, or something. I know I’ve used the term “strongest writer in the world” in a sentence before whilst referring to you, so yeah.

  • Viewing 120 - 124 of 124
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