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A partially insane Knoxville Brony who likes to write. I also edit. And Vector too. Who knew? Not I. If only I could focus on just one...

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Call of Cthulhu and MLP · 12:07am 2 hours ago

So, I have a gaming group that meets regularly for Call of Cthulhu. After some regular CoC investigations, some irregular ones, some dimension hopping, some other generic insanity, and a standard death to session ratio of at least 1, my investigators thought they’d been everywhere, seen everything...

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It deserved it. :twilightsmile:

Thankie for the fav on I Hear the Stars! :pinkiehappy:

No problem. I’d meant to do it after (or during?) the breakaway project. But my mind is Swiss cheese and I forget pretty much everything. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the follow.

Tyvm. :twilightsmile:

A friend made it for me a while ago. It’s much better than anything I can manage.

  • Viewing 79 - 83 of 83
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