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Since taking over for Celestia, Princess Twilight has learned how stressful it can be to rule a kingdom. Especially around the holidays. Sometimes a mare just needs time to herself. But... what could be even better? Spending that time with an old mentor, of course!

But... who will run the kingdom while Twilight is out?

And what might happen while she is gone?

Surely nothing could happen due to a single day of clandestine self-indulgence, right?


This was written for MeowofyMLP as a part of Jinglemas 2020!

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So any reason Gallus got kicked out of the Royal Guard? He's supposed to be in the Royal Guard. Not a mail griff.

Great story though.

Ah yes, shenanigans! Gotta love seeing the Princesses behave badly, if only a little bit.

Could be a second job, or even a seasonal one. Celestia knows it ain’t easy to make ends meet around the holidays.

Thank you, this is amazing! Happy Hearth’s Warming!

Show canon only matters if you let it. :raritywink:

Cheeky shenanigans.

Glad you enjoyed! :twilightsmile:

Meh :/ I like what 10596477 said. Could work better than just "Because reasons." I only say that because, when I use that, I give an in-universe explanation for why it's like it is compared to the show.

It's not the worst idea ever. I actually like it. Was just wondering why.

True enough. Coffee’s idea is best: seasonal work for supplemental holiday income.

Man, the things you miss when you are away. Oh well...
Great little story, and funny. I like the way you used the dialogue to bounce back and forth with one side getting better and better, while the other side was descending into utter chaos, lol. :rainbowlaugh:

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