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A partially insane Knoxville Brony who likes to write. I also edit. And Vector too. Who knew? Not I. If only I could focus on just one...


This story is a sequel to MLP 40K: Cold Comfort

In the Grim Darkness of the far future, an entire company of Space Mareines has been stripped of their Cutie Marks. They are willing to do anything to retrieve them. And a team of Inquisition agents must be willing to do anything to stop them.

This is the third story in the MLP 40K: Team Recaf series.

Previous story is: Cold Comfort

First story is: I Love the Smell of Friendship in the Morning

Reading the previous stories is certainly not required, but they definitely give some backstory and let you see the characters a little more fleshed-out.

Many thanks to CoffeeMinion for his editing prowess.

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The ice-world of Arctinus Septimus stretches the definition of "habitable," with a surface temperature averaging negative forty degrees centigrade. Even in a galaxy of endless war, it’s a lousy place to be sent on a rescue mission. But when a crack team of would-be rescuers finds the planet’s Imperial outpost abandoned, the heating units inoperable, and their escape route cut off, just one thing can help them survive long enough for extraction:

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is only Snuggling... with Ponies.

This was written for Categorical Grant’s Cuddlefic Contest.

Prompts used: ALL
Spoilers for certain parts of the story, fair warning:
Prompt A: Cameo by Wave function: You can’t miss it, he is called out by name. He’s the corpsicle.
Prompt B: Story has medical themes: Everypony is at risk of hypothermia; Tracks gives some medical know-how on ponies; Trauma’s leg is broken and he discusses the splinting and the procedures to be done afterwards.
Prompt C: Luna falls hopelessly in love: You cannot miss this part. It’s the part with the Royal Canterlot Voice in full force.
Prompt D: Obscure joke about Amareican Military History: The Battleship Maine inexplicably exploded off the coast of Cuba in the late 19th century, the cause was never discovered, and it precipitated the Spanish-American War. I reference the Battleship Mane Exploding.
Prompt E: “Am I being detained?”: Point says this when Fray is snuggle restraining him.
Prompt F: “Big... if true”: Point says this when the team approaches the shutters.
Prompt G: G Alliteration: I do this multiple times: when Nutmeg goes to help the “group’s grunting, grumbling grenadier”; when Owly gets “‘going,’ he gasped, gritting his teeth as they galloped into a sudden gale which gusted and ground against them like a ghostly, gnashing giant”; also “grotesquely gigantic grinding gears.”
Prompt H: Spike wins epically: Saint Spike the Dragon; need I say more?

Thanks to my pre-readers: Kai Creech; MisterNick; and Final fantasy forever. I was having issues with the tags and these guys helped me big time.

And, definitely many thanks to CoffeeMinion for his editing Prowess. As always he comes through with excellent suggestions and puts up with my oddities.

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With the Mane 6 called away from Ponyville on an extended friendship mission, Special Agent Sweetie Drops is forced to wage a one-mare war against an inadvertent ursine apocalypse.

Can Sweetie Drops overcome the well-meaning but self-destructive incompetence of her “Best Friend” and seemingly everypony else in town? And—more importantly—will Berry Punch fulfill her drink order before the bar’s destroyed, too?

This story was written for the: Season 9 Bingo Writing Contest!

My writing prompts includes the following:
Chancellor Neighsay
Berry Punch

Many thanks to CoffeeMinion for his editing prowess.

Featured on 12/2/2018, my first featured story ever! :rainbowdetermined2: I’m so happy. :twilightsmile:

Also featured on Equestria Daily on 12/31/2018! :rainbowdetermined2:

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Octavia is just a bum cellist living in what passes for the Ponyville slums. She is forced to play at birthday parties and small events until she is given an unexpected shot at returning to the big time. Oh, and she's a were-shark. Can't forget that.

Sex tag for sexual references, gore tag for shark reasons.

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Caffeine withdrawal can do terrible things to a pony.

Even in the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, where there is only Epic Pony War, and an eternity of (s)laughter, clopping, and the gnashing of feasting trolls… few horrors can compare to what Lord-Commissar Nutmeg of the Equestrian Guard would unleash upon anything impeding his quest for a morning cup of recaf.

To be a pony in the 41st Millennium is to live in a regime that declares itself 20% cooler than any other imaginable, as mighty battle-fleets cross the hate-infested miasma of the dimension of the Everfree in the name of the Alicorn Princesses. And yet, it is a regime where both magical and scientific knowledge have dwindled during the Royal Sisters’ long confinement to the Equestrian Throne, an arcane relic from the Age of Harmony, where a thousand cakes are sacrificed every day so that They may never truly die.

But to stand between a pony and his daily caffeine-fix is to forget all hope of peace and understanding, and to face the full might of the Royal Sisters’ inexhaustible armies: the Space Mareines, an elite cadre of bio-engineered super equines; the Equestrian Guard; their numerous comrades-in-hoof; the ever-vigilant Alicorn Inquisition; the tech-ponies of the Equestris Marecanicus; the—

+++Error, code corrupt, purging data feed+++

+++End Transmission+++

Many thanks to CoffeeMinion for both inspiration, editing, and the gratuitous use of his OC, Nutmeg.

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This story occurs in the aftermath of "No Second Prances."

Be forewarned before reading further that this story contains spoilers for that episode.

After Trixie's magic show, Twilight seemed satisfied with the results of her endeavors. Starlight had a new friend, Trixie was no longer a solo show, everything was going well... right?

When Celestia hears how Twilight handled things, she has some choice words for her former student.

Special thanks to CoffeeMinion for his editing prowess, and for helping me to prevent the story from going even further down the dark hole I had found.

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What happens when Equestrian war planning is left up to the politicians?

Nothing good.

When a mad-pony issues a bombing run on Canterlot, Twilight Sparkle has limited time, resources, and ponies at her disposal to try and prevent the destruction of Equestria's capital, and possibly all of Equestria itself.

"No plan survives contact with the enemy." - Field Marshall Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke

If it wasn't already obvious, this is an homage to "Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb."

Many thanks to SpookyMinion (aka CoffeeMinion) and Misternick for proofreading and editing this story.

Note: Story was posted for a story contest in Weekly Contests.

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Moosetasm the OC (wrongfully called a Ponysona by many) learns of the tragedy of Princess Luna being trapped, crying, on the moon for 1000 years, and pledges to remedy this gross injustice. He recruits Sonata Dusk with the promise of unlimited tacos, uses her siren powers to break the laws of time and space, forges an alliance with the changelings based on shared love, and battles the incessant Communist threat of Starlight Glimmer, the only pony standing between him and victory. Oh, and somepony is wearing diapers. Just because.

Special apologies to Miranda Laufeyson for inspiring the world’s first “Sonata-Dusk-taco-diaper-changelings-need-love-too-Poor-Luna-on-the-moon-Starlight-communist-OCs-are-ponysonas” fic, and the semi-authorized use of her OC, Florian.

Special thanks to Coffee Minion for inspiration, editing, cover art, and use of his OC, Nutmeg.

Rated P for Purple

Now comes in reading format! Also thanks to Coffee Minion for this!

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Update: 1/19/19 Story is still on hiatus. Too many current projects to resurrect this guy just yet. I completed my other MLP40K fic, I Love the Smell of Friendship in the Morning, but I have started some other fics I now need to complete. More updates as they come.

The Most Holy Alicorn Inquisition of the Royal Pony Sisters is all that stands against threats to Ponykind that come from within.

Newly promoted, Interrogator Tracks is dispatched with co-agents Free Fall, Devoid, Able Body, and Pinion to the hive world of Abyssinian Prime. Their mission is seemingly routine; they are to wrap up the loose ends of a decades-long investigation.

Shortly after landing they discover a new lead that brings some fresh life to the case and the Inquisition agents soon find themselves fighting for their very lives. Outnumbered, under-equipped, and stranded by their only ride off the planet, their only hope lies in the friendships they have made since planet-fall.

Note: This is a blatant mixing of two genres that you generally think wouldn't mix, MLP and the grimdarkness of the grimdark future of the grimdark Warhammer 40k... Grimdark. :trollestia:

This fic also does not jump into mainstream combat that one would see in the tabletop minis game. It is more based on the Dark Heresy setting, the likes of Dan Abnett's inquisitor books.

As for content, while I steer clear of gratuitous gore and foul language, the themes are dark. Ponies can be severely harmed or even die. I'm not a fan of foul language, so you likely won't find any that hasn't been ponified or glossed over.

Please feel free to leave comments, especially if you're going to thumbs down, so that I might figure out how to improve my work.

Special Thanks to my editor, Coffee Minion. Without him, you would likely be waiting much longer for my unique brand of... I guess I can call it writing...

Thanks for reading everypony!

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This story is a sequel to MLP 40K: Purge

The Most Holy Alicorn Inquisition of the Royal Pony Sisters is all that stands against threats to Ponykind that come from within. Inquisitor Sophic Fortune and her group of agents are investigating troubling events on the Equestrian world of Manducat Tertius.

It quickly becomes apparent that the unrest is more severe than originally guessed. Sophic and crew set off on an expedition into the underbelly of the planet's capital to discover the depth of the corruption. The investigation causes events to quickly spiral out of control, leaving the Inquisitor with very few options.

This is another short in my series of MLP 40K stories. Their purpose is to flex and stretch my brain a bit so that my larger story might actually get better with time. So, I'm working on fun things like pacing and trying to remain in genre (hard with there being two of them :derpyderp2:) Also looking to do some character development, if anypony cares about that kind of stuff. As always, constructive commentary is encouraged and appreciated.

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