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This group is for bronies who live in Tennessee and any part of Tennessee be it Knoxville,Kingsport or even Johnson City so everypony I present to you

Tennessee Bronies! where no matter what everypony is welcome!

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Im from Hermitage, and Mt. Juliet

299765 There's supposed to be a group for each state.

Are there currently any other bronies in West Tennessee? I've come to suspect that I'm the only one!

Anyone else in West Tennessee please let me know. Thanks!

Is this group inactive? It looks like it might be.

Is this group inactive? It looks like it might be.

I'm a well traveled Moose. I've been up & down the east coast, and settled in Knoxville.

Hey, I am currently switching between Collierville TN and Martin TN for college.

G-Hoof here, from Franklin county TN

I'm from Collierville, which is in SE Shelby County:twilightsheepish:

I'm not exactly from Tennessee, but I am from southern U.S.! That counts, right?

Welcome everypony to this new group! :derpytongue2:

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