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New to writing, but really wanna try and get things out. Oh, and if you follow me, I'll follow you back. Something I got in the habit of doing back on Twitter.

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Skreh! · 7:48pm Last Wednesday

I recently took up a Pandemic series story, and I have fallen behind. I want y'alls opinion on whether I should wrote a 4k chapter, since I promised a 1k chapter per week and I'm about a month behind, that glosses over what happened during the Outbreak era and goes into the Aftermath era, or should I just wrote a 4k chapter detailing their lives in the Outbreak era...?

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Nope! Was just curious is all.

you are welcome :scootangel: :ajsmug:
well I liked it because I wanted :yay: :pinkiehappy:
some problem ? :fluttercry: :pinkiesmile:

Followed, because friends!

2606952 Ah. My mistake. And it's okay.

  • Viewing 164 - 168 of 168
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