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So there I was, minding my own business and helping my buddy out as a beta tester for one of his coding projects, when all of a sudden—


I got turned into the character I'd been making. More importantly, I got teleported to the middle of nowhere. It sucks that I've been placed in this kind of dangerous situation with nothing but the clothes on my back, but at least I have some superpowers to help me survive.

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Well, this will be quite fascinating! Thank you for writing it:D

Well, let's see what comes of this.

Getting started finally

He doesn't seem to have much reason to escape for now

Chrysalis needs to tone down, I think the Mc can help with that by improving the badlands, turning equestria into something non desirable for her

Mr Spock, T'Pol & and every Vulcan that had screen time:pinkiesmile:

Quite a interesting story. I do hope to see more of it, especially the way this is going. He reminds me of Viktor from Arcane and the like.

Interesting so far, I’m curious if it will lead to an improvement of the badlands to draw ponies in or lead to a successful takeover of Equestria.


Did the character selection give choice of race or species?

Maybe time to consider automating the potion making process so MC doesn’t even have to use the ability Automation…

Hope he doesn't stay with the changelings for too long... Don't get me wrong I like the changelings just can't stand Chrysalis!

It'd be cool if he could use automation on Push ups and Sit ups that way he'd get the benefits without having to do much.

Interesting thus far.
Can't help but feel he's chosen poorly with that subclass, given that everything ends up at physics eventually.

Reminds me of a joke an old acquaintance of mine used to tell. Three scientists are in a bar, arguing over what whose field was more relivent.
The biologist says biology can explain the mechanisms that drive all life. All anyone needs to know is biology.
The chemist retorts that biology is just organic chemistry, so all anyone needs to know is chemistry.
The physicist sighs and says "Hold my beer."

Well that was an interesting twist.

I do have a few ideas about his abilities:
1. Automation might be able to skip sleep. I don’t think there are any restrictions that outlaw this.
2. The separate molecules has a 50% efficiency. I am assuming that by this you mean 50% of what is separated is what you want, this will make it so that he has to use it several time for it to be pure enough for any serious use. Or it could be 100% purity but only separating half of the available material.

No esta mal, no esta nada mal


A changeling hive as his base of operations, or the 'my base' option for rpgs, could be a good way to keep them on the picture when he has to go to other places.

Nice. With the changeling invasion close it would cause quite a bit of drama with the allie to enemy dynamics.

I really hope this will not follow a cycle of 'hey the not pony has abilities that we don't! let's make use of him'. Freedom sounds nice.

MC does not seem as interested in getting paid as he was when answering some of the starting questions. Changelings gave him room, board, and some practice materials but little else. Princesses have more expendable resources for compensation.

I wonder what he’s going to invent for the ponies as they’ve already got most of the technology the Changelings ‘acquired’ for him to tinker around with.

‘Airships’ would be for a Klugetown employee, right?

I hope the opposite.

Eh, I don't believe Chrysalis would value the human so little. Especially if she wants to conquer Canterlot and she saw him produce weapons. She'd definitely be all over that and have him produce more. Even if she didn't want weapons (which would be highly illogical), he can produce things that only an advanced industrial nation can. Things way beyond the changelings' abilities. He should be valued as the 2nd most important thing in the hive behind the Queen herself. They can get another ten food subjects; they can't get another human with those abilities.

Also, the human has been living with the changelings for what, months? And yet he feels nothing at all about suddenly being kidnapped and forced to leave his home? He speaks of his relationship as only being mutually beneficial — which, sure, I imagine it was at the beginning — but it doesn't make sense that it never progressed beyond that in his time there. The changelings gave him everything he wanted and didn't harass him. He doesn't have even a little bit of loyalty? No friendships with the guards he was interacting with? Nothing at all?

Good thing he didnt specialise in Physics. Imagine the trouble his Skill would have anywhere below Level 10 at this progression, on meeting Pinkie. :pinkiehappy:

Hivemind? Anyone have any clue, since I can't think of anything from MLP that has a hivemind. Is the fact that changelings have a hivemind an AU aspect of this story? They absolutely don't have that in the show.

Changelings always have a hivemind in fics

awesome start to his abilities and story!!!!

Didn't think I'd like this fic, but I'm happy to be wrong. Keep up the good chapters 👍

Welp, the changeling will regret leaving him behind, Chrisalys didn't capitalized on what she had, now let's see how Celestia will use him.

“Probably,” I sighed as a sense of deja vu hit me like a runaway semi-truck.

I wonder how often this is going to happen… Getting nicked by the next group to work for them and make whatever they want and the such.

Comment posted by Derpy_DragonV1 deleted Sep 6th, 2023

Eh chrysi probably realized that if she let him do what he wants he would do everything she asks, but if it was unreasonable he might stop working for her. Pretty reasonable.

Also from our perspective the chrysi of this universe is a tyrant as well and didn't hesitate to hurt our protag so I'm pretty sure he's just going with the flow rn

Should have made the kitchen gun lol.

Attention!!! Get ready to meet the book horse!!!
Honestly, I can't get to anything yet, but I can't name something particularly unique. A good story, all the actions so far look quite logical, there is no overload of descriptions, as in some other RPG stories.
I'll see what happens next.

Not speaking for the author or anything but it has been a rather popular concept ever since the changelings were first introduced.
It got to the point where I became surprised or disappointed when someone didn't write the changelings with a hivemind.
I don't think it was ever mentioned or implied that they do have it in the show though.

A quick search and a look at the fandom wiki I couldn't find any reference to a hivemind or an ability to sense emotions in either the show or the comics. Though I did get a neat bit of info that was in the comics wehre the original changelings were born from a carnivorous plant that grew from a rotten acorn that fell into a magic pond under a cemetery.

Do we have any knowledge of an update schedule? Because so far I love this story. Also, I'm not sure if I'm hoping whether or not that Celestia also gives him a job he can't refuse.

Does he leave all of his inventions behind as well? Or does he take them with him? Or have they been seized?

Weird to find out that this man was a millionaire when the story leads with him working in a video game production.

How much smaller and cooler was this sun to provide a similar enough temperature-scape to the one that allowed for life to exist? What other planets were there on this world’s solar system and how was the balance of gravity kept with a sun that was so different than the one I was familiar with?

The sun is the same size.

Id ahve thought he would be trrying to Observe gaps in curtains etc to get even a rough idea of the parralax to see if there actually was any?

Theres other fun things he can so with glass lenses on very long tubes to get an approximate speed of light check or relative planetary motion to light? Greenwhich discovered the problem when trying to set Zero Longitude?

A Game Ability he might be able to get is the sum isnt greater than the parts but greater than a part? Wher you throw 3 to 10 level 1 potions together and get a level 2 potion etc and leftovers or lost cost of upgrade?:trixieshiftright:


Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I'm interpreting that line as the "backstory" is overriding his memories, instead of what actually happened.

Of course, founders tend to be able to walk away with a decent chunk of money. But there's a very low percentage of people who do that.

And go see this video https://youtu.be/Vz9MAmRXhos?si=nEK1dtj3vvBKVGBn You'll have a much better idea of the series

Thats actually fascinating, dudes alright given up his actually name, how far until he doesn't even know what earths like? Nah I doubt it would go that far but it's an interesting idea

On this site , it doesnt even matter if you watched the show , just put in to tags alt.universe and you are golden - untouchable :3

A hand press down on the physicist's shoulder.

"Sit down, amateur," says the mathematician.

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