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Remain calm. The Author endures. The Story lives. The entertainment shall endure. There is much writing to be done.


Adam Inns has always been a simple man. For him, whiling his days away in a log cabin with a good book and a good view is a life well spent, no matter which planet he inhabits. But one day, after a misunderstanding with a Royal Guard gets Celestia involved, she decides to have a little fun at Adam's expense, and he suddenly finds himself as the proud owner and sovereign of a brand-new country, his to do with as he pleases.

However, the joke slowly finds a life of its own, as the poor and outcast find themselves on Inns' doorstep, with nowhere else to go and little reason to love Equestria. As the new state begins to grow into its own, Adam discovers that the calculus of rulership is not as forgiving as he once thought - and as the Equestrian system shudders under the weight of a thousand years of status quo coming to an abrupt end, his newfound convictions soon put him on a collision course with his friend, Celestia... a course neither may be willing to correct.

Can harmony and friendship really prevail against cold, hard realpolitik?

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Well, this is gonna be interesting.

Comment posted by shelestkaterina deleted Feb 6th, 2023

Wait does this take place before Luna returns?

Interesting tale of a story of a prank going to far. Can’t wait to see what the sole human will do… hopefully someday he gets a few humans in his country

I’m tracking it. Also, I think you are making a Alt story so not sure if you have room for that tag or not

Why do I have the feeling that there will be WAR between the Free State and Equestria, with The Mouse that Roared consequences.

Prepare the cakes 🎂 and ice cream. We got a war incoming

Based on the description, this little prank is going to bite Celestia in the ass HARD.

Lyra has no one? Not even Bon Bon? What the hell happened to her?

Caught up, now I'm definitely interested in this.

Especially those who didn't have anywhere else to go, or were on the run or persecuted or what have you – classic beacon of liberty shtick.

When he says on the run, he doesn't mean criminals does he? Cause a nation that's a haven for wanted fugitives is just asking for diplomatic problems.

A note to Celestia was finished, I’d gotten the registry down (inasmuch as there was a citizen registry, right now), everything that needed updating, was. All that was left was for my mind to wander… and ask itself, if Hooves and Lyra had stumbled by me on accident, how many would make their way here deliberately?

Millions of ponies start crossing the border :ajsmug:

Can’t wait for the next one to see how he handles more ponies and maybe other creatures?

Adam's starting to realize that Equestria isn't all sunshine and rainbows and may not be much better than Earth. Once word gets out that the Free State is a chance at a fresh start and better lives all the less fortunate of Equestria will flock to Adam and leave the bloodsuckers high and dry.

Doubtful... the 'bloodsuckers' are usually just people trying to make their own way in life.
We have a lot of people IRL complain about the government on a regular basis but their 'solution' is always "Less gub'mint!" when they fail to realize that without the government, we wouldn't have interstate highways, MediCaid/MediCare/Social Security in the U.S., and various other things that we take for granted today.
Not to say that the government does not overstep on a regular basis and sometimes royally...

Maybe, but reading this I can't help but remember another fic Rise of an Empire, Fall of Another, where Celestia gave too much power to the wrong nobles and they were the ones actually running Equestria, overtaxing Earth Ponies into debt, including the Apples, and Celestia was too worried about being seen as a tyrant to put her hoof down and take action. Hearing Lyra and Steady Hooves talk how they struggle it gave me a feeling that this was the case, either Celestia is ignorant or she is powerless to stop it.

Or I could be wrong and these ponies were just dealt a bad hand. We'll just have to wait and see.

You’ve made a good point. I have to wonder if Celestia saw this prank as an opportunity to fix what’s wrong with Equestria. That would explain why things are rushing a bit lately for the human since he was really shocked how things are progressing so soon.

This has been a really fun story so far. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Depending on how often Celestia checks the situation on the ground, and what information her administration is feeding her, I can see how serious problems could be allowed to fester. Celestia would certainly put her hoof down and put things back in order once she noticed, but it could be an uncomfortable decade or two for the effected ponies.
roll 1d6.
1. Celestia's tenuous grasp of appropriate practical jokes is the real reason Luna tried to institute a monarchy
2. Celestia's urge to practice mad social science gets the better of her once more
3. An plan to shock the too-comfortable nobles and policy makers of Equestria into action
4. An honest attempt to provide a haven for misfits, outcasts, and those who need a new start
5. Celestia has the hots for her human friend but knew her court would bitch until Discord returns if she married down
6. Celestia needed an excuse to keep Blueblood out of the palace

"Are you sure there are really so many in need to warrant doing so?"

Celestia will be in for a big surprise, no doubt about that.

"Oh yeah, all the time." I was having a lot of fun at her expense. No doubt she'd get back at me for it later, though, about six times as spectacularly, natch. Worth it. "Anyway. So I've got six subjects to my name, as it stands. Pretty impressive for... what, two weeks? Housing and forestry is moving forward, too. Shame about the food, though. Apparently I've got to do most of it my own self. Something about inert fields. I'm not entirely sure Construct isn't talking out her arse, in all honesty."

Celestia “Alright children, this place is much better living state where you once loved. Also, be sure to call the Overload “Papa Greatest”. :trollestia:

Orphans (So many) “Sure thing!” :yay:

Wow, Celestia sure made the joke funny without realizing how she said that :rainbowlaugh: I can’t wait to see what happens in Canterlot and the reactions from the nobles. Who knows maybe some nice nobles might move in.

Soon: Having awakened something in Celestia, Adam quickly learns to sleep with one eye open.

Ah yes. Such a spectacular backfire there Celestia.
*sound of insane laughter*
So, when does he meet the inlaws? :raritystarry:

eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gud shit lad! Keep making what makes you happy eh?

damn this is some nice shit dawg, gonna follow this for a good while, or however long this is gonna be.

So I guess Celestia hasn’t ruled for 1,111+ years? I recall the show and comics saying something around that line but anyways it’s interesting that there’s barely history books… it definitely explains why there is hidden issues and the curse of history repeats itself will definitely happened when the people aren’t reminded.

I wonder if the Human will have enemies to face soon after that speech. After all, corruption will try to get him.

The state of the Equestrian tax code does not paint a pleasant picture. Did Luna and Celestia actually receive any training in statecraft from their teacher? Starswirl was a wizard first and foremost; It would explain a few things if they had to wing it until it looked like they knew what they were doing.

No they didn't It boiled down to them beating Discord and Starswirl the Assface proclaiming them the New Sovereigns of Equestria.
Totally Running Roughshod over the then current rulers of the Tribes who had to submit due to popular Acclaim.
It was a Coup pure and Simple.

I've been betrayed: just as I was really getting into the story, the "Next" button just up and vanished!

New State's population count last week (not counting the construction crew and other workers on lend): 6

New State's population today: Hundreds + 6

Eager to know how he's going to handle such a huge population boom. Doubt Construct was able to build enough homes for even a quarter of them over the past week.

Well, you did offer Mr. Innis. Apparently your best guess was correct - the entrenched aristocracy is doing fine but the common folk are barely treading water. Really shouldn't be a surprise that they latched onto your offer of a life raft like, well, a drowning man onto a life raft.

Its a good thing that most of the bottlenecks in construction are waiting for parts, moving & assembling said parts into subassemblies, or raw labor to move said subassemblies into place. Just need a few trained lumberjacks to cut down the trees, some woodworkers to cut them into parts, and some carpenters to finish assembling the house. The rest is all hauling it around and that is just a matter of raw numbers. Then you can start proper (aka human) farming and go from there.

Oh and Heartstrings? Yeah. Wonder if he knows his daughter/ neice/ whatever relationship had to run to the Free State to have a chance. Celey might not want to pick up a paper for a feww years if she's not into getting called every nasty name around.

Wow, now he has to deal with all those settlers who want out of equestria......well good luck to him, he'll need it

Oh, I want to make such a big comment, but life keeps getting in the way :twilightangry2:


Ok going to write this pls understand this chapter has… made me say it! :twilightblush:

Oh boy, you sure made a wonderful political chapter that totally is very similar to certain figures in the governments, certain rich people or corporations, and the global elite that it’s almost like a mix of China and the corrupt politicians with the whole population control which having about 20 million ponies with a certain number of ponies in Canterlot isn’t good at all which I won’t be surprise almost all of those rich elite ponies might not have children since a lot of very powerful elite don’t have many kids or none at all.

What’s dangerous about the situation of population control is that it will lead to ruin no matter how hard you try to control the births because eventually there isn’t going to be enough young ponies to replace the old like China right now is experiencing an awful reality that by the end of the century or within 20+ years they’re population will be a whole lot less… that even goes for Japan. Definitely look it up.

Equestria is such a huge country they should be alright to house billions of ponies or maybe even more. The man has a lot of work for him to figure out how to build a country of ponies who been basically slaves to an evil system that Celestia should had taken down… I probably need to read the last chapters since there was something about a Civil War which so far felt like Celestia lost that war…

Celestia… probably did the smartest thing ever to allow an outsider to setup his own state with values and lessons from his world to influence and changed this world forever because it will take time which ponies and all creatures will look to him as a hero who took down the evil system that has basically enslaved everyone. Which is wild to think they use Celestia as a fear by saying she would use to sun to torch the land… that’s way worst then a nuke :rainbowderp:

Btw, it’s funny how Inn is teasing Celestia with jokes but ending up making her fall for him… that’s funny :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder… is Inn going to try to recreate technology from earth to his state? Like that would be a high quality product he could use to trade and sell to Equestria and other nations. Which mostly I hope he offers better value to other nations to challenge Equestria.

I wonder how different this story is going to be… I guess we aren’t getting canon stuff right? Can’t wait for more!

Oh yea forgot… we see hundreds of ponies for now but wait till thousands come :ajsmug:

Great chapter and story overall. I look forward to continuing.

I also hope that Thestrals will be among the needy ponies in history, and with the return of Princess Luna, she will also join the free lands.

You raise some interesting points, I just had to reply to this.

What’s dangerous about the situation of population control is that it will lead to ruin no matter how hard you try to control the births because eventually there isn’t going to be enough young ponies to replace the old

I'll admit I wasn't expecting population control to come up as a subtext. Don't forget that Canterlot is an exception - being the slowest growing city doesn't mean it doesn't grow, and it doesn't mean other cities also don't grow (or shrink, as the case may be, from natural deaths to migration and what have you).

Equestria is such a huge country they should be alright to house billions of ponies or maybe even more.

If you only consider the size of a country, it would be. Australia is in the same ballpark of size as Equestria, and it too has only twenty million-ish people in it, because most of it is inhospitable. Just like Australia has its massive Outback and massive spiders, so too does Equestria have its inert zones and timberwolves, manticores, cockatrices, etc.

Celestia… probably did the smartest thing ever to allow an outsider to setup his own state with values and lessons from his world to influence and changed this world forever

Serendipitous indeed.

because it will take time which ponies and all creatures will look to him as a hero who took down the evil system that has basically enslaved everyone.

It's not that the system is evil, per se. It's just that a few rotten apples are stinking up much of the rest of the bunch. It's true that there are many problems in Equestria that drive ponies to Inns, but most ponies are still able to live comfortably enough. A few hundred - even a few thousand - is still pretty good compared to twenty million.

Thank you all for your kind words!

F u c k, the next button is gone.

I await the next chapter with eagerness and patience though.

I expected there to be more foals and definitely families as well. Maybe, there’s going to be even more coming soon? :rainbowlaugh:

Cool newspaper 🗞️ stories you did there. Kind of shows some interesting issues that might not been talked about by other news outlets or elite since it would make certain ponies embarrass by mistakes that they made or not wanting to fix problems that they caused. I definitely would believe any fund raising from taxes isn’t going to really help their nation like say US has issues with my government doing bills that don’t really benefit the American people rather their own pockets…

Can’t wait for more orphans to show up and fill the whole house.

Getting two updates is very cool! I want more newspaper 🗞️

Edit: I completely forgot! Isn’t it very dangerous for orphans to be sent alone to the free state??? It’s amazing that so far just two orphans made it but was there more that got lost or worst? That’s a whole nightmare for Equestria to be responsible for lost orphans due to being not properly sent safely towards the detonation…

Here's an extra headache for you. I wonder if the "Empire of Humanity" will not collapse.😁

The budget headline worries me. 85 million bits added to the defence budget, and it only went up by less than 1% ? I may not know much about how governments divide their budgets and I may be misinterpreting this, but doesn't it seem like too much money is being put towards defence? Sure defences are needed to protect a nation, but what's the point of a strong defence if the nation cannot support itself from within? Or unless someone here has more knowledge/experience in such things and proves me ignorant.

Anyway another cause of worry is how Celestia intervened and approved the increase, it's starting to look like she's a pushover and giving stubborn ponies what they want just to move things on.

So a man named Adam says:

“I never asked for this,”

Hmm sure gets the noggin joggin

Oh yeah, Adam, announcing the presence of a new state will bring not only problems, but also unnecessary headaches.

No matter how much Adam thinks he's in over his head, he needs to remember he's not alone. He has Blueblood (as loathe I am to admit it) and Construct to help him build his nation, even if they question his methods, they will still follow through with his vision.

But most of all he has Lyra for support. Before all this, she had nothing. No family, no home, no friends, and no hope, but out of the kindness of his heart, he gave her a bed, a roof, food, and best of all, hope. And in return, when the weight of his responsibility finally came down on him and he began doubting himself, she pulled him out of the pit and reminded him why he did all this, to give these ponies hope of a better life like he has given her and no doubt she will be there with him every step of the way, even if (hypothetically IF) his vision fails and he's left with nothing.

Well, you really got my attention, even though the audience is small, I'm looking forward to continuing... It's a pity that people don't notice good and interesting stories when they pass them by. And only a few notice this, and their numbers are very few.

FM: Like I said in my speech. I made a bad joke to a Guards[pony], who decided to involve [Princess Celestia] in the situation. She was the one to create my position. And, uh… the joke ran on a little longer than I expected it to.

Guard [s pony](?) (maybe, im not a grammar genius. Also why is princess celestia in brackets?)

FM: A work in progress. It’s more of a camp than anything else, right now. [The Equestrian w]ork crew’s been a huge help, but it’s still very early on. I was given an estimate of a year or so, and we’re only… three, four weeks in? Something like that.

"[The Equestrian] work crew's"

The scheduling slip was allegedly caused by an influx of new, less experienced workers at the local weather factory, exacerbated by a lack of effective administrative training in the region. Luckily, the mistake was soon corrected, localised only to Appleloosa and the surrounding villages. The administrator of the Weather Chancellery’s Southern section was reportedly *apoplectic. “**Why would possibly have they carried the schedules out in the first place? Didn’t they think it was at least a little odd having to mix snow in June?”

*Do you mean "Apologetic"? or is my vocabulary really that limited?

**"Why would (they(?)) possibly have they (nah)"

You really captured the feelings of acute hopelessness, despair brought upon of by the belief of carrying the entire world on solely your own shoulders. The shame of contemplating calling it quits... And then the rekindling of resolve from another's encouragement. Excellently written.

It's getting enough traffic to end up on the Popular list when it updates, so hopefully as it goes along more people will notice and follow.

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