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The military man is stuck in the body of a proud prince and seems to want to do a lot of good deeds. But no one believes him.

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I'm getting "the humble prince" vibes from this.

This is going to be good if the military man knows how to wage war and just fight in it.

It's ok, you're learning as you write along. Also, this is a first. A human now in the body and mind of a negative pony prince. With this, you 'could' steer 'Blueblood' in the right direction; let alone make things better for the common folk.😉

Not a first there dozen of stuck in blueblood stories

Definitely the same introduction as The Humble Prince Story, one thing is getting inspiration, another is to copy the idea, though you are planning to give the story a different direction, but starting the same is not sitting that well with me.

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Yes, you are right, and I am ashamed of it. But everything comes from somewhere and what I take is yes.

Yes you got to explain the universal dimensional travel soul transfer after death into a living body that used to be someone else.

and what happened to the real Blueblood too.Is he dead, is his soul in the human body or his soul just asleep and haven't woke up yet?
i hope is the 3rd option, it would be a cool story

Well, I guess telling Celestia the truth was a right call. Though you could have had him play it out a little longer, but ultimately, it's up to you.

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