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Group rules

Group Admins:

This group is dedicated to the story Cut Above The Rest and any other stories that connect to it.

CATR is about a young man named Treble Clef, twin brother to Vinyl Scratch and lover to Sunset Shimmer. The story follows Sunset and Treble as they develop their relationship and beat the hell out of anyone who tries to ruin their lives and there are a lot of people that want to ruin their lives for some reason.

You can create a story to add to this group, but there are a few rules:

1) It must feature an OC and canon character, it doesn't have to be romance and it doesn't have to follow the basic high school drama trope
2) We do not accept poorly written stories, there is a set standard that must be met, the story will be looked over by me and some of the admins or contributors
3) No nsfw, plain and simple
4) No special powers or anything like that, you are free to experiment with your story but no other worldly figures or super powers for you OCs, however they can be skilled in combat or use a certain weapon of you want. Although if you really want to have a story like that you will have to put it in the Separate Universe folder and it will not be connected to the main storyline.
5) You must ask permission to use others OCs in your story so that they can give you details of that characters personality.
6) Must be linked to Cut Above The Rest, it doesn't have to follow its storyline but it must be set in its universe, it is up to you to follow the main storyline or not
7) No brutal killers as OCs or any OCs that have killed an amount of people in the past, family deaths are ok but we don't want psychopaths
8) If a canon character is already being used by another or is already paired with an OC in the main story then you cannot use them, a list will be placed below for those in use

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via PM.

List of canon characters that have been taken
Sunset Shimmer (Treble Clef)
Pinkie Pie (Hack Wonder)
Rainbow Dash (Eclipse)
Fluttershy (Sparkjump)
Rarity (Silver Knight)
Applejack (Casino Chase)
Octavia Melody (Oceanic)
Vinyl Scratch (Onyx)
Trixie Lulamoon (Azure Haze)
Twilight Sparkle (Fallen Knight, no relation to Silver)
Carrot Top (Blood Loss)
Sonata Dusk (Alfred Whitehill)
Aria Blaze (Ghost Reaper)

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