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The School of Friendship has new Teacher Assistants!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have been welcomed into staff on a probationary basis in order to assist their sisters (and Rainbow Dash) with their classes. Today just happens to be the day for the School Trip to Canterlot Castle for a certain group.

When things go wrong and our characters are flung into the Void and come out in one of many worlds at war, what kind of challenges will they have to face? And if they survive... what will they bring back with them to Equestria?

Many thanks to Petrichord and GapJaxie for their feedback and assistance.

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sounds good so far

As a starcraft fan i have to say there's so much build-up just in the first chapter. Really well done to be honest, keep up the good work mate, I'm looking forward to more of your contents.

good chapter love the story so far. that dump scientist

An interesting start. You shouldn't worry about the possible comparison between this story and Jest's. Both stories are approaching the same universe from entirely different angles. Given the sheer amount of time Jest said it took for the Zerg to arrive in Equestria, its unlikely...nay, its impossible for any of the major players from SC2 to come into play. Even if Kerrigan COULD survive that long, if it follows the SC2 plot, she will have likely chosen to die when Jim did.

Jest's story is the Zerg in Equestria. Your story is Sweetie Belle and friends in the Koprulu Sector. We get to see Jim, and Kerrigan, and possible even Tychus. And the Protos too I suppose (Nope, I am not Biased. :P) Very different stories.

I feel like based on what little we have seen that the Prologue and Chapter 1 should have been reversed.... or perhaps merged as the one chapter.

As its probably going to take most of that year for Twilight to reverse Quantum State's research and figure out where Sweetie, Quantum and Gallus went. And Sweetie probably spends most of that year becoming Zerg. (Although it does lead to concerns about what happened to Quantum and Gallus.)

But I maybe entirely wrong on that score.

I wonder (since the Tag is Sweetie Belle and not CMC) how Twilight will convince the other Crusaders to stay behind. No Crusader gets left behind and all that.

Regardless, a great start to the story, and I love it already. Admittedly its in part because the best CMC just joined the best SC faction, but regardless, fun times ahead.


Wanderer D

9293920 Well, yeah, I did talk to Jest briefly about how we covered different things, so I'm not concerned on that front, it is however another SC story floating around so when I saw him publish that there was a moment of... damn, he beat me to it! Even if it's not going to be an issue. :twilightsheepish:

You don't like Protoss? I mean, Artanis is kind of an obnoxious white knight character, but Zeratul, Alarak, and even Karax are interesting and engaging characters. I also found their arc in the game to be more engaging than the Terran Arc, though it might be because it was the last one.

Wanderer D, you are a monster.

Keep it up.

At first I thought this was just Sarah's perspective, and we had gone back to the events of the first game amd her conversion. But when it kept going on about a mother, I realize this couldn't be her, since the Kvermind was never described as such. I suppose the use of the word "magic" should have tipped me off the was an Equestrian character. But I admit, when I thought this was just just recapping Kerrigan's experience, I started skimming over it.

Is "Crusdanin' " a typo, or one of Applejack afflections?

Wanderer D, why do you keep doing this to me maan. I got into the XCOM games because of your Ranger fic, and I have been a fan of Warcraft and Starcraft for a very long time now. Seeing a fanfic about the crossover of one of my fav universes with MLP is something, but seeing that you, a writer that I have been following and praising for his great work for a time now and a writer that caused me to get into another game series because of said work, is the one writing it... It's like my favorite writer turns out to be a fan of my favorite universe, and decides to write another great story about it. Wow

Maybe it was when her alabaster fur had parted on her back to let knew, unseen appendages grow.


Here it is!

Finish this! I'm waiting on you!

That's a Starcraft reference. Nobody gets my jokes

Looks like Sweetie Belle is no longer a sweetie nor 'belle'...

After running out of most of the Warhammer fics,
I'm definitely glad to see a SC crossover from an author of quality! I'll definitely be watching this one :yay:

Suddenly, the world screamed around Sweetie, like thunder and splitting rocks. The universe collapsed and expanded, pulling her every atom across it just as it compressed her into a singularity. She heard her magic whiplash around her, uncontrollable, crashing against other magics, fighting to stay attached to her ethereal core.

They shouldn't have used so much minerals.

This is very interesting. I wonder what role Twilight will play in this.

The hate has nothing to do with the lore. The characters are great.

The hate is instead just a result of many long years of on again off again ladder.

The Protos faction is balanced, but it's the most unforgiving to play againest.

If you are not ready for the Oracle....your dead.

If they have blink stalkers, and you aren't aware suddenly stalkers in your base.

Dark Templar out of no where ( who are being buffed as they don't see enough compeditive play. So now blink DTs are a thing).

And dusruptor to the face, opps, there goes your army.

As a zerg player I have developed a healthy hate for ZvP.

(However I will gladly watch Has [taiwanese protos pro gamer who specializes in dragging people into crazy situations and then beating them with experience] serve up a 5 course meal of Protos Cheeses.)

Wanderer... What are you planning?
*squints at him with suspicion*:trixieshiftright:

Tychus is going to find Gallus, and promptly adopt him.

"He followed me home. Can I keep him?"

did someone say warhammer? where?

There's quite a few 40k crossover fics, but my favorites were the Age Of Iron series by SFAccountant. There's also a whole group on the site for it.

Welp. That guy's getting eaten by a equulisk.

In any case, I can definitely see why you were peeved with Jest given the common theme of Zerg-infested unicorns. Eagerly looking forward to seeing what you put Sweetie through this time around. :raritywink:

Ooooo.. Mas stories, gracias! :pinkiecrazy:
I've seen a few of these, but there's a couple I'll have to check out now. :twilightsmile:

As a techer assistent I fully aprove of this story, SC fan it goos twice over.
Loking for ward to more.

Will this one include Twi turning into Princess of Blades and go all friendship on everyone involved? Is there a book like this already?

Or maybe she'll join the Daelaam! For Aiur! ... and friendship too!

Man, what a small world!

9294639 There are a few around, though most people have already recommended the better ones.

On the story itself, Starcraft wasn't a series I really got in to for a number of reasons (mostly financial/upbringing), but this does look interesting. I'll keep an eye on it and see where it leads.

Well ok then
You have my attention
Let's see how this goes

Wow, given the size of the checklist you must've made this is really light

1. Extra Is.

Got another one, Ponies and Chaos living in Harmony. Kinda.

Right, that's the first in the Age Of Iron series. I loved those and there are quite a few books in that universe.

On one hand, I have this great desire to see a Sweetie and Gallus ship, but on the other based on the prologue I'm guessing we're going to see Sweetie Princess of Blades and that sort of transformation makes shipping rather more difficult.

I think you can find this (and every possible ship) in the rest of fimfiction.net, sprouting every day.

A moment later, another shield surrounder hers and both
This is way to advanced for me, though

1. Surrounded.
2. Too.

Oh ho ho, so they met him did they? And they're in a sandstorm (kinda) to boot? Hmm... I'd estimate this is currently pre Brood War seeing some of the events taking place but when though in the campaign is the question. I'm thinking that since Zeratul has a crystal in his possession I'm assuming it's around the time they just acquired the Uraj and Khalis crystals, that'd put it sometime in the middle of the Protoss campaign.

Now, where in the story is this placed? mmm, really don't know, if this is pre brood war, I am lost, I played the game, but at the time I didn't know English at all, so I don't know much, anyway, lets see where this is going, will you cover the entire Starcraft story up until the destructions of the xel'naga villain?

Quantum laughed. "No need to read more into that, young Gallus."

"Just Gallus is fine, old Quantum."

"Point taken."

:trixieshiftright: Touche..
I like how you're using Gallus so far in this story.
He has a snippy, young masculine character that contrasts well with the other two (smarty-pants unicorns). He hasn't been utilized very much in fics, I'm curious what can be done with him :twilightsmile:

I only wish that this chapter was longer.

If the others theories on the timeline are accurate, then things are going to get complicated in a hurry

Heh. I can't wait for the inevitable replacement-by-Fragments-Belle chapter.

definitly enjoying this so far

Well, we know this won't end well for Sweetie, where "well" is defined as "making it home with her genome unaltered." The question is what happens to her and her companions between now and the prologue.

Finally were into the 'meat' of the story. Hur hur hur.

Dang it. Forgot to save and now I have to do this whole mission again.

"We're almost there," he said. "When we are, I want you two to help me find all the pieces of the sphere. They're not all necessary, but the more we find, the better."

I thought this was Starcraft, not Pikmin.

:twilightoops: Well. That escalated quickly. I assume the Zerg will sweep in in short order; Sweetie doesn't have long otherwise. That or the creature from the prologue only carries Sweetie's essence without any continuity of existence. I suppose we'll find out soon.

And as for Gallus... Hmm. I'm not sure. We'll see what becomes of him in time.

That was bad and you should feel horrible:ajbemused:

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