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Welcome to Ponyfinder, a place where you can hopefully discuses, record or set up your own Pathfinder campaigns with ponies.

In this group we will be using this book as the official pony race, but other material is allowed as long as you supply your sources.

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I am still learning the Ponyfinder game. I have read some of David Silver's stories set in Everglow. And now I have started a story of my own set in there.

And it is!
You know, i really need to thank you (And your team) for the adaptation.

Before knowing about Everglow, I was hitting my head against a wall trying to figure out a way to adapt everything - but you all did it with perfection.

And I believe that won't take long for me to post some of our histories here. We have been playing for more than a year, and our adventures became epic tales of awesomeness.

Of course, i'm no Matt mercer, but i get the job done! :D

Sounds like fun to me!

*Commenting after 7 years*
And you should!
The book is awesome and the adaptation for the 5e was fantastic.

Right now, in 2021 I'm DMing a LONG campaign using the scenario (Mix with some of my home brew material) - Nothing like a party of a Unicorn Sorcerer, Griffon Paladin, A Clockwork rogue/cleric and a (uncreative and very confuse) Human mage trying to go back home. :D

Ni joined to find out what ponyfinder is

I know that I'm little late for the party, but just wanted to see with my own eyes what this whoe Ponyfinder is.

I joined this group merely because I am so sincerely happy it exists.

What is this, a group about my book? I'm flattered. :pinkiesmile:

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something cool.

What is this?

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