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This story takes place during the time skip in the final chapter of Run Without Debugging, but knowledge of that story is not necessary to enjoy this one.

Weddings are beautiful things. For many ponies, a wedding is the best day of their lives. Years ago, Chrysalis, the ex-queen of the changelings, adored weddings as well. Her intentions, however, were less than noble.

Today, she has put her past behind her. She has been (somewhat) forgiven. She has a place in society. She has someone who loves her. The real her.

It's finally time for her own wedding.

She didn't show up.

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Anyways, love your stuff.
Always heartfelt, even if I don't read as much as I should.


Damn, a sad way to start a sequel to an already amazing story, following regardless 👌

An awesome sequal. Though Whats with all the depressing works recently? I mean theres still good but damn if they arnt depressing.

Don't worry, there's more lighthearted stuff coming soon!

And I don't see a "Sad" tag on this story. :raritywink:

What? That was today!?

I'm wondering: Who should have been the person declaring the marriage valid? This must be a figure with appropriate authority and legal power. But is there even one character that Chrysalis can consider an authority figure for itself?

I actually cut out a paragraph explaining this because it didn't add much to the plot, haha! :rainbowderp:

Anon arranged for Mayor Mare to officiate the wedding. It was the closest he could get to someone that has the authority to do so while also not being personally offensive to Chrysalis. She certainly wouldn't want someone like Celestia presiding over her wedding, but she might be more okay with the mare in charge of the township she lives in. Enough status to do the job, not so much status to hurt her ego.

And the series just keeps rolling and rolling.

Interesting interesteronings!

“I guess I need to go pay those two a visit,” she groans. “Knowing them, they’ll jump at the chance to be my bridesmaids.” She lazily pops her joints as she trudges towards the door. “Friendship is overrated.”

judging by the hashtags, I'm sure these "bridesmaids" meant Lyra and Bon-Bon
although I doubt Chrysalis has even one friend at the moment. (There were of course Tirek and Cozy Glow, but for some reason they still live in stone statues.)

P.S.Now I'm waiting for the appearance of the "purple log" as a bridesmaid.

“Friendship is overrated.”

That's not wrong.

Hmm… :duck: She’s clearly underwhelmed but still willing. I wonder what tips her to give in to the phobia. Could be Thorax or maybe some simpage from maybe Shining Armor? Or maybe she gets worried about Anon’s mortality?

We never saw who was officiating. Would be nice if it was Twilight. Forgiving if it is Cadence. Not sure if Chrysalis would like her defeated foe Celestia doing it, but it could be another way to poke at her if Luna does it… If it can be any government official, maybe Shining Armor? Blueblood?

Well, that went well.

Oh yeah! Another Anon+Chryssi adventure! :pinkiehappy: Guess I know what I'll be following and checking for updates everyday. Haha

I thought that Chrysalis had ruined a lot of weddings in its long life. But this chapter makes it seem like Chrysalis was only trying to ruin the wedding for Cadence.

I like the plot and logic behind how Chrysalis got a couple of friends, but why aren't Tirek and Cozy Glow even mentioned? It seems to me that Chrysalis had a good and fun time with them back in the day.

Chrysalis has ruined a lot of weddings, but right now, only one is on her mind. I wonder what could have caused that? :rainbowhuh: (totally not foreshadowing :raritywink:)

At this point, Tirek and Cozy Glow are still encased in stone. The literal answer is that they aren't mentioned in this story simply because they aren't relevant to it. If you want a more "in-lore" answer, it probably wouldn't be too healthy for those two to be thrust back into the picture at this point in Chrysalis's life. She's got a lot going on as-is. :applejackconfused:

Oh no. Oh no no no no.......:fluttercry:

the feels!:raritydespair:

I’m not crying…I’m not crying…okay I’m crying. :fluttercry:

It was the right thing to do.

Sometimes you have lo let go, if it returns, it's yours forever.

It's not Anon history it's Chrysalis story

Ah this I love a bittersweet love story

Further oofs to be had.

Now, I have a question/conspiriacy theory that has sprung to mind.

Was that actually Twilight?

It seems to me that Anon knows Twilight too well to recognize Chrysalis if she tried to play her.

Poor Anon. I hope Chrissy gets her crap together soon.

Knocked it outta the park w/ the dialogue in this one

the story is now trying to raise the stakes and make you worry about the fate of the characters. Perhaps the story would have been able to do this if I didn’t know the ending of the previous story and I didn’t know that everything would be fine for the characters in the end.

I think it's more about how painful this journey is going to be, rather than how it ends. How long does to take to get to the ending we know?

The story's good so far, hopefully you didn't lose motivation for this story like I did for mine.

Hmmmmm, something buggy ( got it? :trollestia:) happened there...

But good to see the rain's fixed! :3

So he will wake up in a cocoon in one or two chapters i guess

what if Chrysalis was returning to pick up her "purple log"?

Well, that's a rude end to a chapter.


The only thing that can be said about this chapter is...

There's two kinds of people

The Amazing World of GUMBALL – The SPOILER (sorry there was no video clip of it)

GUMBALL: "Can't handle suspense, huh? Then you're not gonna like it when I..."
GUMBALL: "To Be Continued..."

Oh my, the organization's named S.M.I.L.E. :rainbowderp:

So, well, this explains the studden cut we got last chapter

11835933 woah spoilers for the readers why don't ya.

“Specifically, she’s with your mother right now.”


“My name is Silver Bullet, and this is my associate, Miss Stake. [...]

Suuure they are, and they couldn’t be any more on the nose for wannabe monster hunters either. What I think is more interesting is that (speculation time!)...

...there are enough clues to at least strongly hint that “Miss Stake” may herself be the hunted changeling queen, having used her away time to infiltrate the group after her in turn. With her “sickly green” eyes, Anon’s apparent “moment of recognition”, and a name that can also be rather suggestively read another way, if she’s really meant to just be a red herring after all (which I’m not ruling out just yet -- ponies do come in odd colors and Thorax & Co. are likewise still around), she’s doing a fine job of it.

Oh, that was a spoiler?

OOH right, the name, that's a spoiler, sorry forgot bout that, marked it as spoiler already!

While this chapter was at times amusing, I feel like this story is now a drug induced spinoff that has almost no relation to the original stories.

Ah yes, the esteemed agents of S.M.I.L.E , next thing you know they will be taken over by a corrupt organization that has been brewing inside them from the time it was formed. (Hopefully someone gets the reference lol)

They need all the help they can get out this mess

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