• Published 12th Dec 2023
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Gamophobia - RunicTreetops

Chrysalis is supposed to thrive at weddings. Today, she ran from the most important one of her life: hers.

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Anon stands completely still. A cold wind blows over him, causing his tie to billow gently in the breeze. The gazebo he stands in does little to protect him from the rapidly deteriorating weather. The pegasi up above don’t see him standing there, nor are they paid to care. There might have been clear skies a few hours ago, but this evening storm had been planned weeks in advance.

The wedding was supposed to end before the storm began.

Anon’s eyes have glazed over completely. He is alone. The gazebo has been decorated beautifully in all sorts of flowers and ribbons. The path leading to the gazebo had been decorated as well, and rows upon rows of chairs were prepared for the wedding’s attendees (all of whom have gone home) on either side of said path. However, that has all been cleaned up and taken away before the coming storm can make a mess of things.

Anon chose to stay there. Many of the guests offered to take him home, or to help him in whatever other way they might have thought of, but he turned them all down. He doesn’t have the heart to move. He memorized the order of events. He knows how the wedding is supposed to go. He’s supposed to wait for the bride to arrive and walk down the aisle.

But she never came.

Suddenly, a flash of light briefly illuminates the darkened Ponyville park. This flash is quickly followed by the roar of thunder, and rain begins to pour not long after. Thanks to the wind, the rain blows sideways. Anon is drenched, his suit getting completely soaked almost immediately.

Chryssi loves this kind of weather.

That single thought is all it takes. The clarity returns to Anon’s eyes. It’s a good thing that it’s raining, for if it weren’t, anyone would be able to see the tears running down his cheeks.

They were finally supposed to get married today. He and Chrysalis, the ex-queen of the changelings, were finally going to make their vows. They would be official, both socially and legally.

And Chrysalis didn’t show up.

Many would probably tell him that he should have seen this coming. She is known for being the “Queen of Liars,” after all. This kind of behavior is to be expected from her.

Others might tell him that she deserves it. She has done some terrible things in the past, and she was certainly not above ruining the weddings of others. It’s only fitting that she would ruin her own.

Others still might try to console Anon. They’d tell him that he’s better off without her, that she doesn’t deserve him. It’s terrible that this could happen to anyone, least of all to someone with the compassion and sympathy to take in someone like Chrysalis.

Anon doesn’t want to hear any of it.

He just wants to see her.

What is she doing? What is she thinking? Did she run? There’s no way she didn’t, he saw her this morning. It couldn’t have been an outside influence, she’s too headstrong to be led astray like that.

Did he do something wrong? Did she not like the plans he made? Is she having second thoughts about the whole affair? What could cause such a reaction in her?

…Does she not want to marry him?

Anon clenches his fists. That surely isn’t the case, right? They’ve been together for years. They’ve gone through so much. It wasn’t easy, but they made it work. They found a place for themselves. Chrysalis found acceptance in Ponyville (well, mostly). But more than any of that, they loved each other. She transformed into a light changeling for crying out loud! Sure, she chooses to continue looking like a dark changeling, but what greater proof of her love could there be?!

And yet, she didn’t come to the wedding. Her wedding.

Their wedding.

Anon takes a deep breath. After briefly tucking his tie into his coat, he steps out of the gazebo. The rain is cold, and it’s coming down so quickly that it stings his face a bit. The mid-autumn weather, combined with the storm, makes him shiver where he stands.

Covering his eyes with one arm, he slowly trudges through the storm. Despite the discomfort he should be feeling, he makes no effort to quicken his pace. In a way, he’s dreading what comes next.

It doesn’t take long for him to reach his home. He carefully pulls his keys out of his pocket and attempts to unlock the door, only to realize that it’s already unlocked. He and Chrysalis have been living together for a long time, and he always locks the door behind him. He sighs as he opens the door and steps inside, as he already understands what that means.

Sure enough, the house is dead silent. The lights are turned off, and the air smells a bit like flowers. He glances at the kitchen table nearby, noticing a bouquet resting on it. He freezes in place for a moment. He has to fight his brain to process what he’s looking at, as though his own mind is trying to protect him from the truth he already knows.

After he regains control of himself, he silently steps towards the table. He gingerly takes the bouquet in his hands, and his suspicions are confirmed.

This is the bouquet she was supposed to carry. The one her friends helped her pick out. Anon clasps his arms around the bouquet and holds it against his chest. Why did she do it? Why did she…? Why did she…?

Anon drops the bouquet back onto the table before wiping his cheeks with a soaked sleeve. After a moment, he nods to himself.

She isn’t here.

That’s what matters right now. Really, he doesn’t care about the ceremony itself. He doesn’t care what others might say about Chrysalis. He doesn’t care that the wedding plans have all been ruined.

Anon throws the front door open and marches back out into the storm. There are only so many places she could be, and he intends to find her. Right now…

He just wants to know why.