• Published 12th Dec 2023
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Gamophobia - RunicTreetops

Chrysalis is supposed to thrive at weddings. Today, she ran from the most important one of her life: hers.

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The Calm Before the Storm

Weeks before the day of the wedding, a typical morning dawns on Ponyville. Light from the rising sun pours into Anon’s bedroom, rousing him from his comfortable sleep. A yawn escapes him as he forces his eyes open. A smile creeps its way to his face.

The first thing he sees when waking up is his lovely bride-to-be. Her eyes are still closed, and her cerulean mane sprawls messily across her face. A gentle snore escapes her as the sunlight peeking through the nearby window fails to wake her up. She always was a heavy sleeper.

With a light chuckle, Anon brings his hand to her face. He intends to gently brush her mane aside, waking her up in the sweetest way he can think of. He’s a sucker for romance, even if Chrysalis isn’t.

However, before his hand can reach her, the movement of his shadow is apparently enough to break her out of her deep sleep. Her eyes shoot open and she immediately starts groaning. She doesn’t even register his presence as she sits upright. She pops her neck by rotating it a full 180 degrees, at which point she finally locks eyes with Anon.

“Good morning, Chryssi.”


He’s used to the frightening display, just as she’s used to the pet name he gave her. Anon takes no offense by her nonchalant response. She’s not a morning changeling, that’s for sure.

“Busy day ahead?” He asks in a joking manner.

“Hah hah. I'm laughing so hard.”

“Hehe. Seriously though, got anything on your agenda for today?”

The two continue their conversation as Anon shuffles into their walk-in closet. Meanwhile, Chrysalis sits herself in front of a large vanity and begins lazily brushing the knots out of her mane.

“Hm.” Chrysalis suddenly freezes and furrows her brow. “There was something I was supposed to do today, but I’m drawing a blank.”

“Really? That’s unlike you.”

Chrysalis rarely forgets anything. She had to be on top of a lot when managing the changeling hive. As a result, her memory is immaculate. Despite her less-than-stellar reputation, no one can say that she isn’t punctual or efficient.

“Yes,” she mumbles, “what was it?”

“Doctor’s appointment?”

“No, I’d remember that. They always get so freaked out when they realize who the mare getting her checkup is. It’s the highlight of my day every time,” she says with a crooked grin.

“Do you have any business around town, then? Got some shopping to do, maybe?”

“Peh. What do I need to shop for?”

“Ah, right,” Anon says as he emerges from the closet dressed and ready for work. “I do all of that for you.”

“Can it before you wake up next to a bugbear.”

“Eh, she’d probably be a cuddly bugbear,” Anon mumbles as he walks past his special somechangeling, giving her a quick smooch on the back of her head in the process. “What do you want for breakfast?”

“Just some toast.”

In truth, Chrysalis doesn’t need “real” food. However, Anon has insisted that they eat together ever since she moved in with him, and she’d be lying if she said she hasn’t grown fond of his cooking along the way.

“Sorry Chryssi, we’re out of bread. I was gonna get some more on my way home tonight.”


“Anything else you want?”

“I don’t know, an omelet?”

“Three cheese?”


“You got it.”

…They’ve got a routine.

Anon and Chrysalis sit at their dining room table. Anon sips at his mug of freshly brewed coffee while reading the morning paper, having already finished his omelet. Chrysalis continues to nibble at hers. She’s always preferred to savor her food, love or otherwise.

“Hm.” Anon narrows his eyes. “Looks like they’ve scheduled a thunderstorm in a few weeks.”

“My kind of weather.”

“...It’s supposed to start on our wedding day.” Chrysalis’s eyes go wide as she nearly spits out her omelet. She coughs as she tries to recover, blushing lightly when she sees the concern on Anon’s face. “You alright? I didn’t expect you to be so surprised.”

After coughing a bit more, she finally regains her composure.

“I didn’t realize the wedding was so soon.”

“You didn’t?”

“No, I…”

She almost told him the truth. In all honesty, she cares very little about the wedding. Anon proposed to her several months ago, and it was, admittedly, a very sweet gesture. Cheesy and romantic enough for him to be satisfied, but private and subdued enough for her to still be comfortable with it. She accepted while thinking little of it. They basically live like a married couple already anyway.

Besides, marriage is more of a pony thing. If it helps her fit in better and makes Anon happy, then fine. But she’s not going to get her tail in a twist over it.


That’s what I was forgetting!”

“Our wedding?”

“N-no.” Okay, maybe a little. “I’m supposed to go get my dress.”

“Oh? Are you excited?” Anon asks with a smile.

“To be honest, I could care less about the dress.”

“But will you partake in any cake?” She glares at him, causing him to innocently shrug. “I’m just kidding!”

She sighs.

“Anyway. I guess that’s what I’m doing today.”

“You got everything else picked out, too?”

“Everything else?”

Anon stands from his seat and begins to clean up as he speaks.

“I know you told me to take care of the wedding plans, but there are still four things you need to do. You need to pick out your dress, select your bridesmaids, get a bouquet, and decide who you want to invite.”

Chrysalis groans.

“I’d be happier if no one showed up in the first place.”

“...W-well, we can do that if you–”

“Stop.” Chrysalis stands and locks eyes with Anon. She glares for a moment, but her scowl quickly melts away in favor of a humored smile. “Just… you make a guest list, and I’ll veto the ones I don’t like.”

“Heh. Yeah, I think I can do that.”

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door before the small slit in its center slides open. A couple of envelopes are pushed through and fall to the floor before the slit closes. Chrysalis takes a few steps towards the door as her horn begins to glow. After a few seconds, she’s magically opening the envelopes and scanning their contents.

“Anything good?” Anon asks from the kitchen.

“This one is the water bill.”


“And this one…” Chrysalis trails off.

“...That one what?”

“It’s for me.”

Anon approaches her from behind, peering past her to look at what appears to be a hoof-written letter. His eyes widen when he sees the signature at the bottom.


Chrysalis sighs.

“The little cretin has been writing to me for about a month now.”


“He’s barely getting by running the hive on his own. Says it’s a ‘logistical nightmare.’ Peh, I could have told him that when he overthrew me.” Her voice is noticeably cold and quiet. “He asked Twilight Sparkle and that dragon princess for help, but they don’t know what it’s like to live at the hive.” With an incredulous chuckle, she places the letter down on the table. “He didn’t know who else to turn to.”

“Still, I’m shocked he would ever want to contact you.” She turns to glare at him, causing him to wince. “Er, no offense.” Chrysalis sits down at the table while using her magic to open a nearby closet. From it, she retrieves a blank scroll, a quill, and some ink. “You’re actually responding?”

“I’ve been responding. I don’t care for that fool they call a king, but I’m not about to watch my subjects die due to logistics.”

“...That’s really admirable of you, Chryssi.”

She suddenly turns around and points her ink-dipped quill at him accusingly.

“Tell anyone and you’re a dead man.”

“I hear you loud and clear,” he says with a grin.

A few minutes later, Chrysalis finishes her response letter. Meanwhile, Anon is ready to head to work for the day.

“Well, I’m off. See ya!”

“Not so fast.”

Chrysalis quickly blocks his exit, causing him to smile. She tilts her head upwards while he bends down. Their lips meet, and he wraps an arm around her to hold her steady. The two stay like that for several quiet, passionate moments. When they finally pull away, Chrysalis shudders and her glittery wings seem to shine.

In truth, Anon didn’t forget to give his lover her real breakfast. She does still feed on love, after all.

He just likes watching her initiate it.

“Good luck with the dress hunting!”

“Ugh. Thanks.”

With a smile and a wave, Anon finally exits the house. Now alone, Chrysalis sighs as she prepares for her own responsibilities.

“I guess I need to go pay those two a visit,” she groans. “Knowing them, they’ll jump at the chance to be my bridesmaids.” She lazily pops her joints as she trudges towards the door. “Friendship is overrated.”