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People think us robots can't feel pain, but we actually feel it in slow motion... Awesome right?


I'm going away · 10:47am Aug 25th, 2016

Come see me over here
It's been fun. :twilightsmile:

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Upon clicking on this page you have vowed to uplift and respect me in any fashion you wish. Except the haters, the haters can downlift me and disrespect me, I don't care. Now, onto me.

Age - 14

Gender - Male

Likes - Video Games, Television, Movies etcetera etcetera

Dislikes - Myself, harsh people, life,

Gamer - Yes

Relationship - NUPE, NOT UVER

Fan of - Doctor Who, Sherlock, Marvel, DC, Anime, Persona,

Sexuality - Bisexual

Good Personality - Nothing

Bad Personality - Everything

Looks - 130 cm tall, fair skin, skinny and lean, likes wearing long swishy coats for some reason,
brown eyes, black hair

Life - Just an average 13 year old boy, you know except for the everything part.

Favourite Character - Discord, Luna, Twilight

I also have Asperger Syndrome, just thought I would put that here

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Hey, I'm still here buddy

Comment posted by Lekmet deleted Jul 28th, 2016

Wat happenned? Why r u banned?

I swear to God you'd better log back on and say you didn't do it

2254429 Im going to play it safe and say no mainly because I don't know what you have planned and their might be creative difference, but you should still check out my story

2254251 would you like to collaborate on Doctor Whooves Revisited?

Hello there fellow whovian you should check out my Doctor Who x MLP fic. If you want to collaborate or just want to talk Doctor Who PM me

2247941 Nooo *hugs again*

I'm sure you'll find it soon, maybe it's just hiding somewhere you won't expect to find it. Like when I searched my whole house for my phone only to remember I left it on top of the washing machine hours before... that was only slightly irrelevant. If you don't find it, well, at least you tried. Stay strong :heart:

2247940 *sniffles*
I can't find my zoloft and I am not happy :fluttercry:

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