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Got Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (OCD) Then this is the group for you! :twilightsmile: Bronies and Pegasisters who have OCD tend to have things a certain way, so if that's you, then don't be shy! Join up! :twilightsmile:

Please no rude comments. If you do have something say that isn't appropriate, save it for another time, please. This group is not for inappropriate content. Thank you, and hope you enjoy being apart of this group! ^^

Admins: Myself, RainbowDashX12345, and Redroseheart

hey guys! Rosie here! I promise to help make this as organized as I can!
if something is not to your liking of organization, please do not fear to pm me!
and have fun!

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410468 Correction: CDO. It's like OCD, but in alphabetical order ^^

410468 what eva ya want galx!

410467 No problem Rose, and tell your sister to feel free to call me John, same goes for you :twilightsmile:

410465 I made you and your sister admins as well :twilightsmile:

hi! I am glad to join a group that uses things in order!
I hate it when Im reading and there is a mess in my room, and I just jump up and clean it!

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