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Just got a bad review? Feeling down, hurt, sad or frustrated? Don't know what to do, how to react, or where to go?

You've come to the right place.

Here, people who know what it's like to take a bad or angry review without much grace, can help you recuperate and better prepare yourself for if it ever happens again. Talk to us, in the forums or privately, about your experience and how it made you feel. Whether it's just a minor thorn in your side, or a huge shot to the heart, don't be afraid to let it out if you need to. Even if it's just to lend an ear to a long vent, we'll do what we can to help you.

We can help you learn to better prepare yourself (mentally, emotionally, whatever) for bad reviews in the future, and cope with your feelings about it now. We can read your bad reviews for you, take any and all good advice from them, and relay them to you. We can even give you a second opinion on your stories, give you more constructive criticism that outlines the positives as well as draw important attention to the negatives, and help you edit and revise your fic and make it better.

We are the Angry Review Recovery Group. If you feel bad, we can help.

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402499 We could always use more. There's an application thread in the forum. :twilightsmile:

I'll step up and become a reviewer if one is needed.

400537 Currently, we're still looking for review readers to handle these jobs. As we are a new group, we are woefully understaffed, and I apologize. If you'd like someone to assess your review, or to review your story here, post in the group forum, and if you like, add your story to a folder based on which you would like most (sadly, we can only do either a review or a review reading for each fic right now, not both).

The first review of my first story Garbage Day got a negative review from Rinnaul and I was not happy. Here's the blog to prove it.


Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Okay, I thought my computer was messed up or something.
Oh, and I understand! completely. :scootangel:

400525 That's because I locked it. I understand that you need members, and if this were an advertising group, I'd allow it. But that's not really the purpose of this group. Sorry. :applejackunsure:


For some reason it wont let me post a respond to the thread I posted here!!

So, I understand. I took your advise and went EVERYWHERE......


That's precisely why i came in here and said this:

It's important to understand that negative reviews (intelligent ones) are incredibly valuable towards improving as an author. Alas, there are many who will take any word against them as 'hate.'

Great!! Thank you!!:yay:

400391 Great! :pinkiesmile: We'll get your fic reviewed fairly and maturely, highlight the good, point out the bad, and offer tips on how to fix and improve. :twilightsmile:


Never mind!! I just found the button!!!:twilightsmile:


Yes.... Um.... How do you exactly do that??? I've been here only for a while......:twilightsheepish:

400376 Welcome aboard! Remember to read over the rules, help out when you can, and have fun! :twilightsmile:

This looks like a good group, I'll hop aboard :pinkiehappy:

400361 All we really ask is that you put each story in only one folder, and not post another person's story here without permission. If it's your own story, feel free to post if you need a review. Just be sure to look over the rules and be patient; being a new group, we are severely understaffed. :ajsleepy:

400365 If you would like us to review your story, feel free to post it in the folder. If you do get a bad review, we'd be more than happy to read it for you and give you the basic gist of it without the offense. Unfortunately, we can only offer you one of those services at a time. It's up to you, though, and we will try our best to help. :twilightsmile:

I'm waiting for a bad review...... I technically shipped Flashlight (Even though I barf at the thought of it!) in my story From Ava to Twilight....

So, what are the conditions for posting a story to be reviewed here?

400354 Again, duly noted. Not that my past makes any kind of difference now. And again, for what it's worth, thank you for your time.

Comment posted by Fallen Prime deleted Mar 22nd, 2016

400350 I'm willing to take that risk. I was in a bad place after my RR, and I would wish it on no one else. In this group, we don't assess with rage, and we don't perpetuate blind encouragement. We temper logical encouragement with suggestions for improvement. And instead of just saying what's wrong, we offer help with how to fix it (both the story and the author's feelings about it).

Your opinion is duly noted, but if you truly intend to be a helpful member to this group's cause, I encourage you not to judge based on your initial reactions. I also insist you to read through the rules, keep compassion and maturity in mind, and help out when you can, for the greater good.

Thank you for your time.

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