We are LightningSword's Orbital Friendship Cannon. Our mission is simple: defending the weak and the defenseless from the hatred infesting this site that claims friendship to be so central. If you, our friend, are becoming a victim to haters, feel bad about yourself, or are just having a bad day, come and talk to us! We're all here for you!

Feel free to PM one of our staff if you need somebody to talk to:

The Element of Loyalty: Talk to EagleOfDeath15 if you need someone by your side no matter what.
The Element of Kindness: Talk to MoralSupport4 if you need to escape from the hate.
The Element of Honesty: Talk to Bad Dragon if you want to see life not as it should be, but as it is.
The Element of Laughter: Talk to The Derpy Doctor if you're just having a bad day.
The Element of Generosity: Talk to Spooky Stories if you need someone to talk to.

You don't have to fight them alone. We're here.
Je défends toujours,
--MoralSupport4, the founder

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