I would like to tell you about this group, we don't just want those old rushed-though trash bags! We want great stories! Ones that help us get noticed! We might even want to get silly likes and dislikes! We want feedback! We want help being a better writer! We want to be noticed! We want to be able to right what we want and to know exactly HOW to do it!

Join this group if you want freedom in your writing! Be congratulated! Feel good about your writing! Get more than 100 views! And most importantly, being proud of all that effort you put in!

Now, if you've come here for ART, than I would be glad to tell you about what you should do! There are three categories for art in the threads section : Looking for Cover Art, Asking for Feedback on Art, and Offering Art Out. Those will be explained in their threads.

If you've come here just to chat, than we have a forum thread for chatting! If you've come here for suggestions on what to do, well, make a thread asking for it! If you're looking for editors/proofreaders of a story, you might want to come here! If you've come here just for the reads, that's fine, too!

If you want to advertise a group, post an advertisement in the forums!

If you've come here to request a reading of your story, just post a thread in the forums, and once we've gotten enough members, you might even get one!

Contests are held every once in a while, please be patient for them to come!


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