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I do nothing of merit. On occasion, I give the impression of being creative, but this is a deception. I am merely derivative in clever ways.

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  • T Fading

    The first, and likely last, human to visit Equestria is dying, and Celestia finds herself powerless to help him.  · Rinnaul
    2,763 words · 6,649 views  ·  602  ·  10
  • T Legacy

    In the wake of Tirek's attack on Equestria, the last thing the princesses could have expected was a broken and exhausted Chrysalis appearing in Canterlot seeking their help — except for her connections to Luna's past and Twilight's ascension.  · Rinnaul
    9,334 words · 1,196 views  ·  100  ·  3
  • E Passing the Time

    Extreme long-range teleportation is fraught with frequently-unexpected complications. Twilight and Celestia find themselves caught within one such complication for an entire week.  · Rinnaul
    4,994 words · 8,190 views  ·  1,200  ·  16
  • E Hosting Mr. ████████

    Sweetie Belle has tea with an eldritch abomination.  · Rinnaul
    1,175 words · 2,225 views  ·  258  ·  3
  • T Got Bored, Wrote A Thing

    A collection of the random flashfic I write up in Skype chats and forums, sometimes expanded, and with minimal editing.  · Rinnaul
    2,291 words · 303 views  ·  29  ·  2 · sex
  • T Final Mashtination

    Button Mash narrowly evades his death many times. And also fails to evade it many times.  · Rinnaul
    2,168 words · 783 views  ·  88  ·  5 · gore
  • E Do You Want Nightmare Moons?

    Due to an oversight, Luna is left out of a book for foals. Two royal guards take action to ensure that the princess doesn't react too harshly to this terrible slight.  · Rinnaul
    3,175 words · 6,077 views  ·  889  ·  12
  • E No One Goes There

    A broad, clear path runs through a deep wood on the far side of Ponyville. No one goes there. Four young colts want to know why.  · Rinnaul
    2,483 words · 1,423 views  ·  160  ·  4
  • T Alone

    Dinky is old enough to stay home by herself while her mother goes to work, but when she doesn't come home that night...  · Rinnaul
    4,267 words · 3,833 views  ·  364  ·  10
  • T Getting Attention

    Trixie just wants to be noticed and loved. Unfortunately, this is Trixie, so she tries to take a shortcut to getting what she wants and is once again reminded that the universe hates her.  · Rinnaul
    6,804 words · 3,489 views  ·  106  ·  11 · sex
  • E Idle Claws

    Discord tries to entertain himself. Luna and Celestia do not appreciate his efforts.  · Rinnaul
    1,653 words · 1,312 views  ·  104  ·  5
  • T Fate

    A being from another world appears and claims to be the Alicorn of Fate. Luna steps in to deal with him.  · Rinnaul
    1,598 words · 754 views  ·  57  ·  5

There are a couple things I wind up responding to in PMs fairly often, so I figured I’d put both of them here in a blog post and just make it a featured post on my user page.

On Readings and Spinoffs

So you liked one of my stories, and want permission to do a reading of it on Youtube, or do a spinoff/sequel of your own.

First of all, thank you! Readings like this are an honor rather unique to our fandom, and there’s nothing quite like hearing that I created something that inspired someone else enough that they want to honor it with a creation of their own.

I’m more protective of my original writing, but when it comes to my fanfiction, the answer to these requests is always an enthusiastic yes.

First, like I said, I consider inspiring a new work the highest praise a creative work can receive. Second, this being fanfiction, and thus derivative in the first place, I feel I have no authority to deny further inspired work. Finally, I simply don’t want to be an impediment to anyone else’s creativity.

So yes, if you want to do something based on my stories in any capacity, feel free. All I ask is that you share it with me, preferably with a link or Youtube embed in the comments of the story that inspired you.

Pathfinder players will understand the relevance here.

I’d say “best deity”, but Desna and Cayden Cailean exist and I just can’t decide.


On Editing and Pre-Reading

So I saw your story somewhere, felt it could use some attention and gave it a bit of a drive-by commentary, and now you’re looking for more help.

I'm unfortunately too busy to become anyone's consistent prereader or editor right now, outside of the handful of friends who have permanent standing offers for that, but there are some groups where you might find help:

What’s wrong with my story?


Authors Helping Authors

Pleasant Commentator and Review Group (though you might be waiting for submissions to open again)

That said, the best things for writing ability are exposure and practice.

Exposure is important because the more you read, the more accustomed you become with language and how it's used — essentially, you get to see how it's done. This exposure can be to well-regarded fimfic authors, free material online, or big-name published authors — but don't shoot for Tolkien or something. His writing is dense and sometimes dull. Try Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman, or JK Rowling, among others.

Practice is important because writing is a skill, and like any skill, it improves with use. This can be a matter of just writing more and writing consistently, but if you really want to improve, and are willing to put more effort into it, I suggest actively looking for help and seeking out resources beyond Fimfic, such as Scribophile and their Academy.

If you’re still looking for more input from me, submit to my PCaRG folder when I open it again, and you’ll get a fairly thorough review/commentary from me, eventually.

Otherwise, just go forth and write — you’ll only get better.

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Every couple of weeks I come to stare at your user page for inspiration.:moustache:

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More Hubert is inevitable. I do not worry, I prepare.

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Do you ever worry that when the Pleasant Commentator and Review Group folder opens again, there just might be some more Hubert in there?

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Let me see you grit those teeth!

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Thought you might appreciate the humor here.

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