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I do nothing of merit. On occasion, I give the impression of being creative, but this is a deception. I am merely derivative in clever ways.


Someone or something clearly wants Button Mash dead. Or, at least, wants him to know that it wants him dead, what with all of the deadly circumstances followed by second chances.

It will take all of his wits and metagaming ability to survive this.

Or he could learn his lesson and apologize, but consider who we're talking about here.

(Inspired by, but otherwise unrelated to, Obs's latest meme. Gore tag as a precaution—descriptions of it are going to be pretty short and clean.)

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This reminds me of that comic book "Knights of the Dinner Table".

I'd like to see Button Mash play "Five Nights At Freddy's" just to see how many night's sleep he'd lose.

NIce job on this. It's funny, without being too gruesome, so I'll give it an upvote and fave.

Button playing a game about button! Reminds me of this:

no i would not

*Rage quits

Off to a flying start, Mash.

Use the meta, Mash. Let it flow through your veins.

Foolish Mash! You've not played a Point-And-Click, have you? The way to win is to do batshit-crazy things

Author Interviewer

Me reading: Yes! Okay. Just gotta dodge t- .....Wait. What am I doing?

You know...This is exactly what a written out version of one of my attempts at a Resident Evil QTE scene would be like.

Hilarious short story! GOOD FCKING JOB! I am typing this in the dark, in a TENT, also it is extremely windy.

How did I not come across this! I laughed, and laughed, and laughed... ext.


This was a good read. No errors encountered, so no jolting out of visualizing the scenes. Good premise. Good plot. Good ending. Well researched too (gamer behavior, etc.)

Thumbs up and shelving.

Sequel? Button dies from overloving, an overdose of love?

I have had an idea for a sequel, but it's never moved past the "dumb and maybe funny idea" stage.

This reminds me of it's the first day of school forever.

This was very well dine, I like it ^_^

"..alrightly then"

My Flipping go- :pinkiesad2: twice already


Ikr - now it's time to rage quit

*screming Internaly*

:facehoof: Stupidly Good is the best way to describe this story. Thumbs up.

I started reading your shit you told me you had a gay Luna. Instead I got beauty in nature.


That's canon for her in my fics, but I don't write much shipping, and even less that's not Mane Six. It's only come up twice thus far. Luna mentions a mare in her past in Do You Want Nightmare Moons?, but doesn't say outright she was her lover. And then Legacy is building towards Luna romance, so it'll be a major factor there. I just haven't worked on that one in a while.

A darkfic that ends on a moral note. Nice!

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