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Ditzy Doo hesitates to eat a muffin, and then Twilight and her friends debate ethics. These events are related.

(Inspired by "Do You Want to Go Skateboards?" by Takarashi282, who I felt missed the more obvious crossover point. Both stories based on this youtube thing.)

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IGN - It's fine 8.2/10

Oh god, that letter at the end :rainbowlaugh:
Also that muffin is totally creepy. Not sure if I could eat him, unless he promised to stay very quiet and still.

Well, well muffin, we meet again on the internet...

Well, well muffin, we meet again on the internet.

Well well muffin we meet again on the internet.

I think that reply from Celestia is what really did it for me.

Good stuff, well written, no big spelling mistakes that stood out. Nice and fluffy story.

It is a muffin with no next of kin, no earthly attachments, it would go stale and it says it want's to die cheerfully. Sounds like a legit version of assisted mufficide to me... The Mufficidal maniac is Ditzy Derpy Hooves Brighteyes Doo.

I... what... just... that... ehrm...


Well, that was silly.

Read chapter title:

It's muffin time!

Bubble gum!
Lemon surprise!
Red apple!

Mighty Oven Muffin Rangers!

However, I agree with Rainbow. If, despite our efforts, that pony still wished to, well, depart, we have no right to force their hoof otherwise."

I agree with this, in other storys, every Alicorn or Unicorn, but other ponys too, are allowed to just force people and ponys to do things.

So i am not sure what to say, but i think i like it, i maybe don´t have to laugh here, but i was interessted all the time i think.
I like i, but it is not a favourite i guess.


8/8 m8 - Los Angeles Times

I loved it. The President sends his regards.

all my yes are yours

Why is this not tagged dark?

No explanation about the muffin's origin, no real conclusion, a big party where everyone pretends nothing happened...

Yup, sounds like politics.

Welcome to politics, join the muffin party!

Our main election platform is wanting to go ride skateboards.

Yeah, I know I killed the joke, but it wanted to die.

It just didn't feel very dark compared to my actual darkfics. Particularly after I decided to drop the Cupcakes references I originally planned for it.

5278994 Yay! I absolutely loved the part with the pumpkin bomb and Rainbow Dash knocks out Spiderman! You are officially one of my favorite writers! Keep up this stuff! It was hilarious! It was inspiring! It actually brought a tear to my eye when I read that part about Rarity having to choose which one of her dressing gowns lived and which one died. So sad, but beautifully written...sniff, sniff.

By the way, if anyone comes by later and tells you I'm insane, and they're wearing white coats, kindly tell them to **** the **** and shove fifty pounds of **** before pointing them to the door. I'm not crazy!

But getting off topic here Loved the story. Gonna follow you and see where you live, and then I'll eagerly await your next fanfic

Congratulations, mate! You just got your first insane Brony! And it's me! Hooray!


5275991 I wouldn't simply because he's a chocolate flaxseed.

I know, I know, I'm a racist bastard.

5278957 Not to mention a lot of talking that goes absolutely nowhere, the person who's supposed to make a decision can't and the issue is resolved by someone else.

I really don't see the hangup, here. Everyone knows that the common Ditzy Doo is the natural predator of all currently identified species of muffin. We should no more debate this matter than whether a lion should be allowed to eat a wildebeest.

Hilarious concept, and pretty well executed. I liked it.


Having not read your other fics I can't really use that as a point of reference, but honestly I don't thing that is necessarily a good measuring stick. This is still ultimately, under the layer of absurdity, a fic about suicide, mental illness, and not one with any happiness or goodness in its resolution.

5279416 That got me to laugh. That sounded a bit like Twilight.

On the subject of suicide, I cannot support suicide, assisted or otherwise.

You really are. I don't see what everyone has against flaxseed.


It's contagious!

Now ponies will be throwing themselves to manticores and quarry eels and chimeras! (and lions and tigers and bears, I guess) Oh my!


death by rotting or serve purpose? ooo will they talk about the frog orange twilight made next?


Oh. So this is why...

And, well done! Pretty morbidly funny.

I've been watching the stats on your fic and wondering when you'd notice.

“Are you gonna eat me?” asked a bubbly, foal-like voice from right under her nose.


It is clear now that reader's imaginations are never to be trusted.

(also I meant to respond to this hours ago)

The correct ending is "I like trains".

5280540 You think thats bad my first thought was orgy.

Oh my god why isn't there a group for these crossovers? I saw the title in my feed and was like "is this what I think it is...?" And yes it is. Faving before reading because asdfmovie is fucking perf

Congrats good sir on hitting the feature box:twilightsmile:

5277127 There was a story I remember that had that as a plot where one of the Alicorns got control of your entire life if you try and kill yourself, dreadful thing.

5280843 okay that sounds worse than the storys i mentioned.

asdfmovie7 and 8...

Oh for buck's sakes I can't stop laughing...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yeah... and when you put Derpy in it


Ya know what? I think I'll shut up now.

XD ASDF MLP crossover.

I wonder what would happen if Pinkie encountered the talking cake and his family of cupcakes.




:pinkiegasp: What have I done?!

5280843 I'd like a link to that story.

Oh lel that was silly :D Taketh mein thumb!

It's one of kudzuhaiku's.
will PM link

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