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One day when her sister goes on a trip with her friends, A young filly named Sweetie Belle tries to find herself something to do in order to cure her boredom. However, when she was getting everything that she needed in order to go crusading, she finds a strange looking device from inside her closet. One that she assumes is a watch.

Turns out... that watch has a powerful companion and friend inside it that her mother knew when she was only her age. Now with her mother gone though, the figure named Rena takes it upon herself to look after the children of her previous partner. And to teach the youngest one, Sweetie Belle, to stand up for herself and to be strong at heart. Just like her mother once was. Sure, it may sound like a lot of weight on her shoulders with the almost daily shenanigans that Equestria is known for and the fact that there's also this Digital World that is almost unknown to modern Ponykind, but hey. Nopony said she was going to do this alone.

A Displaced tale involving Renamon from Digimon. Takes place at the beginning of Season 5 when The Mane Six go off to Our Town. You can blame Solphestus for this idea xD

Credits to everything shown
MLP belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Digimon belongs to Bandai and Akiyoshi Hongo

Featured and Popular stories list on first day!? :pinkiegasp: You guys are just awesome!! Thanks for the support! :pinkiehappy:
Featured again on 9/4/2018. You guys are amazing!
Featured once more on 1/24/2019. :pinkiehappy:
Featured on 9/4/2019. You guys rock! :rainbowdetermined2:

Chapters (16)
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Good so far. Surprised I'm the first to comment, though. Maybe this comment will help ya out!

Ooh! Will you also bring in Guilmon and Terriermon? Perhaps with two other certain fillies? And perhaps a little trouble maker?

“This is… one weird watch.”

Silly Sweetie, this story is a crossover with Digimon, not Youkai Watch. :trollestia:

*See Cover Image*
*A itchy feeling again*
To be honest Author. now you make me go dark corner again.
P.S.Stupid Internet...

Well, this story got featured today good author... :twilightsmile:

Wanderer D

So... is this "Displaced" as in some dude being turned into Renamon and appearing in Equestria, or is it a Crossover with a displaced character? Because the first option I won't touch with a 10-foot pole, but if it's an actual crossover with Digimon, I'm so reading this.


Interesting indeed.

6896719 what can I say... I try my best :rainbowdetermined2:
People like you are inspirations. Also, Rena was a girl before a renamon

6895640 Possible. Right now, I'm just getting started

6896719 Technically speaking many Displaced are actual crossovers given the actual characters show up later usually in some form. Gilgamesh's having FF monsters and Exdeath's demon generals, Jason Hughes' Ben 10 and family plus Forever Knights and Ben's enemies, ect. This story should follow the same rules, meaning more than likely a D-Reaper or demon lord might appear later.

“Why are standing there, darling? Your friend is upset,” She told her, turning her head and making eye contact. “What do we do when a friend is upset?”
Sweetie Belle sighed, looking back at Rarity. “Prepare a hot beverage.”


6897353 Someone give this guy a prize! :pinkiehappy:

6896802 are you including guilmon from tamers? He and renamon are my absolute favorite! Not counting that I also ship them, lol. This is before I read your story, so I hope she gets a tamers digivice! :scootangel:

Comment posted by Texus deleted Feb 10th, 2016

Is this a displaced story?, not bad so far, I notice a different writing style I think, but that is somehow normal.

6901160 It is and normally, I do a third place style. But I switch it between first and third depending on the story

“Why good morning, Sweetie Belle.” Rena acknowledged her as she finished cooking the eggs and began to place them on a clean dish plate. Followed by her using her quick reflexes to catch the toast that popped out of the toaster to her left. “How did you sleep?”

I´m always curious since english isn´t my main language, but why is it "why good morning", and not just "good morning ?", it that why important there?

“Why thank you, Sweetie Belle.”

there is it again.

I would have had nothing against it, if it would have been a real Renamon for once, and not a Displaced, but I remember that is probably kind of the rule if you want to make a Crossover with others.

hhhhmmm I hope this isn´t getting swamped with Crossovers, I always thinks it´s better if they progress in their own story as well.
I just got the feeling the Crossover happened to soon, often after that usually a Crossover every second chapter happens in some story.

6904133 Trust me, it won't be swarmed yet. I'm trying to time it with this one. Rena's token isn't even out yet

“You are right.” Baihumon replied. “Your old world is gone, however, the one you called Crux reached out to us and was able to evacuate all of the residents before it was destroyed. As for now though, you might want to continue your explanation to Rena.”

aahhhhh I remember that Crux was probably the reason I stopped with that fanfiction, because I didn´t really liked the new displacer trend.

“Leo… I’m sorry for if I made you feel embarrassed… But honestly… I had not been able to find anyone in the same position that I was in for over twenty years… Even though relationships are… my second concern… That’s only because I haven’t been in one before… If you are willing to though,” The Renamon paused, looking back at her. “I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.”

That was to easy for me, but I guess some in her condition maybe act rather fast.

Wait a second, it looks like you want to make a Displaced from another story stay there, and Button Mash has a Digimon too? I start to fear that means Button X Sweetie belle.
However Strabimon mustbe new, from those series I haven´t seen anymore, but it looks nice.

“Oh really…? Button, do you still have the blue card you found?” Strabimon asked. The colt nodded, having it slide through his digivice as the Strabimon had lines of code swarm around him. He was digivolving. And when the light faded… Strabimon was now Lobomon.

yes he should probably use all his energy before a possible emergency.

hough I’m now wishing I had my lightsabers that I got from Lea’s father…” Leo grumbled as she floated back over to the tree and retrieved her digivice from its hiding spot.

i don´t know how far he is with his story already, but he nearly sounds, like he would make himself a huge amount stronger with every chapter he is writing.

“Yeah, sorry about what I said before, Leo.” Lyall responded, sighing a little as he looked back at her.

now only Leo has still to apologize.

Its not important its just how some people talk.

6922100 If you mean the apology, then I have to say of course I know that I don´t have to take it that serious.
Maybe people talk like that, but that probably doesn´t change the fact it isn´t correct like that.
Uhm...I mean why should she demand an apology from both, if she is fine with just one?
I think that maybe describe it a bit better how I think about it.

if you mean that

i don´t know how far he is with his story already, but he nearly sounds, like he would make himself a huge amount stronger with every chapter he is writing.

then I have to say that it can make a character less believable sometimes as far as I know, if he really get´s that much stronger every chapter.

6904117 think about rairity she trys to say some stuff fancy so why thank you thats kinda as fancy as you can say thank you so... yeah and if you ask about the digimon talking like that think of hanging out with only rairity for a month

7003413 It can happen, but you don´t have to pick up any habits in my eyes, but your reason is good enough for me right now.

love this story more chapters

Was planning on a Digimon Crossover with that very Digimon

Another bad one. Characters OOC and, what's this? Oh. Diamond Tiara's bullying cranked up to a level not seen in the show. Real original approach.

7021079 Which character is OOC? I don't see any.

6904117 I don't blame you, I speak English as my main language, but I still am extrodinarly confused as to why other people want to make it this confusing

7464978 Only to be sure, I'm not offended or anything, since you said you don't blame me, but are you talking about what I said, or about my writing?

this chapter is very funny I love it more please

7036492 Do you hate how your comment didn't get a response?

Wait, I thought that displaced stories were when a human goes to a con dressed up as someone else buys something from a merchant, then gets sent to Equestria with the powers of whoever he was dressed up as. Why is this on hiatus?

7484122 Sometimes you need to put a twist on the genre. Also, it's on Hiatus since it's not going to be as frequently updated as my other stories

Guilmon is he Really! Wow Applebloom has one sweet partner.

yea Guilmon my personal favorite of the digimon besides Renamon

7484117 Nah, its ok. I personally dont really mind.

7484122 Not all displaced are the same, that is just the general method of displacement, but there are plenty that are dispaced by other methods.

7484327 This chapter is more popular than we thought it would bee it looks like. XD

Jeez, the Renamom was in full force in this chapter.

also... GUILMON!!!


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