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I write in my free time, just for the sake of it. I also like to draw here and there, mostly the Cmc or background characters. I'm a huge fangirl, and a part time otaku. And YouTube Trash ;P


This story is a sequel to My player number 2

You should read the Prequel before this one; My Player Number Two , and this is the prequel to Player Number Three

Follow the stories of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash as they share their stories from meeting each other's families, to their experience at the Gala while they prepare for and have a wedding no one will ever forget. With Babs, Rarity and her friends, the Wonderbolts, and even the princesses, as they all prepare for this one event, they're going to need a bigger castle.

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Amazing start!!!! When r u uploading the next chapter?

LUV it! one of your best chapters you've written. :ajsmug:

-Rose Fire (You know the drill)

So what? No Gala, it's fine. We just like seeing you update! Also HOOOOOORAAAYYY! new story!:pinkiehappy::yay::raritywink::rainbowkiss:

-Rose Fire(You seriously should know me by now) :coolphoto:

I can't wait to see Button get the "pre-wedding jitters"

Amazing!!!!!! I love the song by the way. It's one of the best fanmade songs I've heard in a while. Great Job! Can't wait for the next post. :twistnerd::twilightblush::yay:

-Rose Fire:duck:
(P.S.: Thanks!):scootangel:

Watch this. This story reminds me of it.
Also, Ama-ZING! I fell in love with it the same way SweetieMash did. Slowly, then all at once. (Sorry I like the Fault In Our Stars)

I totally geeked out the whole time:twistnerd:

-Rose Fire:trixieshiftright:
(P.S.: When are you gonna draw my OC Cam- I mean Candy?)

ANNONCEMENT: I will continue the Gala story in the last chapter, which is sure to come soon. In which by the way, the next story for this series will be about Rumble and Scootaloo, I need your help to come up with a name. Plus, if you can, please share thus story.

Btw, I forgot to mention that chapter three was based off of strangers by scratch21 ft. Eilemonty, it really inspired the chapter and the plot. And ignore rose, my sister.(Rose Fire I mean).

Any questions you want to ask? Requests? Want to be in the story? This will be limited, so ask away.


Sounds like Pip and Button had it easy.

Nice!!! Love the flashbacks!!

Thanks, I was about to start the next story, but the website crashed.

Hey, I just wanted to know, specificaly who the main6 are with. here's what I think: :rainbowhuh:

Twilight-Flash Sentry:twilightblush:
AJ-Caramel :ajbemused:
Rainbow Dash-Soarin:rainbowderp:
Rarity-Fancy Pants:raritywink:
Pinkie-Cheese Sandwich:pinkiegasp:
I hope I guessed correctly, obviously, I'm clueless.
Anyway, nice chapter! Can't wait for the next one.
-Rose Fire:ajsmug:

One problem that has been setting my writers senses off the walls:
WHAT ABOUT HER GOING AWAY FOR 6 MONTHS?!?! That used to be a thing. Keep it and use it, or re-write that chapter.

I'm doing the next chapter, but a wedding isn't just a simple thing to type or rush through, so please be patient, because if I rush, the story turns out terrible, and if it's terrible, I stress out, and If I stress out, I rush, it's pretty confusing.:derpyderp2:

So please wait, and the point of the Gala story being put on hold is for it to continue in the last chapter, I'm looking at you ButtonMash. Anyway, Peace.


good start but I wount say it need's work

Scoots and rumble....I CALL BEST STALLION!!

Sorry, a bit to late for that:twilightblush:

I say sequel, or trilogy now? Maybe even a saga if we're lucky! Man, I love my BUTTONBELLE. As for Rumbloo, I ship it. But I think AB and Pip should totally flip, we ship Pippy (Pip x Dinky) , and have AB go kinda crazy. Y'know, and start to find Spike attractive. Or if I'm an idiot, and this is Sparity, then AB x Braeburn is a really cute crack-ship. But this is all just me.

Does anyone want a sequel?:pinkiehappy:

Loved the story. Of course a sequel, prequel, whatever, would be awesome! Perfect for the summer! :scootangel:


Dude, write a sequel about their kids and Scoots and Rumble's wedding...

6034622 I ship the same as you, but isn't it Pinky for Pip x Dinky.... Actually,forget I ever asked....

I actually do plan to make a sequel to the story, about their kids and parenthood. Along with a Scootaloo and Rumble wedding story; I'll have to find a way to intertwine the two.

Um, might want to proofread your title:
"A Wedding to Remeber"

I believe you mean "Remember." Not trying to be rude, it's just that people tend to be really annoyed by spelling errors in the title.

Why is it that I always mess up the title to my stories? Thanks for the help>>6126863

Great way to end the day. Heh. That rhymes.


This is a sequel bru xD you should edit the... how do I call it? Um.... 'Home Page of the Story?' eh whatever. There on editing the front page there is an option of 'Prequel Story,' put your last story so when someone finish reading that story they would know that it continues on another story. If an story continues but on another story... I thing I'm confusing you arent I? Lets see... and example is needed!

Look at this story, on the right says 'Sequel' which means the continuation of the story. It lets you know that even if THAT story is over it continues on another one. If it wasnt for me wanting to see your stories I wouldnt have seen that your story is basically a thrilogy and have three parts.

Dang I think I am confusing myself on this! AGGGH!

Anyway, just rembember, enter the home page of your story and go to edit. Then add a 'Prequel Story.' just copy and paste the home page of the last story(the one that happens BEFORE the wedding obviously xD) and put it there. So it would tell us on your last story that it continues on this one and so one.

So... You have to do it on the next story you made too! But on the 'Prequel Story.' you have to put THIS story's home page. How the hell you do that?(I didnt knew at first but the URL is the web direction.) just copy the 'http://www.fimfiction.net/story/265365/a-wedding-to-remember' and put it on Prequel Story for Player Number Three


Bru don't stress yourself. You don't NEED to finish a chapter fast just because people ask you too, remember to take time and let your imagination flow with ease.

As the saying goes:
-Don't force creativity cause forcing it tends to stop it.

Write when you feel like it or the stress WILL increase.

P.S. Yeah yeah yeah a few weeks late for answering this but anyway I just HAVE to answer this xD.

The best series of fics I've ever read - Queen Oscura 2015

Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.:twilightsmile:6757782

And I thought I could take a break from Cheesepie. (not that I'm not shipping it,I'm shipping it like crazy and that's why I needed a break )

"Over here." Button said as he looked up from his laptop.

I personally like the idea of button mash being a twitch streamer more than a game dev

Button sat with a bunch of stallions, it was a day before the wedding, and he was at his house playing the latest videogames with BigMac Discord, Pipsqueak, Rumble, Cheese, Flash, Caramel, FancyPants, and Soarin'.

1. And even then it was only up to 4
2. I made that meme

Let's get this goin'!!!!!!!" She said catching everyone's attention. Pinkie jumped on the dance floor and it turned into a rainbow of colors. Everypony immediately gathered around and started dancing to the song. She went to the bartender and bought apple cider, causing a bunch of other ponies to want to buy some as well. Soon, thanks to Pinkie, the place was full of excitement.

Wait I thought pinkie was pregnant ?

That meme is hilarious! I got a good chuckle from that.:twilightsmile:7456953

Whether you're referring to the apple cider, which I forgot to mention was non-alcoholic, or how Pinkie is able to bounce all around the place, I'm not sure. But trust me, she still was. It's just Pinkie being Pinkie.

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