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In the wake of Tirek's attack on Equestria, the last thing the princesses could have expected was a broken and exhausted Chrysalis appearing in Canterlot seeking their help — except for her connections to Luna's past and Twilight's ascension.

Thanks to Rocinante and Asilin for prereading, editing, and suggestions.

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Really nice start. Hoping to read more you tease :twilightblush:

I have the second chapter written, and the third nearly done, and expect it to run for about 12-15 chapters. I was planning on spreading them out a bit instead of just posting as I finish them, that way I get them out at a more consistent pace.

7295026 so is this a Twilight x Polyarmory? Cause its been added to the folders of Twilight x Chrysalis,
Twilight x Luna, and Twilight x Celestial in the Twilights Marek/Harem group

If not, then which shipping is it?

Spoilers, because I want to tease things a while before the final outcome plays out: It actually shouldn't be in that group at all. Twilight isn't shipped in this one at all, but will be in a potential sequel, if I wind up deciding to write it.

7295705 then you should request it be removed

Hmm, interesting start, can't wait to read more. *prepares some love soup for Chryssie*

I'll file this under Read Later, and I'll probably have to read whatever the final chapter is before I read the rest. Never liked starting a Romance-tagged story without knowing what ship(s) might be sailing.

Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for the shipfic follow-up to Passing the Time. I can always hope!

But is the ship among the tagged characters?

I'm surprised the other changelings didn't try to stand in front of Chrysalis or more vocal about what happened to their queen. Chrysalis will have an interesting tale to tell once she gains consciousnesses.

Curious! Solid enough first chapter, and I want to see more. :)

Strange that the chapter publish date is the 16th of December, 2015. It threw me for a second until I saw that the story itself was published only recently.

I was publishing them to the story as I wrote them, but waiting until I had a few ready to go before submitting it. I've been juggling multiple projects, so the first three will be out in relatively short order, then it'll be slowing down after that.

I figured it was something like that. Looking forward to the next few! :)

Will Tirek actually appear in this story?

The end is neigh! *shot*

Anyway, nice chapter. The characters seem in character and I like the heart to heart between Celestia and Twilight. Plus I always like when Celestia actually shows how benign she is.

No, this takes place after his defeat.

Oh goodness, it's good to see this continue! And the Wedding comes up, as it should. Bravo!

First, I have to honestly say that I forgot all about this story.
Next, I, too, find it interesting that Chrysalis seeks help now. Why didn't she do so before she decided to invade?
Finally, I have a feeling that Luna and Chrysalis somehow know each other. I think Luna not showing up or hearing about the changeling invasion until told was somehow 'arranged'.
Well, I hope we don't have to wait as long for the next chapter of this story.:twilightsheepish:

I wonder how many more of Equestria's species are extinct or are on the verge of extinction because of Tirek? Luna also needs to find out how Chrysalis knows her? Does Celestia know who Chrysalis was originally?

So, an increase in ponies' magic might be caused by changelings, or maybe other races as well not getting theirs back? Interesting.

I had a feeling that, had Tirek gotten far enough to find the changelings, it would have turned out badly for them... Yikes.

Im interested, consider me a follower.

Forgot to track it before, correcting that now.

Ouch... Yeah, good going, girls, you returned the magic to ponies, but not others. Very harmonious of you.

Poor changelings... :fluttercry:

Yeek. :twilightoops:

I'm definitely going to be reading this one!

More Please, I beg you :fluttercry:

You write well!

“Princess Luna, what an unexpected pleasure,” Chrysalis said without looking back at her. “It’s been far too long.”

Well that's interesting. I hope it gets explored later in the story.

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