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The campiest of happers.


In which Button Mash shouts incoherently at the most advanced hoofball simulation ever developed, Sweetie Belle observes and provides internal commentary, and something just left of shipping ensues.

A semi-autobiographical exercise in self-deprecation and peer pressure, sponsored by Obselescence and drinking.

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He did the mash!

Ahh Sports... Brings us all together... Pic might be a little related to me. Maybe.


Are you kidding? It’s the best game ever!”
That’s the best game ever?

1. Forgot your opening quotation mark.
2. Missed one word in your italicisation.

Edit: Now that I think about it, isn't real life sports also the same as mashing buttons? I mean, 5213905 got me thinking that in sports, the ball is your button and your legs are the mashers.

Sweetie really needs to compile that lexicon. A generation of fillies will thank her.

An excellent character study. Thank you for it.

The monster mash!

5214470 It was a graveyard smash! :trollestia:

Rarity’s advice on the matter was to stay positive and always have a pressing engagement between 2:00 and 5:00 PM each day

Oh Rares. This is why I love you. But it can never be; our hearts are too different! (Also, you're a pony. [And fictional, but I'm not bigoted.])

Huh. This was quite funny and, in its own awkward, un-self-aware way, rather cute. :unsuresweetie:

Now, you've made me curious enough to check out the rest of the Buttonpocalypse.

That author's note seems like a joke. I could tell from the sarcastic first half and how specific you were with the second half that there will TOTALLY be a sequel. But I ship all ButtonBelle so this is a good thing.

This isn't even going in the Ego bookshelf. This is right in there with the rest of my faves, not just because I mysteriously kept hearing your voice every time Button complained at the game, but for that really low-key and genuine scene where Sweetie messes up a little and asks Button to do something he's not that much in the mood for when she isn't, either, and though it wasn't all that easy to back out of it it didn't really burn any bridges, either.

That was actually really good.

Very sweet! Sweetie's lesson out of all this is a good one for kids to learn, and for adults to remember.

The bit about earplugs and Making a mental note to ask Rarity if she had any to spare just killed me. Ah, Squeakie Belle...

Of course she has earplugs. Your
attempt, in which you displayed how terrible you are at the quiet game and got anti-cutie marks necessitated them, as your violent reaction to being quiet for a significant period of time didn't fade for nearly a week. Fortunately, Twilight knew a spell to heal eardrum damage.

As someone who has played hundreds of FIFA and Pro Evolution games, I got a real kick out of this one-shot.

Geddit? Kick? Football...kick...


I'll see myself out.

5215766 The monster MASH:eeyup:

This is a beautiful thing and only makes those skype messages in the group chat funnier.

This is an adorable story. The voicing for the narration is great, and I like the how Sweetie Belle interprets all of Button's moods through video game references in a Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra kind of way.

Author Interviewer

Harmony 3 is finally getting released

bullshit >:B

I'm so glad you've finally had a chance to show the world your vision of ButtonBelle. :D How do you feel?

You better fuckin' write that sequel. After you finish Harmony, of course. >:E Have a couple fixes.

Are you kidding?

Forgot a quote there, mister man!

That's the best game ever?

something fucked up your italics c.c

Sweetie Belle, don't forget the "APPLES DON'T FALL UP!" yell.

Has someone compiled the Buttonpocalypse stories into a grop yet?


The only knowledge I have of football video games is from watching 4chan play Pro Evolution Soccer :I

The best Sweetie-Mash story I have ever read, simply be caused it's natural, not rushed, and not even a romance tag to be seen, since it ended with her epiphany.
Also, Sweeties summary of why that game was NOT good is almost play-by-play why I have a love/hate relationship with XCOM. Perfect score 3 missions in a row, miss 2 95% chance to hits one after the other and lose my crack soldier. RTD my ass.

A semi-autobiographical exercise in self-deprecation and peer pressure, sponsored by Obselescence and drinking.

I like your style! I'll give this a look! :ajsmug:

This story is absolutely not a metaphorical summation of the last month of my life.
This story also absolutely does not include seeds for a sequel that I absolutely will not write.

I love your style! Have a favorite and a follow! :raritystarry:

Wow. Button Mash is basically my brother.

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