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Bereft of his allowance, Button Mash journeys into Ponyville with the burden of Finding Things To Do. He finds a single penny.

Bereft of her allowance, Diamond Tiara finds Button and his penny.

This should end well.

(Thanks for nothing, Obs.)

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You're welcome.

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Dammit Couch are you writing another longfic that will never get finished. D:


Comment posted by CouchCrusader deleted Nov 2nd, 2014

5214424 Obsolescence did it. He says it seemed like a good idea at the time.

“That’s it?” Diamond asked in a tone that would mean something very different to the both of them in ten years’ time.


Not sure what the in-joke is here, but taken entirely on its own merits, I like this so far. I assume the unnaturally poor rating is part and parcel of it being part of a ficbomb project or something?

Yeah, I liked this. Think it ended in a rather strange place, but still worth a thumbs up.

This is a cute idea. I look forward to reading more.

Author Interviewer

This line is one of the greatest I have ever read.

Couch, why is this your only story? D: Don't do this, man! This is unacceptable. I am bereft and demand a recount! ;_; At least finish this one, pls?

5214224 5227101 I have every intention of seeing this project through. It's actually completely mapped out in outline form, so all I have to do now is write it :x

5214233 Oh my god I still love this.

5217280 LATE REPLY GO! Yeah, Obselescence was like "hey, let's all write a bunch of Button *ash" fics and we all kinda went "okay." Glad you're enjoying what you've read so far! I think...

5222329 /me points to the Incomplete tag. :)

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To incur the wrath of Squeaky Belle is to tempt Death itself.

Diamond Tiara is clearly a great evil in a small package.

“Light of Celestia, being your girlfriend can be so embarrassing sometimes.”

*record scratch*

OMG, this thing keeps getting awesomer. Clearly your Diamond Tiara takes less after her father and more after her uncles Flim and Flam. And now with the girlfriend drama, this story deserves a romance tag, I can't wait to see what happens between DT and Angry Belle.

How did you manage to triple the awesomeness in this story with just so few words at the end there? By the stars and Luna's twin moons, this was fantastic. Partners in crime = Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

Priceless. Which means Diamond didn't pay a cent. Well, maybe they did after all that. xD

Sweetie Belle's squeaky squeakiness is most effective. Super Effective.

The whole two sides of one coin, Sweetie vs Diamond. Let's see if DT can swindle her way into causing some more delicious chaos. Who knows, Sweetie Belle might just be reacting to just the thought of Diamond Tiara having a boyfriend before her. I'll not make any assumptions, but damn this is a world of fun. Diamond and Button are just OTP material at this point. I'm still wondering how Button knew what perfume label that was. xD

Hope to see an update from you soon. Most awesome story, Couch. Those two's characterizations are just so well done. xD

And the great one hears the call of the sick and delivers. :raritystarry:

I'm going to pretend you have psychic powers and caught that I'm stuck in bed with a flu and this is just some amazing "Get well soon" chapter. :heart:

and he had a feeling she didn’t get the same kicks he did out of tearing the cellophane off a brand new game.

I haven't even opened my Collector's Edition of Witch and the Hundred Knights, my CE Bravely Default cards and case were removed and I even managed to pack the case and deck of cards back as if they were never opened. My Tears to Tiara 2 disc is in my PS3 and the case is in it's original packaging with the artbook (which is gorgeous).

Yup. Button, I don't think any girl can ever understand that new game smell and the delicate touch it requires to preserve that cellophane wrap so it doesn't tear... I never did grow out of doing that since my SEGA Saturn Days. :twilightblush:

Yeesh, Button. The front not so sure? Way to imply how familiar you are with her backside. xD

Diamond loses in video games, too, to Sweetie Belle? I wonder what sort of rivalries they've had in the past then. Sweetie must be a pain in the butt in Civ and fighting games to beat.

I guess that answers the question I had about that penny from last chapter. I'm so curious now as to how far she can possibly take this penny and favors thing.

Brain hurts. But loved this chapter. Button reminds me of all those multiple choice games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age and old school Shadow Run; always careful to pick out the right words to keep the story going, There are no continues in 'real life'. XD

Good nighht.

Author Interviewer

Don't think I didn't catch the presence of Button mashing and Button hashing in there. :V

I will say, I kinda got lost around the Featherweight scene. I'm not entirely certain I know whose teeth are whose.

This is so many kinds of awesome, words cannot begin to express it.

“Dukes of Skyheight, Imperion, Tiny Planet, you name it.”

let's see... Lords of Waterdeep, Dominion, Small World? :twistnerd:

I'm not sure where the story's going, but I'm curious to find out. It is pretty fun so far.

5258156 I really, really like you.

Awww, board game Belle is adorable. I'm impressed that DT knows enough about Rainbow's desires to try bribing her like that. I hope Rainbow realizes that she never actually finalized that agreement, so I doubt she's getting her water park in the future. I can't wait to see the Penny get valued.

This actually explains a lot about Silver Spoon. She was probably some average pony walking along, and Diamond Tiara walked up, informed her that they were now friends, and then swept off with SS dragged in her wake.

What a neat take on Sweetie Belle.

“Okay, wow,” said Rainbow when her eyes stopped rolling in her head. “For real, was one of your grandparents a harpy or something?”


This will end well...

“Because real life isn’t like your video games or whatever,” said Diamond, burying her face in her hoof. “Light of Celestia, being your girlfriend can be so embarrassing sometimes.”

Diamond’s words did nothing but spin the vanes of Button’s beanie a little quicker. “Whaf?” he asked, mouth full of shake.

“What?!” squeaked the squeakiest voice to ever squeak in Equestria, directly behind him.

As Button turned and flailed and coughed for air, locking eyes with the white-coated unicorn filly staring at him with pale green eyes the size of saucers, he allowed himself a moment to consider the possibility that chocolate milkshakes were no longer the best thing in the world, especially when dumped down his windpipe


“Not just good,” Button chuckled. What he’d give for a pair of shades right now.

5252631 Oh, that wasn't a perfume label. LD50 stands for Lethal Dosage 50%. Also called the Median Lethal Dosage, this is the amount of a substance that will kill 50% of subjects. He was trying not to asphyxiate.

“Very well, then. How about a lifetime ten percent discount with Barnyard Bargains and all affiliated chains, franchises, enterprises, and competitors?”

>and competitors
That's dirty. That's so dirty.

“Let them come,” she called out, rubbing her hooves together.

Oh my god best pony is the best!! So glad I found this story :rainbowkiss:

Haha I love this story! Mainly for the fact I still don't know if the penny is worthless or a gold mine.

I approve of any and all interpretations of Sweetie Belle that involve her being a badass gamer.

I approve of them so hard.

Love that Diamond Tiara. Glad I found this story in the deep space of fimfiction.

Seriously, why isn't there a Ticket To Ride: Equestria out there? This seems like a gap in the fandom.


The world turned
“Gimme that,” Sweetie groused, snatching her camera back. “Thanks for ruining the film with your face.”

The world turned what?

I hope you revive this story one day.

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